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December 29, 2006


(Thanks first to DavCat)


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They're not looking for a truck full of broccoli?? This could be the perfect crime, then!

Of course, if this guy just wants the truck, I don't want to see the garbage pile he leaves behind when he dumps the unwanted goods.

works now!

I'm sure he needed the extra fiber.

I wonder if he'll bring it to a chop-shop?


My grand daughter hates broccoli...I wonder if she...naaaaaa...she is only 10 years old, but it does make you wonder.

maybe he's starting a roccoli band...

Anyone know the whereabouts of a certain former President?

OMG it all adds up.. First Gerald Ford is dead, then the death sentence for Saddam, and now this. It's all a George H. W. Bush conspiracy!!

no problems with gassing up for this rig.

to be on the safe side, security has been doubled at the hollandaise sauce factory...

what was the name of the song dana carvey's rock star character sang?... oh yes, "hocking broccoli"

insom, I thought of that too LOL

Hmm, an accident with the stolen broccoli truck, that bus full o'cows and a tanker truck would make a mighty large and tasty barbeque.

Signed, Gary Larson.

Stolen broccoli,
Five cows gone, no squirrels seen,
I feel uneasy

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