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December 20, 2006


We just received this breaktaking snake tie from Linda and Marilyn Stout.



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Ohh. It's a tie.
I thought it was an oosik warmer there for a second.


Judi, might I say you are looking mighty nice? Maybe it's the way you handle a snake....

Judi, your desk is too organized!

Definitely don't want to be wrapping that around my neck!

lovely picture of you Ms. Judi!!!

I wanna see the Blog wearing that!!!

It's beautiful .... and it's breaktaking?

Of course it's breaktaking. You can't work and hold a tie like that.

Whew! Thanks. And Judi you're looking great. A tan in December..... Welcome to Florida.

Wow, Judi- You are a hottie! I sense Blurk will be commenting any minute on the holiday bazoomage you are sporting~

Watch out Vanna, here come judi.

Any riders on the geezer bus remember Kukla, Fran, and Ollie? That tie looks just like the puppet (but Judi is cuter than Fran).

Does the license plate on the wall behind you say BARF?

That's judi??!!

Um...ever been to Montana?

hey...I think judi's slacking off...she's reading the blog!!!

does Dave know this???

I'm going way out on a limb, here, Artchicklet, and suggesting that perhaps the license plate says "BARRY". You know... as in Manilow?

Ah.. Thought maybe it was a nice blankie for Walter.

I didn't know snakes wore ties.

And, yes, Judi's a cutie.

artchick, and judi looks a LOT younger. Heck, Fran seemed to always resemble the cryptkeeper.

It's a boa-tie.

ROFL!!!! When the Four Seasons Residences Miami's copywriters, can't spell unparalleled, that's not exactly shocking. They're ad people, after all. But for nobody else to have caught it before their banner hit the Web is just hillarious.

LOL Annie!

CH - their capitalization also stinks.

Thanks for clearing that up, Lab. I must influenced by the fact that my kids have the stomach flu, and now we are having a blizzard and their two weeks off from school hasn't even technically started yet!

good catch, CH.

Of course, the tie would go real nice with one of Dave's blue shirts. Dare ya to wear it to church on Christmas, Dave!

Great photo SB!! Why do we only see pics of you with snakes and oosiks?...Hmmmmmm

around your neck i'll slither and slide
i'm a neck snake and i'll say it with pride
if you encounter me don't be alarmed
i promise that neck snake will do you no harm....

i gotta be blue it's true you know i see through eye to eye same as you too that shirt is blue but some prefer to contrast the mood and make a bold move a red snake or gold make him look cold like a steely eyed pimp - it's really not that ss-ss-simple
some ties cut you off and bust your head just like a pimple - try to visualize that animal you dispise is hangin round your neck and it's telling you lies like "that shirt looks good on you" and "i can hardly see those man-boobs" but you know this snake is true cause i hang straight down on you and no matter what you do, this snake gotta be blue. got to be.

mud, you are either a very talented person or a very, very disturbed one.

bravo, mr. mud!!

To me, that looks more like a Hanukah gift. I swear I see a teeny yarmulke on the snake's head.

Boa, boa, boa, I saved you from the swamp.
And when you're good and ready, my body you will stomp.

Doesn't a guy named Snake play lead guitar for like some heavy metal band like uh Norman Grreenbaum or somethin'? Wait I'm thinking of Slash, not Snake.

*snork* at mud...

after annie's 'boa-tie' remark i can't think of anything constrictive to say...

*geezer bus comes to a stop*

*jumps off*

artchick - The tie looks like Ollie, the Dragon.

Run a string thru the inside of it, tying it off at the snake's head. That way Dave can pull on the string and make the snake's head rise up like a cobra.

*snakessssnork* @ insom's 'constrictive.'

It'll rattler cages.

Well, if Dave puts that tie around his neck, then the snake will appear to be heading for his nether regions. NTTAWWT. I just wouldn't want a snake in MY nether regions. Of the tie kind, that is.

Judi, you didnt tell them that if you look insid ethe folds of the tie, you will find a baby alligator

Wow, nice rack! (I'm talking about the rack where Judi keeps her file folders on her desk, of course.)

I think we should make a few blogs based on crap cam pix of Judi's work station...maybe Dave's abandonded desk too

Scott, well of course you are. otherwise you would be on the previous post. that's where the other type of rack is being discussed.

Wow, nice rack! (I'm talkin' about the rack)

Judi, have you been to Holland this year?

glorious Jeeezus - i just caught the post from snake above and, damn, that's one old misguided snake! Norman Greenbaum? Heavy Metal? just how old and decrepit can a snake get? oh, sorry, didn't want to discriminate against old or age-impaired snakes. sorry, not p.c.

That is very pretty! And so is the tie.

geez ;) thanks for all the comments about my .... ummm....filing system.

too bad one of you isn't single (or at least unhappily married), and living in miami.

judi, I'd have to fight you for 'em!

So does the license plate read "Barry" (for Manilow, of course)? Or could it *possibly* read "BARF" -- for, of course, Boomers Against Reaching Farthood??

Either way -- GREAT tie.

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