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December 21, 2006



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It's probably the ONLY thing the United Nations would be good at. Sorry. Need more coffee and gumballs.

OMG, penises have gone metric??!

Experts and experienced Japanese women are coming...

Must be international orgasm day, no?

Siouxie - no. That's tomorrow.

Boy, I um er Well I had something to write, but I think I'll pass.

White American men were my biggest disappointment... .
I'm more than a little offended by that comment!

White American men were my biggest disappointment. I can see why the survey ranked their size below the Japanese. They don't try anything new and barely do any foreplay. They just go through the motions, but then scream out like mad while they're doing it. They'd have to be regarded as pretty useless at sex.

Mrs. Dread would so totally disagree with this assessment of one White American man.

The French have got an inordinate interest in anal sex.

That's because their leaders keep their heads there!

And I think that it's safe to say that Ms Shimako Iwai is just a it of slut, too if she's slept with that many men.
And in January, she'll be coming out with the elf findings.

Ms Shimako Iwai is probably one of them American celebrities in disguise.

Perhaps while the United Nations checks into this, they could also verify European breast sizes?

ohhhh...I'll try to remember that, Chris...thanks!

(about the orgasm day...not Mrs. Dread's assessments). (which I'm sure are well deserved).

Favorite lines: Africans also have incredible stamina and endurance. No wonder they always win those marathons."

To Jon re: his comment on French politicians...

Now, now! Some of us live here -- there -- I mean, some of us, well, er, one of us here lives in France and doesn't think the French politicans have had their heads anywhere that other politicians in other countries haven't. ;-)

Anybody follow all that? Nevermind...must be time for a coffee and a DELICIOUS FRENCH PASTRY!!!


not to discuss past history, but the Japanese were lying through their teeth. i'm sorry to have to say that but, come on, having to part the hair to find it is NOT larger than the average American male. i will not go into all of the gory details, but no way will I ever believe that.


Penises & coffee. Does it get any better?

Don't you start with the french pastries again, Amer!!NOT FAIR!!

Siouxie - I heard about it on the radio this morning, but my work firewall is protecting me from searching on the term 'orgasm'. Could you possibly find me a link, please?

Lemme try, Chris....

and casey?? it does get better...a simul!! wooo hoooo!!


Sorry, but the pastry store is right next door and I can hear the chockies calling.

Meanwhile, if I ever stop eating pastries, I could ask around to see what folks around here have to say about French men and report back....

Scuse me while I go smoke now....

Come Together For Peace

I found this, Chris...so yep...tomorrow!!

Siouxie - YOU ROCK!!

Strappy Sandals and chocolate for your efforts.

Yeah, I knew about tomorrow's holiday, the Beatles told me about it:

here come old flat top
he come groovin up slowly
he got, googoo eyeball
he want a holy roller
he got hair down to his knees
got to be a joker
he just do what he please

come together, right now, over me

Proudly displayed in this article is a picture of the new 2007 commemorative Mah Jong tile, "Happy Long Dong Bell."

Think the French men are trying to over compensate for something? Like loosing wars?

My memories are struggling to breath from all the chest hair that kept hitting me ...

Memory loss from chest hair? Interesting....

ooooooooooo my favorites!!! Thanks, Chris!!

*goes off to get ready for world peace*

Not too sure about the whole hot coffee & penises deal, Casey... sounds a just a bit dangerous to me!

Somehow, this thread just doesn't measure up for me.

Does it give anyone else the willies?

Snork at Pirate!

Aww, Jon, don't be such a chicken! Where's your sense of adventure, huh? Haven't you ever heard "no pain, no gain"?

For those of you with digital cameras:


This is a free site which allows you to upload a 1mb .jpg picture, and turns you into a dancing elf
You can then mail that picture, or post the link to it.

Very cute. Way off-topic, but cute.

Mmmm... pastries.....

Huh? Uh, no, I don't know what happened to that pie.

BTW Jon, are you French or Italian? Why am I asking? Well, er, um, no reason really, just curious....

CH?? got caught with your streudel in the pie again??

I measured and I'm well beyond 16 millimeters. I must be a stud.

What? Centimeters? Oh, never mind.......

Next to tha penis article was this:


(I don't know html.)

I'm a good Scotsman, Casey (and I had to get the extra long kilt, if ya know what I mean.

Sorry that I was late to this string (was in a meeting), but.. um.. where do I sign up to help with the research?

My favorite web-comic, xkcd, has a good cartoon on this issue:

OMG Jon, thanks for that visual, scuse me while I tie a bib around my neck...gotta protect the keyboard ya know.

ROFL @ Casey!
They say a picture is worth 1000 dribbles of drool, Casey...

*hops on a plane to Scottishland*

Land of the Loch Ness monster...

coinkidink?? I think not!

Sx, back off girl, I'll fight for that one!

Siouxie, I'm right there with you. Pick me up on your way to MIA!

*checks to ensure that flight not stopping in LHR - don't want no foggy delays*

Ladies (and I use this term losely), there are plenty of loch ness monsters um...Scotsmen for all of us!

throws an extra "o" to s.

Siouxie, how many do ya' think? Hm-m-m-m, can we stop at Walgreen's on the way to the airport. I think we're gonna need more, um... party hats.

whoops...thanks for the 'o'!

yay...party hats!!!

glow in the dark?? extra ribbed?? uh..supersized??

Checks my prescription to see how many refills are left on the "entertainment" helpers...

fa-lavored, too?

You ladies could drive a guy to.. uh, take the afternoon off!

yummmmy...flavored party hats!

you started it jon the scot!

Ooh, a multi-tasker: driving & taking off!

"Taking off"
Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Yeah, but wait a minute & it'll change.

"As experienced in penmanship as penismanship"?


Anyhow, can anybody help a poor American sap out with all these centimeters? I read it as inches for a sec and was SCARED of the French.

(Incidentally, FRENCH PRIDE!)


Somebody forgot to tell the French men that you don't measure from the heal of your foot to your forehead.

good one Brad!

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