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December 21, 2006


Be thankful you're not flying out of Heathrow.


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Or Denver.

*checks her contacts*

I thought it said frog.

I'm am thankful. I'm especially thankful for the crazy high temperatures we're having in New England.

Key Overlooked Quote: Queues snaked around Terminal 1 and the check-in desks today. Although the situation eased slightly by noon it was expected to get worse again as night falls ...

Queues in a Snake?!?

Love the comment to the story about Americans being "stupid." Danke, meine Freunde. Oh, wait, you still speak English in England, huh?

Sx: Frogs would make it a way better story. Although the byline would have to be Stephen King.

I'm thankful I don't have to fly out of anywhere this season, crazy temperatures hereabouts or not.

Dont worry, it's just a spring clean for the May Queen. That's what the song says.....if there's a buzzing in your Heathrow, don't be alarmed now....

"Mark Bullock, managing director of BAA Heathrow..." LOL Great name for a manager. HAAHAAHAAHAA

In Denver at the moment they're saying the passengers could be stranded until Christmas Eve. We're all home with plenty of beer, mead, and wine, and we're not planning on moving for days.

Glad to hear that you're well provisioned, artchick. What variety of mead are you stocking?

Mark Bullock. Indeed when he says you have to sacrifice yourself for the cause...

You know it'll be bad in England when the Chunnel closes because of frog... err .. fog.

Kibby, wouldn't the fact that there are French at the other end be a good enough reason to close the Chunnel any day?

What the heck are those pudding shaped chocolates that the staff are distributing? I wasn't aware that pudding had a shape.

CH-right now my particular fave is made from Catspaw honey-I like a slightly sweeter mead.

Anon, don't ask about British cooking. You'll only regret it.

who needs food...huh, artchick???


Anon- in England a Christmas pudding is a sort of steamed sponge cake with fruit in it and cooked in a deep bowl called a pudding basin. You pour brandy over the top and set it on fire (which is better than eating it, becuase the ones my dear old Mum used to make were actually kind of gross).

You'd think so Clean Hands. Too bad the English didn't have enough money to tunnel all the way to, say Switzerland?

English pudding isn't like ours.

Guiness beer was also one of the ingredients. She used to let it age for six months, but I guess the high alcohol content kept the mold at bay!

Not familiar with Catspaw honey -- is that a local varietal? (FWIW, you could probably get a sweeter mead with nearly any variety of honey, by adjusting the quantity of honey and the variety of yeast used.)

And the milk man used to deliver Christmas Puddings if you ordered in advance. They'd have a Holiday selection you could order and pay for in installments. Great for Pensioners.

Ahh, makes sense to give food with alcohol in it to grumpy people stranded at the airport for long periods :) I had a layover at heathrow for 8 hours once and that was painful enough, there is no comfortable places to sleep.

Okay, now we need the recipe, artchick. Anything made with Guinness deserves at least consideration.

"We're all home with plenty of beer, mead, and wine, and we're not planning on moving for days."

amen, sister. pass the cashews.

actually, i am at work today and tomorrow but then will be off for eight days (i know, i'm usually a little "off"). last night, while hanging with my kids (who are already out of school) i kept forgetting that i had to come into work today. i drank most of a bottle of wine and stayed up till 12:30 before i realized that i had better shag my yuletide a55 off to bed.

Found out what was causing all the fog at Heathrow.

Wasn't there something about fog in the bible reference to the end of the world?

"Currently figgy pudding is not a very popular snack"

And that is non-point of view.

Oh and no kibby F5, that was Lord of the Rings.

*wonders if Monica graduated cum laude*

CH-the Catspaw comes from a kind of cactus, a friend gave it to us and it's really nectar of the Gods. We also have another traditional mead, but it is sparkling and a bit drier, like Champagne, and we have the elderberry mead which is a lovely color, but very dry. Mr Artchick like using Cote Des Blancs yeast.
As for the Christmas pud recipe, I'd have to ask Mum-since I didn't like it I never bothered to make it myself.

Bible - Lord of the Rings, Man!

Keep getting my prophetic references mixed up!

Snork at siouxie! By the way, I sent you an e-mail.

got it, artchick....sent one back! awesome work too!!

I think that the non-operational resources at Heathrow should be looking to secure any seasonal decor, as the rampaging from travelers missing holiday could be epidemic..

"too much time on your hands at Heathrow? Why not floss?"

Anyone come up with an idea for a record breaking "something" all those Heathrow folks could do?

Worlds largest simultanious flossing?

The British think they're the Cat's Pajamas (or, as they say in Britain, "Le chapeau de mon evier") because they have frogs delaying their flights (possible related film: Frogs on a Plane), but anyone who's read Dave Barry Hits Below The Beltway knows that in Miami, our brave pilots fly even if thewy have been served coffee laced with heroin.

That, simply put, is why we are no longer colonies: superior Air Force.


(Incidentally, AMERICAN PRIDE!)

Frog is an English slang term for a frenchman, so if the Heathrow delays are caused by freezing frog, we have to blame the cold French again.

Don't worry about fog at Heathrow. If you live near the isle of sheppy uk worry about something bumping into the wreck of ss richard montgomery see clip from bbc tvcoast 8 program
http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com/download/movies/montbbccoast8.wmv (copy and paste into your browser)
or look at main site url
Its only a matter of time before it all goes bang!

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