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December 20, 2006


"Anyone seen grandma?"


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I'd say Darwin was calling, but she'd already beat him at that game.

All together now!

Grandma got rescued from a drain ditch
Scooting home from our house Christmas eve.

The heck with Snakes on a Plane... The next horror movie will be:

Grandmas in the Sewers!


Now in Atlanta this would be...

Grandma got run over by a drive by...

Oh, joy. Thanks for the evil earworm, guys.

Yeah, it's on my iPod.

she was rescued after falling down a hole by a guy named Carroll?

is her name Alice?

Yikes! A snake popping up in my toilet is scary enough, but an old lady????

*decides to never pee again*

excuse me, punkin, but 55 is NOT OLD.

Oop. Punkin, you're in for a whuppin' now.

This NEVER would have happened if she were a D-cup.
And no, 55 is NOT old.

Maybe she was just lookin' to pick up a Mexican sewer diver.

The daughter sounds like she's more miffed about her scooter being scratched up than her mom.

I'm sure alcohol played no factor in this tragic accident.

Oh, hey, Punkin, I saw this and thought of you...

Shy: Are you kidding? This was Miami! I am sure there was alcohol and dancing, and probably a roasted pig!

was grandma Cuban??

*is willing to be grandma IS Cuban*

we're such a zesty bunch...

Grandma wedged her
Moped in a storm drain
Drivin' out from her house
We believe

Crashed that scooter
Six feet underneath the Pavement
Fifty-five was both her age
And cruisin' speed

*completely off the subject, sort of*
Floridians - I am going to Treasure Island, Florida next week. Is there anything fun to do there, besides riding scooters into sewer holes? Can I go swimming in the Gulf?

Treasure Island? or Pleasure Island??

I've been to PI a few times..it's MickeyWorld...LOTS to do there ;-)

not sure where Treasure Island is, Shy...sorry.

excuse me, punkin, but 55 is NOT OLD.

Thank you, Judi!

Now let me get the geezer bus out of the ditch and come give you a ride.

Shy - alcohol for sure, to go with her cigarettes -NTTAWWT because I'd be the last one to throw stones. Probably why she didn't take the car.

I love headlines that make vodka spurt out of my nose.

whewww...I sure HOPE 55 is not OLD...I'm hoping to be pretty young when I get there...shortly...in a few years...which will zoom by before I know it...

"excuse me, punkin, but 55 is NOT OLD"

I can only hope so, since I'm a mere 2 years away. My mind is still 25, but the body seems to disobey at times.

Only in Florida...because in Wyoming, they wouldn't find her until springtime.

*looks back from rapidly approaching 60*

55 is most assuredly not old.

Thank you pogo. It's good to have something to look forward to.

Siouxie, it's somewhere near Clearwater, on the Gulf Coast. There's a bunch of islands. Hopefully it's not Geezerville, as I am also dangerously close to 55 which is NOT OLD! I am visiting my cousin who lives near Mouseland and we girls are taking a little mini-vacation.

hmm..I'll leave that to the expert around those parts...CJ.

I've been to the gulf coast plenty and it's gorgeous...but not much to do (as far as excitement goes). I usually go to relax, enjoy the beaches (when my girls were little). My oldest now goes to school in Sarasota...again...not your party town.

When one considers the alternative, 55 or 60 is a wonderful age!

But seriously folks... I can still do everything I wanna do, just maybe not as fast, which is sometimes a good thing. Eh, ladies?

you betcha, pogo!!! you sly dog you ;P

Now exactly where does pogo live? ☺

Guess I'm not so ShyJan !

I'll never catch up.

Certainly not by the time I reach 55.

Hmm, that didn't come out right. Siouxie, I "took your class" in HTML characters a lazy Sunday afternoon long ago. I guess I didn't get it right!
This is a frowning face ☹

These are hot springs ♨

Sorry for practicing here!

Shy: Treasure Island is here in St. Pete. You can swim, but it's apt to be nipply. I have been wearing a wetsuit, both for Mexican sewer diving and snorkling in less-murky water. Plenty of food, bars, other stuff. Not so much a geezer neighborhood, but also not 'family' [amusement parks, etc]. Treasure Island is one of the pricier places and full of the 40s and 50s crowd, so poifect.

Howdy, Wyo! We missed you at the jello-wresting judging a few threads back.


I've missed you my friend!! and so have the blog gals!

CJ, see??I knew I could count on you to guide Shy.

CJrun - thanks! sounds great for a 'young' widow. Where is snorkling? I discovered snorkling in Maui this summer and am addicted. Got my own gear, I likes it so much. I'm from New England so cold water isn't a big problem. Frigid California water is a problem.

Well done, Shy!!

*didn't realize she had a HTML class*

CH...it was chocolate pudding...remember?? I'm still kinda sticky all over from when I fainted.

It's nice to be missed. ShyJan, watch for Baligirl to post, she's a pro.

Hi, Kids! *looking at 55 in a few years* Is the blogbar open? Cuz I have a key.

Holy Crap!

Speak o the devil!!

bali! i'm having my Chardonnay now!


whoops...I need to take my HTML class over!

I meant... Chardonnay

HTML 101

*preview* *preview*

Thanks, Wyo. Baligirl, where do you go snorkling when near St Pete's in Florida?

Shy: swimmin' around off the beach is fine, but nothing to see and usually no visibility anyway. I don't recommend snorkling; they only place I can find with interesting stuff is popular with bull sharks, so it's tricky.

Ummmmm, that was weird. Then again, weird is almost always fun...Shy, are you a golfer? Cus that's about all there is. Whereabouts are you from? The Gulf is murky, but more fun than a quarry, if you're from Quarryland.

and watch out for the stingrays...I KNOW there are plenty of those critters out there.

And Siouxie, guess what? I did 75% of my shopping today, so I'm a glass and a half into the Rombauer merlot. *Strains to pat self on back* Here, try some, tres yummy!

St. Augustine is fun for snorkling, both underwater and blog-type.

OH NO!!! I'm watching ET! and they're showing Barely Manenough now...


HEy, Awbh, I showed the Mister the scorpion pic you posted that I liked so much yesterday, and he said, and I quote, "Whew, been there, done THAT!" I just hope that isn't our Christmas card next year!

Here, Siouxie, SOS pads. You won't ever see again, but at least you won't see THAT!

Do you know that was a 4-way ? Odd. For someone who rarely posts.
Well, I don't want to swim with bull sharks, so I guess I will see murky water and nothing. I'm sure there is an aquarium around there somewhere.
Got bad knees, can't golf anymore. I'm from central california, so there is no snorkling here without a wetsuit, which I don't have.

Yeah, I've been in the water off San Diego, BRRRRR! If you can talk your clan into trucking over to the East Coast, and down to Key Largo...well worth the miles and time. Pennecamp is fab for snorkling, you'll love it! It's warmer by far, and the u/w life, well, you'll remember it forever.

so, about this jello-wrestling.

guess some thins are better left alone.

Oh, I don't know...what ABOUT it?

And, BTW, Wyo, I just bought a house and I need a kitchen-full o'cabinets. Can I e-mail you the particulars, or are you full-up with the new job?

Always lookin for someone who's lookin for cabinets, email away. I'll get right back to you.

Thanks, will do. Just gotta get the dimensions from the Mister when he gets home. I'm so excited, finally have our Dream Home in sight!

Baligirl - (I'll stay out of the jello pool:) San Diego water is WARM compared to here. I live in the second largest city in California, San Jose, and our Santa Cruz water is COLD. I can hop right in down in San Diego.
Thanks everyone for the advice and info. If you're in Treasure Island next week, look me up!

I think the Barely Manenough story killed Siouxie. Geez, I really liked her, too...

never underestimate Siouxie, she's one tough cookie.

Hey Wyo, I've been missin ya too. Hope you and family are not to stressed out with the move & new job, all so close to the holidays!

Shy, I certainly agree with the Keys comment. I don't snorkle or scuba, but the waters are so awsome around the Keys that you can stand knee deep in the water and watch the crabs, snails, octopi, exotic fishes, all kinds of super cool stuff, just by bending your neck and looking down. If you are in for the car ride, you will have a lifetime of beautiful memories left.

Snork at the Mr. Bali!

I hope so, Wyo...

Nite all. Time for a little sip of something that'll warm me up!

Nite, Casey! Seeya sometime tomorrow!

bali - that scorpion photo kinda grossed me out....and now I'm a bit worried about your hubbie. At least he has you now.

Let me add my agreement about the Keys, which I love. It's worth it just for the drive down.

Well, I think HE thinks I could kill him in his sleep. Always a good thought for the Mister to have. We don't want them too...free-thinking. I have no problem with him being just a tad paranoid. He's a doll to me, tho. Lucky me!

thanks bali! for the wine and the SOS pads!

wait...what are you all typing?? I can't slkfjsdkk sdod what I am tpidb;oig!!!

You all have me jealous now that I can't go to the Keys. Next trip. How far is it from the exact middle of Florida, Winter Haven area? My cousin isn't big on driving.

Siouxie - boxed wine will do that to you....SOS pads...perhaps...just stay away from yellow scooters.

Although I love the Keys, that's a minimum 7-hours drive, each way, from Treasure Island. For the Keys visit, fly Southwest into Ft. Lauderdale and get a rental car. You can still expect to spend a minimum of a couple of hours getting past Mijammies. I'll be traveling, but back in St. Pete late next week; drop me a note.

Annie, I swear that wasn't me driving the scooter...besides...I'm not 55...yet!

bali, thanks for your concern..it took a while to recoup from watching the BM!

Silly CJ. I'm in Socal. I fly SouthEAST to get to the keys.

CJ - I will drop you a note later next week. My Florida trips are to visit my cousin near Winter Haven. She is 3 weeks older than me, and we grew up together when we lived in Rhode Island. We have all the same relatives, as our fathers are brothers and our mothers are sisters. I moved to California, she moved to Florida, but we are still best friends.


Shy, from Winter Haven the Keys are @ 5.5-hours. Treasure Island will be more than 2-hours. Those numbers are in immaculate traffic conditions, especially getting past Mijammies for the Keys.

*another snork at Annie*

Good. I will whine and complain about the poor snorkling, and next time we will go to the Keys. I don't think she's been there yet either. She and her husband just don't get it. You work so you can have fun! They just work.

For the record, if you're in Winter Haven that's a short hop from Lisa Bisa Fo Fisa to one side and crossgirl to the other. Yall need to schedule a hen party!

Well, we certainly work to play. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale, but the girl in our car drove me NUTS with the reading of the passing signs. I'd give that a miss if I were you. The Keys are amazing. Do them sometime soon, I urge you!

CJ - I'll be in St. Pete 12/31 - 1/7. Anything interesting going on? Doing the gambling boat for New Year's Eve and expect to drive down to the Keys because I love it.

CJ, stop dissing us mijammies!!! I'll even volunteer to get her past Hialeah and Little Havana safely.

*packs her machete*

Aww, swear-word. I've been reading the blog and the comments since July, rarely posting, and now it is too late. I'd love to meet Lisa BFF and crossgirl! But my cousin has taken over my vacation time. I get a half day on each end with her husband (we are good in-law friends) and no time at all with her dad! Her husband is going to take me out on Lake Wales in the airboat, which he is fixing right now.
Next time, next time.

*gives bali's girl in the car a miss*

Shy, folks like those that work to work don't even know what they have in central Florida. If you know where to go you can drift down through dazzling spring-fed rivers, snorkeling, in an inner tube, or in a canoe. Nearly unlimited visibility and the water is too cold for the gators [I recommend the innertube method, to be able to warm up].

ubetcha, if you stop in Cuba Miami...give me a call and I'll be sure to meet up with ya.

Well, Siouxie, when I come down in Feb, I'll need html lessons, plus, I'll buy you dinner. Twice! Do you remember Xmygrits? We'll be together.

CJ - I've been visiting quite a few times. They live on a canal on the lake, so we go out in the boat, but I never saw any rivers. Lots and lots of flat ground, lots and lots of orange trees, but that was about it. Where are these dazzling places? They are trying to get me to move there, but I am resisting.

bali, course I remember xmy...what is up with her?? she hasn't been around in ages! We will definitely get together!!!

It's dinnertime here, so I am off. I'll send Wyo my picture and short bio, and I guess I will start posting more often. But you folks are all so quick-witted! And quick-typing! By the time I think of anything to say, someone has said it already. And I am stuck with left coast nighttime, when no one else is up.

Shy, if I told you, I'd have to kill you. Seriously, those places are very vulnerable to tourist pressure. I recommend soemthing like that for late spring, when you can be pretty sure of some sun to warm up in. All the rivers are that way, if you get up near the headwaters at the springs. One of life's truly glorious pleasures, but it's getting ruined by the litterbugs and drunks.

*snork* @ bali's sign-reading co-pilot. I drove to Vegas with my mom and she did the same thing. Now it's funny. Then it wasn't.

I'd comment more, but I'm a 'leftcoast nobody' from Ventura County, close enough to San Jose to cruise up there on my yellow scooter if my bedtime weren't so darned early. ;)

Annie, could you get there by lounge chair?

Siouxie-which school in sarasota to your kids go to? I went to Ringling (not the clown college).

I have spent all day playing Santa's helper, handing out mass quantities of holiday cookies and bread to deserving souls on my list. You know, the people at the doctor's office, the dentist's office, the pharmacy, the kids at the hamburger place I visit weekly, etc., etc. I did, indeed, MAKE (from scratch) all those loaves of bread and dozens of cookies, thus the lack of posting from me, lately. Whew! Did y'all miss me?

*flings herself down on the blog sofa by the bar*
*holds out glass expectantly*

artchick, my daughter just started at Ringling! awesome school!! (she jokes around and tells everyone she's going to clown school). She's there for Graphic Design (like her dad). She just got her grades for the first semester there...4 A's 1 B+

*proud momma*

what did you study there?? when did you graduate?

Sio has one at home and the other is at the New College. That may the new name of the same school, as the only Ringling down there, that I'm aware of, is the clown school.

*Pours Ducky a rum, with just a splash of pum.

Santa Ducky!!!

*pours Ducky a glass of her box wine*

of course we've missed you!

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