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December 18, 2006


And there aren't even any pictures, so we definitely aren't going to blog this.

(Thanks anyway to John Regan)


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No pix ... dang, I hate it when that happ ... um ... nevermind ...

I'm ok with it, as long as no one writes a vapid song about the Scottish regiment's kiltless Christmas.

i'm willing to stand guard with the kiltless while their brethren are out doing whatever it is they do in those kilts.

And a new slogan is born - 'gung homo' -

"This stands in stark contrast to the gung-homovestoreplaceTrident nuclear weapons, with the expense of a new£25billionnuclearweapons system. Scotland's infantry deserves better than this," he added.

Capt. - obviously, Scotland's infantry is also without a spellchecker, or spellechequer.

Does that mean they're buck nekkid??

where do I sign up?

Annie, I think there's a great marketing opportunity here for "Gung Homo, a new Action Hero for The 21st Century."

Men in skirts. MmmmMmmmmMmmm!

Dear authorofthatarticle,

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. His name is Mr. Space Bar. He'd like to be your friend, too.

casey, and here's hoping for a windy day ;-)

Good Grief! I cannot believe that the British government has actually eliminated those famous regiments; they are some of the most decorated in the world. In Scotland, it would equivalent to selling off the Washington Monument.

*tuns humour switch back on as he exits*

Is this some kind of joke? There were two Scotsmen sharing a kilt who went into a bar... And for the life of me, I cannot come up with a decent (or indecent) punchline...

Its a good thing I don't know how to link, 'cause I'd really get in trouble! (Warning DO NOT SHOW TO MARY'S KIDS!). It was a photo called All The Queen's Men, or something, with the Queen and a bunch of guy's in kilts.

foggiest - I remember that shot. One of the kilted wonders was legs akimbo sans underthings.

Kathybear ... yes, it's a joke, but I can't remember the punchline either ... sorry ...

"It's either a monkey ... or someone from Fingal ..."

um ... nope ...

"Well, wha' did ye expect to stir it with? My ... " ... NO ...

"Only Mrs. McLean's bum ... 'tis a beautiful thing itself ... but not worth a dom in a fight ..."

nope ... um ...

"Well, how's his eyesight? He has na ears ta hang glasses on!"

... no, I don't think so ...

"Would ye mind, Bobby, if I passed it thro ma kidneys once, before I did it ..."

... doesn't quite seem right ...

I give up ... mebbe later ...

True story - I met some of my best friends in life because of a shared kilt!

*is happy to let others make up their own jokes*

KDF, what a coincidence...so did I!

Kilt 'em, eh?

(Naw, dang near rectum, tho ...)

*hugs southerngirl*


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