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December 20, 2006


Key Quote:

In the show 24, Jack Bauer calls his office to get plans and schematics for various buildings. Once these files have been transferred from outside sources to the agency's mainframe, Jack asks to have them downloaded to his PDA. And -- miracle of miracles -- the files are readable without any workarounds. (And download is far faster than is currently possible on the U.S.'s miserable mobile networks.)

What this so-called "expert" apparently does not realize is that the person sending the files to Jack is no ordinary office worker.


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Yes, indeed - no ordinary office worker...

And I might add - FIRST!

Uh oh. I have a feeling this guy might be getting a visit from Jack Bauer!

Doesn't he know that Chloe can access any system, even if it is not on the grid, and with her skills and the Jack-berry (whipped conveniently form the jack-pack), anything is possible.

Thigh shooting shall now ensue. Never question the Jack.

I hope he likes holes in his thighs. I hear that the pierced look is in this year.

I'll add to this guy's comments, though, that sending a message in a movie NEVER involves a challenge from a retarded CAPTCHA 'bot. Grrrrrr...

no surprise. every time, i mean EVERY TIME any thing about the construction business gets mentioned in a movie, TV show, or even in "Big Trouble" the writers get it wrong. i have long ago surmised that they don't care, as long as it looks right to most people, like the way doctors or lawyers talk to each other on TV shows - i have no idea what they are saying, and i don't care.


He certainly takes the fun outta watchin' 24 fer me ...

/sarcasm ...

I sorta like his prose styling tho ... The steering wheel is an excellent input device for fast and accurate specification of directionality. ... of course, this assumes one has at least one hand on the wheel, instead of shootin' baddies while talkin' on the phone and reloadin' and gettin' change @ the Burger Doodle™ drive-thru ...

Having never watched 24 (shame on me) I can only assume the woman is Chloe. Does anyone else think she looks like a devil possessed, demented ferret on crack? Jeezly crow, what a face! *shudders*

I {heart} Chloe.

Hey 24 is realistic in the sense that when I am watching it I believe it whole heartedly then when I think about what I just say I say to myself "I have a better chnace of dating her than that actually happening."

Hey, Casey...if tJack Bauer was demanding schematics stat, at random intervals, and the fate of the free world therefore rested on your frail shoulders, and if you had to wear the same blouse for months at a time, you wouldn't look too perky either.

Up next: Author goes on nationwide pre-school tour, tells children there's no such thing as Santa Claus.

Someone tell him to go spoil someone else's fun please.

Betsy, how do you know I don't wear the same blouse for months at a time? Have you SEEN me? AND I look perky all the time! Know why? Cuz I don't do laundrey! Hence, I have more energy! None of my precious calories are burnt up on useless chores! You can see how perky I am by the flagrant use of !!!


I know also of a single guy defeating a dozen well armed and trained terrorists who take over a building in Las Angeles to steal millions of dollars while the hero kills them all off one at a time (except for the deranged Swedish big guy who comes storming out of the building at the end to get final vengeance but is killed off by a gun-scared cop) all while the local keystone cops and keystone FBI agents decide what to do on the street below...

and, speaking of reality, a tornado really can pick up a house and drop it on a witch without it exploding into millions of wood toothpicks and not hurt the occupant while tiny little people danced around at their supposed good fortune and a globe comes floating over the countryside carrying a good witch ... no, wait, the good witch is a stretch...

I don't know how this guy can even think movies and TV are unreal!

OK, serious post... You gotta know more about Jakob Nielsen. He has positioned himself as Mr. Web Usability Expert. The funny thing about that is that just months before the Mosaic browser started to gain popularity, he published a book on hypertext systems that predicted that a worldwide hyperlinked system was a pipe dream without massive research investment. And now he's the foremost expert. So, with him dissing Jack Bauer's PDA, I think it's safe to assume that Palm will have this all working by June.

Donald Norman (the "Norman" in Nielsen Norman) was one of my first professors when I started at UCSD twenty-.... oh shit, thirty years ago. He had a fascinating way of approaching user interface design for everything from nuclear power control panels (fewer confusing lights and dials and buttons) to freeway signs (just how tall do you think those white letters are on those green signs?) to airplane cockpits (should the map point north or the direction you're headed?). One of my favorite classes and professors of all time. He also worked at Apple for a while, too.

Nielsen? Don't know him. He's right in all those cases but unless the plot is served by having to defeat the Blog Bot we won't see it (unless it's one of those weird indie or Euro realism movies).

Maybe so, mud, but you know what they got right in "Big Trouble"? The goats hanging out on the streets by the airport. I know; I'm gonna have to dodge them this Saturday. Baaaa!

Mosaic web browser? I'm wearing my Mosaic shirt right now! I'm surprised people still remember it.

I worked on it for a while, although shortly after everyone else went off and got rich. It's a little hard to find evidence of it now. Sure was fun to work on though.

Anyway, The computer thing in movies always bothered me too. I always wondered if plumbers sat in movies, saw someone reach for something to fix a faucet and thought "Hey! They wouldn't do that!"

While we're at it, movie aliens are SO wrong. I have friends from Floogzorg and Brellknap, and they don't have big black eyes, or sharp teeth, or long fingers with glowy tips, or anything like that.

*zips in*


I plan to join the 24 watchers this year because I read that Ric (don't call me Ricky) Schroeder will be joining the cast. YAY!

Now the only problem left is not being able to blog because I'm on the Left Coast....poo.

They (heart) Chloe, too......

Chloes Open Socket ?! Where did this come out of ?

Obviously, you aren't hanging with the right Floogzorgians...

What always cracks me up about computers and databases in movies is how a few clicks or keystrokes can always find information that no one would ever take the trouble to program into the database. Like when someone opens up a corporation's employee personnel files, and every employee has multiple full color photographs, a photo of the outside of his house, photos of his kids, etc. Or is it just that the black helicopters have been filming us all for years now and all the info is already there, if you know how to find it?

well how could anyone not believe what you see on TV......I personally witnessed Hulk Hogan - outnumbered 6 to 1, bloody and pratically unable to move - suddenly stagger to his feet, rip off his shirt and beat his meaty breast - with fire in his eyes - handly YES HANDLY - defeat all 6 of his foes.......(i also remember hearing on a radio talk show the next morning after the undertaker was nailed into a coffin - an exasperated caller wanting the perpatrator of this dasterdly deed brought up on attempted murder charges)

TV - where fat guys marry beautiful wives that actually put up with them - where all the neighbors on the cal-de-sac are beautiful and Maxwell Smart's shoe is actually a cell phone long before cell phones even existed (hmmmmmmmm)and all we can worry about is if Jack's hand held computer can download - in a readable format no less - any bit of information.

I would just like to add that I have spent a whole day reading this entire blog: and I haven't laughed as much in months. True: this may be caused by a cupious lack of a sense of humour on my part - but I insist that actually it has nothing to do with me and more to do with the 'funninessness' of this blog. Thank you very much for providing such quality reading material. Keep up the good work on Season 6!

On the other hand, my boss won't be best pleased that I haven't done ANY work today...

It's funny that this guys talking about "24 not being real" because I was just posting that the fact that 24 actors make the rounds in other shows and movies helps me to be more comfortable/legitimize performances. Take the following for example:

I have to admit that I hadn't taken the time to see this movie in the theaters but was proud and touched when I took the time to watch it this last weekend. That being said, everyone knows that this isn't a MOVIE REVIEW site - for that you'll have to check out my Mike's Movies Blog in the near future. The reason I bring up Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER is because we are graced in the film with a variety of regulars throughout the picture.

First up is one of my favorite, long-term characters, the always standing-to-be-in-the-right Mike Novick, portrayed by actor Jude Ciccolella. He is one of the first people seen in the New York Port Authority Police Department ready room as Inspector Fields, the one dude in a white shirt featured in the entire movie. Though his part is short in the story, there he stands bold as can be and was one of the survivors of that fateful day. Jude is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood and I am so very fortunate to see him when he's going into pieces like this because of the legitimacy he brings. He's from Nassau County, NY, and so this clearly would have been something special to him.

Second, is someone that I've seen in a variety of television shows recently but never has he stood out more than in last years season 5 of "24". Actor Tim Wright portrayed Kirkland, the Rear Admiral in charge of the F-18 squadrons that are being sent to support Jack, but are sent too late. Brian and I referred to him in our reviews as "Read Admiral Black Lightning" -- mostly because the dude is black, but that he has the STRIKING, KILLER eyes. In WORLD TRADE CENTER, this is another opportunity for him to play a vital role, offering words of encouragement and setting perfect example of class, heroism, and duty in what was the final hours of the life of Veteran Officer Reynolds. Tom Wright was born in Englewood, New Jersey, and so this probably meant quite a bit to him as well.

The third and last appearance I saw was that of Roger R. Cross, everyone's favorite black sidekick agent, Curtis Manning. Roger played the Doctor overseeing the recovering and services being rendered to Will Jimino in the film.

With the appearance of these three, there as not only the legitimacy that was delivered that I talked about, but also a sense of being familiar - a common knowledge that I know what I was watching wasn't something so alien - and knowing that because actors that have had length in "24" were in it, allowed me to step even more easily into the role of movie participant.

The movie is something to behold, and then something to watch with someone you love while you hold them. World Trade Center is available on DVD, and I recommend seeing the second disc available with the Special Commemorative Edition.


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Jan 15th.......counting down. Jack is lookin'good!(beep-boop-beep)

>what a face!

As for Casey, dollars to donuts you don't stand a chance in hell of getting next to Chloe, with your own mug. Anyway, Chloe is a thing of beauty in her own way. She's also a hero and a genius. So there. 8P Watch the show awhile before you diss the Chlo.

As for 24 not being realistic, has this Rhodes Scholar who wrote the article noticed the fact this is a TV show? It's supposed to be fictional. There is no Vulcan civilization either, but I'll bet he watches Star Trek.

1 week and 24 begins again, countdown begins

What do you mean 24 isn't real??? That's impossible. I heard Rush Limbaugh say he's already watched some of the new season. If I hear it on the EIB, I know it's real!!!! Some people need to get a life!

I can't believe Jack shot Curtis. What's up with that?

I'm posting this on Jan. 9th, five days before the new season of "24" starts, and you can already download the first 4 episodes on torrent sites. Am I the only one who finds that a bit disturbing?

jsmith284, you need to die in a fire.

I heart Chloe. I would let her taser me over and over, and trade it for just better bandwidth.

And she's lookin' good with the dark hair this season.

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