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December 29, 2006


...to buy a new calendar

¹...while The Blog's away.


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WTG, judi!

*wonders if blurk's in there somewhere*

please, dearest judi, would you tell the 'bot that I AM NOT SPAM!!!

thank you.

wooooooo hooooooooooo!!! thankie judi!!!

I got mine already - Studs & Spurs


judi, you didn't fool me this time!!!!

for shame!!!!

Yum to the first, bleeecchhh to the 2nd.
And double yum to Siouxies!

Siouxie, is Wyo in your calendar?

I'm SO gullible. Please, someone pass the eyebleach, STAT!

Oops, you messed up your link.

Here you go.

ubetcha, aren't they yummilicious???

I dunno, Ducky..but if these are the kinda cowboys there are in Wyoming and Montana...I'm a headin' west!

*throws a bottle of bleach for all who need it*

I was thinking about the fact that Manilow links are the functional equivalent for this blog of the Goatse man on Slashdot, back in the day.

Actually, I don't think that's fair to the Goatse guy, now that I think of it.

(If you're not acquainted already with Mr. Goatse, DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD look it up at Wikipedia, and particularly do not click on the link to the Internet Archive page. If you ignore this advice at your office, I take NO REPONSIBILITY for the repercussions.)

yeah, there is some definite potential there. are these guys really 'men in uniform' or just fine, studly looking gay models? i'd like to know before i start checking out local guys in uniform. my luck, all the fine, buff ones are gay. it's just not fair.

Siouxie, we have some pretty good-lookin' cowboys here in Texas. Come on down!

CH - i ignored your advice and now i'm blind. thank you very much. i'm so glad i didn't eat lunch today.

You know what they say about curiousity and the cat, WW.

Was your reaction like these?

Hey, this calendar said it was Men In Uniform but these guys aren't wearing very much of ... oh...

CH - I almost took your advice. It was bad enough just reading about it Wikipedia and believe me, I won't go there. I just ate, for cryin' out loud.

no CH, dry heaving is closer to my reaction.

Gawd, those reaction shots are just too dang good. Who needs to look at the Goatse guy himself?

... mebbe the goatse guy wuz merely checkin' for rats ... ???

that is too gross for even eye bleach.

The wonderful thing about Goatse is, as awful as it is, it's so much fun to share.

Unlike Manilow, I might add.

Don't forget that you can still get this for the low, low price of $15. How ever, nothing says I love you more than a pair of these.

Addicted - i can just visualize my ISO running around the house in these. guaranteed to never get laid again.

YIKES, CH! why didn't I take your advise???

LOL OtheU - That's Sum Rat!!

Addicted, you're not gonna fool me this time!!! HA!

But Siouxie I searched high and low for those pictures of George Clooney naked.

To be followed next year by "Men at Attention."

nemeaux - when that's available, please send us the link. i would love to see that one. it's been quite a while... sorry, just remembering my younger years.

followed by "Men PAYING Attention."


CH! Oh fer the luv of God! Not only did I ignore your advice (as if you thought we wouldn't) I actually had to make the effort to research the whole thing to get to the main point. ARRRGGGHHH!

It turns out that you are as sick and twisted as the rest of us.

see? AlanBoss just proved my point. He didn't pay attention.

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