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December 31, 2006


Now they're using toilets.


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Toilets with a hand-break?

So, who was driving?

Makes me think of that Japanese video we saw a while back, where people went into the public toilet and it turned into a motor scooter.


... um ... LBFF ... that'd be so that a person can slow down ... um ... certain ... um ... procedural functions ... um ... so as to ... um ... enjoy? ... 'em more ... um ... merely ... um ... sayin' ...


Din't mean to intrude upon your Hat Trick, LBFF ...

It counts tho, 'cuz your half of our simul is ... um ... prior to mine ...

I'm still counting it OtU ;-)

Is your outhouse running?

Talk about bowel movement!!!


LBFF: Sorry, didn't notice your previous post.

Okay, now I've got one:

Since they're on wheels, have handbrakes and are British, I'm assuming these toilets also come with an oil leak (owners of MGs or Triumphs will laugh here).

*snork* @ lairbo (and twisted minds...and all that...)

The Traveling Turds might BAGNF something.

Then again, maybe not.

The blog's tagline — Now they're using toilets — led me to believe that Osama had installed new low flow toilets in his cave!

This is an example of what closes toilets.
In my experience, it's Bob from Accounting that closes toilets... . He really needs to lay off the Indian food!

Har! snorks to jon

The toilets punched a hole in a brick wall but weren't damaged? What on earth were they make of? Titanium?

"This is an example of what closes toilets."

There is a handbrake? All that nagging gone to waste - I only had to release the brake.

Swami suggests: Loo's parked at the bottom of the hill will remain in place in the event of a loosened brake. Or was that hand break?


Thank you very much

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