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December 29, 2006


Conceived of, conducted by, reported on, and sent in exclusively by men.


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That is all.

Remember, Judi, I said please don't hit me!

I assume that the test subjects were required to wear French Maids' costumes, as well?


it was also reported (and blogged, I am pretty sure) in 2004. but those men just can't get enough of women doing housework.

Hey, Hammie, the bloggals don't hit you... but I think I can already smell the hot wax. Word of advice: don't run; it's only worse if you do. Just ask blurk.

*still itchy*

That has got to be one of the most annoying things I have ever read. I think I'll make my poor hubby clean the house this weekend.

Not highlighted in the study was the fact that several of the women avoided developing cancer by committing suicide four days into it.

"Of course I want to help out with the housework, but we can't afford to take a chance with your health. It's because I love you."

*looking around at a friend's house*

"Dude, I think your wife is at high risk for cancer."

bite me, hammie, just bite me. i already do all the housework, empty the garbage, do all the cooking, laundry, etc. i should be good to go on the breast cancer angle for another 200 years.

*makes a list of all the activities he'd like to "study" to see if it has health benefits for women*

*notes that housework doesn't make the list*

I couldn't help but notice that this research was done in the UK. Just saying.

whatta buncha bullcrap!

and yeah Hammie...I'm getting the wax ready!

Cbol, more like hacking up their lazy ass husbands with a machete. That's exercise too right??

*backs away slowly*
(Which is darned awkward in a fetal position)

hey, sioux? i've never been in on one of those hot wax things...sounds like fun.

*glances at ham*

need some help?

sometimes blurking is really, really hard to do.

sorta seriously, on this topic ... my SIL is a runner, including marathons ... that traininng is not whut I'd consider "occasional/irregular" exercise ... she's had two mastectomies ... and she ran in the Chicago Marathon this year ... post-surgery and therapy ... merely sayin' ...

The risk of insipid scientific studies can be cut short by castration. Actually, insipid scientists can be, well, 'cut short.'

Guess I better schedule the mamogram. I haven't cleaned house since my kids were old enough to walk. That's why I had kids to begin with. Do my housecleaning for me and get me beer.

Maybe it was the fact that women chained to their houses doing housework, were less likely to engage in other risky behaviors, like, having fun.

sgirl, we'll keep a watch on Hammie...k? He can always do our housework.

*waves @ Wyo* hola!

OtheU - congrats to your SIL - what a trouper!

Ham, my man, congrats on stirring up more bees than the guys in the previous thread. Well done!

If Mrs. WriterDude wasn't convinced that she's the only person in the world house competent to do laundry, I'd gladly help with it. Instead, I make my domestic contributions largely through remodeling the house and vacuuming up the resulting dust. It works for us.

Dang! Well, at least my maid will be healthy :)

And yet, the wimmenfolk of this blog are still here reading, instead of gettin' up and cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, washin' them dishes, and rattlin' them pots and pans... and ya better look damn good while you're doin' it!

Now scoot! And remember, this is for your health.

Something tells me that Mr. Completely may be completely hairless soon...

Mr. Completely, you must be a serious masochist because i have such plans for you. and i'll enjoy every minute of it.

In a related story...

The best way for men to avoid cancer and live a long life is to watch football on the nearest available TV while consuming the nearest available beverage. Men who do not do this will be forced to go to section of costco.

Welcome to casey!

Howdy Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!

oohhh Mr. C...you brave yet foolish man....

Hola casey!!!! Love the background!

psssst....Siouxie....close the blog door....don't let Mr C out...

as for Hammond Rye....get the tanning booth ready...we're gonna have ourselves some honeybaked ham.

hey Casey!

Hiya, casey!

Hi, Casey! Looks like you're 'in the paper.'

Is the house clean yet? Then you can start on the garage.


Why do I get the feeling that Mr. C. likes hot wax???

still getting the frickin' bot, and I'm using firefox! WHY!

Because the bot hates all browsers. They can visit all parts of the Internet*, while he is stuck in a cold metal box deep in the bowels of the Herald building. Have pity for the bot, but do not let your pity stand in the way of destroying it utterly if given the opportunity.

*subject to the whims of your evil IT overlords helpful technical staff.

I've conducted a careful study and concluded that slapping Mr. C is good for one's health. Go to it, girls!

*snork* @ C-bol

*looks around room*

*hopes this article has no basis whatsoever in fact*

My favorite line from "Love At First Bite": (Cindy Sondheim) "I hate housework. It killed my mother."

Buried near the end of the article is the fact that men also benefit, cancer-wise, from regular exercise. So get up off your now-hairless butts, guys, and pick up them feather dusters, dagnabbit!

Hey Happy New Year two you two Annie! and hell, to everybody else here too!!

excuse me while I kiss her thigh.....

what? that's a Jimmy tune right?

...Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

And they used a photo of clothespins to accompany the story??!? The last time I used clothespins was...um......lemme thing.

OK, not only last century, but a few decades BACK in the last century.


Not thing. sorry

Yeah sly! The only thing clothespins would exercise would be the wrist!

Ask DPS about the use of clothespins... *shudder*

(Yes, I have clicked on a few too many ambiguously-labeled links in my day...)

Nope, sorry, I'm not buying it. I know too many women who do housework and have/had breast cancer.

Now, slapping Mr C. sounds much more likely......


10 ways for guys to stave off prostate cancer:
1) Finally fix the leaking toilet.
2) Rake the leaves.
3) Clean up the dog sh!t of the dog you said you wanted so much.
4) Wipe the floor around the toilet (and the rim) everytime you whip out the weesmaster.
5) Hang those blinds you said you would 2 years ago
6) Actually use the Sears red stacking tool chest with the tools you said you so needed.
7) Quit thinking that anything to do with farts is hilarious.
8) Turn off the TV
9) Cancel the subscription to Playboy
10) Fill in the ______________.

you've got it just about covered foggy, but there should be something about foreplay lasting more than 30 seconds.

did it mention anything about the wearing or not wearing of clothes and the impact associated with?


... sorta wishin' I hadn't looked @ w!kipedia fer Mr. Goatse ... now, every time the phrase "Prostate Cancer" appears in a conversation, that'll be the mental image ...

Merely sayin' ...

When I get rich enuf I'm gunna pay Cancer Research UK to correlate whatever cancer is free this month to a good, consistent program of oral... er hygiene. Women's. While doing housework. On kneepads.

What do they mean by '...as opposed to a physical job' ??
How do they think we vacuum and mop, by fricken telekineses??

Housework has a much more immediately noticable benefit for men. As a wise old proverb goes: "No husband was ever shot while doing the dishes."


fricken telekineses wbagnfa(n) all female-gender-type band ...

Please note that prostate cancer risk seems to go UP in guys of the male gender who have intercourse with gals of the female gender, but NOT in guys of the male gender who have intercourse with guys of the other male gender.

ddd - well of course - the male-male combos just notice any signs of prostate cancer sooner, since they are CONSTANTLY checking for it.

De-lurking 'cause I can't believe no one's said this yet:

The reason they didn't study whether housework had a preventive effect on cancer in men was that they couldn't find any men who did housework to include in the study.

What about the studies saying menfolk that do some housework have more active and satisfying sex lives?

*grins thinking about hubby who vacuums, dusts and does laundry*

And what's the doctor's advice?

"He recommend (sic) that men and women take regular exercise and maintain a healthy body weight to help prevent cancer."

A copout, I tell you.

Hey! I sent this in too and I am NOT a man! ;-)

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