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December 20, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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So British women have the biggest bazooms. I guess it's a consolation prize to make up for their teeth!

why would anyone want to have D-cup sized boobs? buying new bras require a short-term loan and they are really, really uncomfortable what with the wires and stays and 5 rows of fasteners. i'd trade down anyday.

*books first flight to Holland

Heh. I'm off to Denmark in a few months. :-) I'll have to see if I can get appropriate crapcam pics.

(Without getting killed.)

*gets out of the way of the male bloggers stampeding to the airport*

Actually, anything more than a handfull is wasted.

(Though, honestly, I prefer bazooms to not be supersized... more than a handful is...? Yeah.)

^5 DPS!!! Psychic simul!

CH and DPS - you are both in the minority of men. Most guys think bigger are better. Those are the same guys that speak to the boobs instead of the person.

*obviously is not from Denmark*

*my knees will be happy not to get slapped around one day*

So is that is referred to as "dutch treat"? :)

Let me just say, we are all natural and we are spectacular.

Bigger is fun to look at - within reason. Anybody see that episode of (I think it was) Plastic Surgery: Before & After, where the woman had a freakishly large rack? Tripple-j or some such? She needed a specially engineered and built harness for those.

Besides, there are other parts of the female anatomy that I find just as, if not more interesting.

Mrs. Dog the bounty hunter is a good example of TOO MUCH of a not so good thing.

lemme guess, Chris...the eyes...right???

If anyone needs me I'll be in Denmark.

...the general increasing size of the population are also leading to bigger breasts.

... so, China's got to be HUGE!?

*would like to see the supporting documentation*

hee, hee, said "supporting"

The eyes are hard to lick and suck and fondle without causing pain and/or harm. Not like nice, curvy, well-formed ...

I was typing out loud again, wasn't I?


I'll be in my bunk.

Puts a whole new spin on the phrase "Going Dutch" dunnit?

Actually, it's their way of asssuring that they win all future Wet Dirndl Competitions.

I blame global warming.

Then I love global warming.

Whew. It's hot in here.

*wondering if the same holds true for the men*

*not particularly wanting to see bigger breasted men*

just wonderin' is all...

Before I had kids, mine were the shape/size of a champagne glass.

Now I've got kegs.

Woohoo! Kegger at Punkin's!

Isn't Holland where they have all the dykes?

Hmmmm. I haven't been to Amsterdam in a while. I must check this out. Wonder if I could manage a weekend in Copenhagen, too, when the weather's warmer.

I LIKE D cups (especially since I'm not one) -- and would be quite happy to help with the unhooking...

Sorry. I need to find a girlfriend -- SOON!

Is there a nuclear power plant in Holland?

Besides, there are other parts of the female anatomy that I find just as, if not more interesting.

Posted by: The Dread Pirate Scrooge | 12:08 PM on December 20, 2006

Exactly!! The dark meat on a woman is just as nice (that would be legs and thighs in case you are wondering). You CANT go aftermarket with legs and arse, but ya can on the white meat!

Amer, good luck! you'll have to watch out for the stampede of blog guys heading out there. Blurk's got guns too.

I've read that the champagne glass was modeled on Marie Antoinette's breasts; a quick Google search turned up many, MANY interesting links, but only a few pertinent to this story.

I'd be quite happy to check out the dyke situation for you, Annie.

Most definitely NTTAWWT

Punkin - thanks for reinforcing my decision not to have kids. i have the D cups naturally. if i had kids i'd be like the girl that had the J cups and have to get a specially engineered harness. you actually made my day.

Yet another reason to go to Holland this summer.

*prefers going for the strudels*

or the cheese: Edam, Gouda, yum...
or the chocolates...

Hm. Never heard it called "strudels" before, but okay.

WW, I think heredity has a lot to do with that. I was a D before kids and still am. I nursed both kids and my ramparts are still nice & firm & perky. Everyone I show 'em to says so(just kidding). On the other hand, I have a friend who is a B with no kids, only 2 years older than me and she looks deflated, IYKWIM. I think a lot of it just has to do with genetics. Remind me to thank my mom.

um...whatever did you think I meant, CH??

*whistles innocently*

you know I've got a sweet tooth...

ec!! cheese and chocolates too! yummmo!!!

Somebody hand blurkie a bib. He's drooling again.

Q: whats better than roses on your piano?

A: Tulips on your organ

I'd go to Holland for the tulips

Snork @ CH's 12:26

I love it when someone manages to quote Firefly.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....D cups


Since all the boys are on their way to Holland, looks like it's just us girls.
Hey, casey (the roofer), B cups aren't always deflated. Maybe posture or genetics? Sorry, but I gotta stand up for my size!

And BTW, I have never ever had any complaints about my D's being more than a handful...

Hey, nobody's complaining -- just standing up for the more-efficiently-endowed around here.

One of my favorite lines, JoG. Missed seeing that show when it was airing; never even heard about it until it was too late. :-( However, I do have it all on DVD now.

Thank you, CH.

ec - maybe you couldn't hear them complain because they were suffocating. ;)

Annie, not putting Bs down (har), just saying I don't think size has to do with shape, more of a genetics thing, IMHO.

Gotcha, Casey. Guess we don't have to settle this argument by mud wrestling after all.

Well Annie, most seem quite able to verbalize. So, I don't think they were gasping for air...

casey, i have to go along with the genetics, although in my case in reverse. my mom had D cups before she had me and now is flat as a board. she swears that i stole her boobs!

I personally think that we ought to have some impartial judging to settle it.

blurk, DPS, ya with me? Where should the pictures be posted?

Oh, and Annie, your roofing comment reminded me: I'm very excited about Christmas, I think I got a skill saw from my folks...plus I purchased a new drill a few weeks ago that I haven't used yet (need to get a drill bit set)...I have a few home repair projects I'd like to do during the holiday vacation. WooHoo! I'll strap my Ds down with duct tape so they don't get in my way! I love playing handi-woman!

ec - I have big hands.
As Mrs. Dread's D's will attest to.

I find this story somewhat confusing... a few illustrations would have been sooo helpful :)

Funny, I love playing handy-woman, too! Oh, wait, you don't mean as an instrument, but as an avocation, eh...?

I believe Punkin is the expert in this area. Care to weigh in Punkin?

Thank you, DPS.

*goes off to the "B" corner*

I'll stay away from the mud wrestling with the D gals...I don't wanna get hurt!

mrs. stuffin had no breasts at all when i married her (a fact i'm sure will earn me brownie points in heaven) after three kids and 20 years of marraige she has two lovely little handfuls that have the bounce and graceful curves of a 20 year old....

(stairs dreamily into the distance resting chin on hand)

(elbow slips, forehead bounces off desk)

"what happened?"

CH, impartial judging is definitely called for.

After the ladies finish mud wrestling.

*pulls up ringside seat*

there was a story on the blog a while ago about how dutch men and women were now the tallest in europe...glad to see the ramparts are keeping pace!

for the gifts of the dutch we give thanks
for rembrandts, van goghs and anne franks
but taken together, hands
ramparts and 'nether'lands
are what really will draw in the Yanks!

casey - cool! Last year I got a new cordless power tool combo - sander, saw, etc. I'm refinishing my front door next week!

Awright Annie, you are making me jealous....maybe we should rassle?

wait - i didn't say i'd wrestle no girl!

I don't do mud...
(not as in "mudstuffin" but rather as in clay/dirt mixed with water)

insom - "there was a story on the blog a while ago about how dutch men and women were now the tallest in europe..."

-that measurement was taken when they were lying down. That might help explain this story.

*goes off to find a dutchman to make me 'fly.'*

casey - I love girls in tool belts.

DPS, where exactly is the tool belt in that photo?

Binford never looked better.

Pictures for judging can be posted lots of places.

Video of mud wrestling goes on YouTube.

And for anyone who "don't do mud", we have Jell-o available.

Weren't the guys supposed to be on the bus to Holland?

Much more acceptable, but will need to have someone help lick it off. Line forms to the right, fellas.

Those scientists from Holland (the Hollandaisse?) are big into hands on research!

Alright - there was no tool belt in that first picture, but there were tools on the pegboard.

Okay, I got the 200-lb sack of lime jello poured into the pool - who's first in?

*gets on queue for Jell-o cleanup

Nice drill.

I'm a very busy man. However, I will sacrifice some of my valuable time to referee the blog beauties' nekkid mud and/or jello rasslin'.

For free.

Ohhhhh, thanks again for the clarification, DPS. You being a guy of the male gender, I guess we can overlook the technicality. Tee-hee-hee.

I was not going to comment any more on this thread but I just have to say:

Lime jello is my FAVORITE!

Busy, my @ass. Then, why are you holding ticket #1 from the next-in-line service dispenser?!!!

Delete additional "a."

NEXT in line.
After me.

I was gonna say the only mud I do is in my face...but that would not sound good.

That ticket??!!

I thought that was for the art show/charity auction.

*blinks eyes all innocent like*

AND I was going to say..jello is for eating...but again...


blurk, you're a bit slippery ..what with all the drool...sheesh!

You fell asleep for a moment there.

Blurk, okay, I get your reference. I'll back off.

Huh? Back off?

You're expected in the ring in 2 minutes.

sorry, ec...had a stoopid client over here...

I came back and there's tons of jello all over the place...that's why I was confuzzled.

Shhh blurk. Not so darned loud. You want my boss to hear?!!!!


I just did the calculations to figure out how much lime jello powder it would take to fill an olympic-sized pool, and the answer I got was 495 tons.

Check my math, willya? Lime jello typically comes in a 3-ounce packet, and takes 2 cups of water. Olympic-sized pool holds approximately 660,250 gallons of water; this works out to 10,564,000 cups. Erk! Divide by 2 to figure out how many 3-ounce packets of lime jello are needed, and you get 5,282,000. This is 15,846,000 ounces of lime jello powder, or 990,375 pounds, or 495 tons 375 pounds.

Take-home lesson: if you seek to be a serious practical joker, bring a big budget and a dump truck.

um...I'll take your word for it, CH.

Is lime a good flavor for everyone?

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