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December 22, 2006


Snake rustlers.


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Am I first on a snake post?

Just for the record, I will never be concerned for the welfare of a missing snake.

Cat-Mud won't be far "behind."

Good morning, all. Welcome to ShyJan

waiting for the mudster...

um..ok...how special is specialist care??

Morning Wyo!!

she's really Shy huh?? LOL

great picture!

Hi Shy! Great pic.

morning Wyo, thanks for the picture of ShyJan. how are you coping with the move in the blizzard?

no snow here, ww, and the moving part don't happen 'till after the first. (but thanks for askin'.)

Hi Wyo - been missin' ya. Great photo of ShyJan - welcome!

Where's mud? I need a snake in the a$$ fix.

i got no patience for the lack of respect that i get from the community at large - but what did i expect? - to a man they ignoramous, a simple redneck how would they understand a relationship complex like a parrot and a pirate you know that's more than pet and master take a blind man's dog away and the results would be disaster-ous the subtleties of this friendship are harder to define like the sound of one hand clapping or the color of the moon-shine - like the mystery of japan expressed in jiggling boobs this esoterica is but a concealed living tube - with two eyes and tongue that flicks, no legs no wings no hair - it's nunna your b just who's with me beneath my underwear.

thank you mud, we've been waiting and it was worth the wait!
wyo-glad y'all didn't get snowed in like the Denver area. good luck with the move!

Clean and sober now for 79 days
I’ve mended fences and amended my ways
No longer the loner - my bitterness gone
I accept responsibility for what I have done

I know now a snake is not a life-ender
I no longer need those fortnight long benders
I accept my snake now as a part of my life
Even though it cost me a career and a wife

To keep myself strong, and to keep myself sane
And when the night voices call out my name
I call a time-out, quit playing the blame-game
And I accept myself and it, casting out the shame

So if you see me coming, no need to turn aside
Let the little kids stare too, it won’t hurt my pride
For the narrow path I’ve found and on it I will stride
And one day at a time continue - serial homicide.

(Sorry for the poetry overload - a little slow at "work" today. This one was written last week or so - i forgot about it til just now)

mud, you scare the hell out of me sometimes.

Mud, you are awesome.

Mud, this one's nothing short of terrifyingly good. Emphasis on the terrifying. :-)

Bocken Update

The goat still stands, unscathed. You can't tell me that one pitiful attempt, yielding nothing more than a smutsig ribbon, is all that the Swedes have in them. I'm starting to lose hope here, and fear that the bocken may actually survive through to Jul.

Steal a snake? A SNAKE????

Maybe it's not missing. Maybe it's just a hidden snake.

By the way, are French snakes longer?

(I think I have been paying way too much attention to the blog the last couple of days.)

They probably just put the snake in their trousers.

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