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December 29, 2006


Here at the Secret Undisclosed Location they have some pretty scary wildlife.


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Man, Dave, that must have been one massive drinking binge if even WE can see your pink elephant.

Whadya think, bloglits? Costa Rica?

(Oh, and FIRST!)

I think Dave is in Africa.

That IS scary!

The pink elephant looks a little spooky, too.

Looks more like periwinkle than blue on that shirt but it's clearly shorts weather.

I don't think he's in Costa Rica. I think he's visiting Cuba, preparing to become the next President.

I think I spent a New Year's Eve with that guy. (The big pink one, that is.)

Re: secret undisclosed location

There is a thrift shop called "The Pink Elephant" on Kamehameha Avenue (pronounced MAY-PUL Ave) in Hilo, Hawaii.

Don't know if they have a big inflated pink elephant there, though.

The big pink elephant, that is! Sheesh.

Is it my imagination, or is he wearing a 'bro?'

I shopped at a place once called the Pink Pelican. Does that count for anything?

They had some nice mugs. just so ya know.

My god, are they making a movie of 'Horton Hatches the Egg' ??

C-Bol, the vehicle in the background appears to be a make that is not available in the States; furthermore, the plate on it appears to be the skinnier style used in many parts of Europe and Latin America.

Africa's not impossible, either, of course.

Dave, is that your sack lunch at your feet?

Hmmm... I could be wrong...maybe the air's just a bit 'nippy' there. Maybe if I put on my glasses.

Piece of cake. San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Definitely an African elephant, so that rules out India.

Here's the Hilo Pink Elephant Christobol was talking about. The vicinty doesn't look like where Dave is.

Ok the plates on the car look like the European Style. Now the background is definetly tropical. Now when I put this all together, I believe that Dave is actually at home and found a weird crap cam style picture on the web, photo shopped himself into it and is right now at home trying to put together Sophie's toys.

Look at the size of that trunk! Wow....

Many years ago (I was 18) I had a job as a shuttle bus driver in Reno Nevada. Incidentally every night one of the local casinos who had a real live elephant would take it for a walk down the sidewalk for excersize. In the winter time Nevada temperatures necessitated the elephant to wear a coat, which happened to be pink. One evening I had to transport a group of folks who were, as to be expected, highly intoxicated. One of my passengers happened to be cohesive enough to notice the giant elephant in the pink bathrobe walking down the sidewalk and promptly brought this to my attention. I responded with a very tentative “okay….” “No really! I see an elephant right there, see in the pink bathrobe?!” I smiled and reassured her that no elephants were walking down the sidewalk, not even in bathrobes. See was shocked that she had drank enough to actually see pink elephants because she thought that it was just a catch phrase people used. I never let on to have her think anything different.

Oh and it’s was a really sucky job to have to transport super drunk people around Reno Nevada. Especially men who thought somehow that you found them attractive. “Opps did I fail to mention to buckle up before I slammed on the brakes? I apologize…”

I'm guessing an island like The Bahamas or Jamaica.

oops, sorry -that last comment was supposed to be on judi's men-without-uniforms thread.

Looks a little like Costa Rica, but I'm gonna guess Bali, 'cause I wanna.

Well, at least we're not ignoring the elephant in the room. Our therapists would be proud.

(Annie, I love the elephant w/glasses)

Loudest Snork of 2006 goes to Cheryl Howard. I love that story 8^)

Cheryl, when you were younger, did you do things to your siblngs that cause them to get twitchy even now?

If it were Cuba, the cars would have tailfins.

Addicted--thank you I am so proud!

pogo--yes. Catch phrases (stories) include "Im going to shoot you with an arrow" "How about some ice cream" and "Hey look! Zombies!"

cheryl, that was you!?!? i'm still in therapy over that d@mn elephant.

I'm pretty sure it's NOT Denver...

they got some weird looking inflatable christmas decorations in that part of the world.

pogo - good point. somehow the pink elephant distracted me from the weird 4wd vehicle.

now i'm putting my money on south dakota.

*fast forward 40 years when Dave and Beth look over old photos together*

Dave: "Woah, honey! Talk about putting on a few vacation pounds! I don't remember you being naked that much during the trip though. Man we should have packed some sunblock, huh? Where ya goin?"

Annie, I have no idea where you come up with such fabulous photos, but they are always worth clicking on.

Also. I have many year end reports due no later than today and still I find myself here. Were I not volunteering for this torture I'm certain I would be fired.

My money is on Costa Rica.

Crstbl: I think you might be right. The don't have palm trees in North Dakota.

Nope, not South Dakota. The hills there are black.

Actually Lairbo...I was in Cuba in 2003. Not so many of the older cars are left now, although there are noticeably more of them than say in Canada. Maybe 10 per cent of the cars on the road are pre-embargo cars. Most of the cars there are '80s and '90s Ladas and Skodas (and such like). And virtually all the tourist buses are brand new air-conditioned Volvos. That scene could very easily be Cuba but for one thing: Dave Barry. (Also, getting on the Internet in Cuba is next to impossible.)

That's Dave in the front. The one behind him looks like a stripper I saw in Panama City back in '87...

Everyone have a good evening/weekend/holiday/New Year's.

That is one weird looking creature!! But the pink elephant is kinda cute.

u 2 hammie. don't drink so much that you see your own little(or big)pink elephants.

Cheryl, the one cool thing about drunks is, you can have one really good joke, and you can tell it every night, even if it's the same joke, and it will be brand new all over again! Of course, you'll get tired of it.

Looks like they're waiting for the next bus. The last one that went by was full - of cows.

Dave's found Edgar! A little sunburnt, but otherwise ok.

I've heard that Costa Rica has a problem with pink elephants coming up through their sewer pipes and into the toilets.

They're probably just makin a quick shit stop.

Totally unrelated to anything alert.

A website with instructions to every set of legos ever

*Sigh* I love the internet.

I guess we'll just have to wait until the book tour announcement for "Dave Barry Does Cuba" or "Dave Barry Does Costa Rica".

Perfect! I can use it to build this!

P.S. I'm guessing Bahamas or Jamaica...close enough to Florida.

Christobol --
I think you have a typo. You meant to type Michelle.

I'm thinking Cuba. He's visiting the bar where the Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers hang out when they come in. The pink elephants help the ones who are in AA to feel like they still fit in with the rest of the flock.

It's obvious where he is. The clue is the elephant on it's hind legs. he's in...


Ha ha ha ha ha

If your do a right-click / Copy and then paste the image into another program it gets signficantly larger.

That is a narrow 'foreign' style plate on the van. Plus the package at Dave's feet looks to be tied with a bit of rope which rules out anywhere U.S. teenagers have to work the counters (since tying a knot is well beyond their technical capabilities and they aren't allowed to touch anything sharp enough to cut a rope)

stevie, yer killin' me.

derm it.


I wonder how Michelle would react to a scene like that?

Lego instructions? Instructions? Who needs instructions?

I couldn't find instructions for these.

D'oh! You're right. It was a typo. You know how the "M" is right next to the "B" on certain keyboards manufactured in Honduras, and a lot of people pronounce "i" as an "e" and then, what with the schwa sound and all, "th" sounds like "chelle".

So that.

Christobol --
No problem. Shot happens.

So, C'bol - you're saying Michelle packed on the pounds? I think you were better off with Beth.

"But I think I will have seen everything, when I see an elephant fly."

Heh yeah sure, an elephant fly, I think he'd just pack up his trunk and skedaddle.

No! I'm saying in 40 years, when Dave is nearing middle age, and perhaps he'll be a little drunk and not wearing his glasses, he'll be looking at this pic and mistaking the blown up pink elephant for his wife, Michelle, only he'll call her Beth, which will be all the weirder since his mistress's name is Jeff.

Am I out of trouble now?

*asks Michbethchelle about C'bol's doghouse status, checks flytraps, updates passport(s)*

Sorry, C'bol, that would be a no. And Jeff is p!ssed that you outed him.

I have noticed of late that the former adverb "out", has somehow become a passive verb, "to out", which seems to be used only in the past pluperfect tense, e.g. "Bruce was outted."

Pogo, excellent observing.

*pats, outs a beverage, chugs*

What? It's Friday.

for Nebbisk - an elephant fly.

for Nebbisk - an elephant fly.

Annie ... linky no worky (for moi ownself, at least) ... but now there's TWO of 'em ... stop 'em! Before they breed!

Oh ... Brit-twit filed ... din't she ...

(C'bol -- yeah, right, like that grammar/pronunciation clinic you offered is gonna werk ... I think you'd've been better off claimin' a Freudulian Slop, really ...)

Posted by Annie:

"Is it my imagination, or is he wearing a 'bro?'"

OMG! My first thought, but I was afraid. You're a brave woman, Annie.

*goes off to find Dave and apologize*

What's a 'bro? Or a 'bro?"

Evenin', All! I'll be manning the blog bar for a bit: mojitos and mango margaritas on the right, beer to the left, merlot in my glass. Hep y'selves!

Stevie - Bra, but you didn't hear that from me. Annie said it first.

Can anyone tell which side the steering wheels are on? It would narrow it down a bit. I know he's in the Caribbean somewhere and I've been all over it, but never saw the blow-up elephant. He needs a drink in his hand to make it real.

Since when is a bra a bro? Did I miss that day?

Hey bali - I'll take anything with vodka. Like a glass and 2 ice cubes will do.

Us gals sometimes change the name to protect the "innocents."

Grey Goose do ya? Here ya go!

Whoa bali - Shirmoff's would have done but u the woman! Make mine vanilla and thanks for pouring.

And BTW I never get the bot at work but I'm getting it every time here at home. Now I know why y'all been bitchin'. It sucks.

I think he's staying in Greece.

Posted by Annie:

"Is it my imagination, or is he wearing a 'bro?'"

OMG! My first thought, but I was afraid. You're a brave woman, Annie.

*goes off to find Dave and apologize*

Posted by: ubetcha | 07:20 PM on December 29, 2006

Oh, my, no! I was talking about the elephant! Upon closer review, it looks like a guide wire attachment, right at nipple height. Hence my error. Ubetcha, shame on you!

(A 'bro' is from a Seinfeld episode. Kramer invents one to help George's dad with his um, posture.) It's a bra for a guy, or a 'mansierre.'

that steerin' device on the farther (not farter) away vehicle appears to be on the left, but that could be an altered perspective ...

Frickin' bot is nailing me every post. Normally, I'm way drunker than this for that sorta thing to happen...

Sorry Annie, I'm not buying it. You still said it first.

I'm going for somewhere in the Bahamas. If the steering wheels are on the right, that would clinch it for me.

Would it clich it, or cinch it?

There are no elephants in the Caribbean.

Bali - if I get any drunker I won't be able to post at all because those letters are getting harder to read with every post. I'm gearing up for vacation, which has started as of now. No work for 9 days, then no vacation for 6 months. *sigh*

It would clinch it, I think. I don't want to try to cinch an elephant.

ubetcha, let me enable you to achieve your vacation goals! I have the next 3 days, as well, and only have to sober up enough to get to my own NYE party Sunday night. Plenty o'time for that! And I'll toss in a pffffftt! to the bot, in advance.

Bali - Sunday nite I'll be on some sort of gambling boat out of St. Pete, then at some point in the week going down to Key West and taking our time getting there and back. This is with my buddy in my photo on Wyo's site, as he lives in St. Pete now when he isn't here. I'm not a huge fan of FL but it beats CT in January, cuz it's warmer. I'd rather be wherever Dave is, though.

CJ, be happy to meet up with ya as one bloglit to another. I can drink with the best of 'em.

Holy Legos Wyo, those are amazing!

*the bot is totally pissing me off*

A-okay, ubetcha! We travel alot, for work, but always to the warm, sunny. I'll send you an e-mail with our website and travel sched, maybe we'll be near the same palm tree sometime! Enjoy FL, it's raining pitchforks and bowling balls here in OK, and the lightning? Holy Moley!

*settles in corner of blog sofa*

I'd appreciate one of those yummy mango margaritas, especially since central Texas just had some serious thunderstorms, complete with tornadoes. At least one fatality I know of; thankfully, Austin itself escaped tornadic activity. I had to shut down my computer, though. Didn't want to chance it being fried and then being unable to visit with all my bloglit buddies. Call me paranoid, but after having my house hit by lightning twice since we've lived here, I ain't takin' no chances!

Dang, Ducky, we're straight north of you! And we've been hit twice, as well!! This is wild weather, huh?

Oops, sorry, here's TWO mango darlin's for ya...

There are no elephants in the Caribbean.

Posted by: stevie w | 07:44 PM on December 29, 2006

stevie - only when the cruise ships debark.

Lol. Been there, seen that. You?

But the Bahamas are technically not in the Caribbean.

Wild is right, bali. Definitely time for two-fisted drinkin'!

Where, exactly, are you?

JD, bali - do your houses have lightning rods? our house in NY did. It took a direct hit once - roasted the whole corner of the house, but no fire or injuries. Here in SoCal no one has them. Makes me a bit uneasy in t-storms.

80 miles straight south of OKC, in Duncan. I'm thinkin' of changin' over to tequila, once I know my girls are safe at their friend's house.

"stevie - only when the cruise ships debark."

How do you think "The Greater Aunt Tillies" got their name?

Annie, my house now has a grounding rod--kinda serves the same purpose as a lightning rod, but goes into the ground instead of on the roof. We had it installed after the first hit, which caught our house on fire. The second hit blew out a bunch of electronics and some light fixtures, but didn't cause a fire, which I attribute to the presence of the grounding rod. I still get a little twitchy during storms, though.

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