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December 16, 2006


...if we know what's good for us, and we think we do. Thank you.

(And thanks to Eleanor)


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The Fuken Boken is still not burning.


anyone survive the weekend besides the goat?

The verb is obviously "Suck".

The noun is probably either "balls" or "Junk". That is, if Dave didn't use an expletive.

You can't tell me I'm the only person who came up with

Pluck my chick?

It just makes so much more sense. Although, in retrospect, "Pluck my squirrel" would probably trump even that. :P

This is like Mad-libs.

With his propensity for those kinds of jokes I tend to go with:

Pick My Booger


Flick My Booger

or even

Shovel My Guano

Buy my book?

YouTube has the lion fight scene on it, along with a bazillion other Python clips. Found it on page 11.

One of the teachers at my work sent out a faculty-wide email because he needed a rotating carousel. I still don't quite know what that is, but he left off the "c" in the title of the email.

I'm still laughing two years later!

That's clearly it, Siouxie! Why didn't we think of it before??

Marcie, you should have warned me to put down my water before reading that post. *Goes to get paper towels*

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