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December 29, 2006


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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A posting!

And first, too? Haha!

Did they ask for the beer back first?

I'm not sure what the problem is. Was the beagle defective?

judi!!! you're alive!!!!

*cancels search and rescue mission*


You either have to love this guy or hate him...depending on your fondness of dogs and beer. I don't think a beagle would be worth much beer.

from what i remember about germany, they take their pets very seriously. this guy really needs my size 8, pointed toe, 6 inch heeled boot up his a$$. poor child, can you just imagine what a joy he is around the house.

I must NOT let my husband see this. If he thought he could get beer (or even a diet coke) for our dog, the dog would be history.

What a great guy. Personally I would of sold all of the kid's toys first saying this is what happens when you cry to much.

Beer for Beagle...now if they offered wine...

Here doggies...

Hi judi!!!! You missed a chance to go to the strip club drinking with Siouxie and Crossgirl.

But we're glad to have ya here. ;-)

wonders how much beer her two dogs, which are of german descent, are worth.

Was it a talking dog?

A dog walked into a bar...

Even better, though, the dog was returned to the owner, so this is reuseable currency!

sell snoopy's cousin
to daisy hill puppy farm
not oscar meyer

i'm guessing that he's
not a cute cuddly german
like hermann goering

now that is pitiful. he'll probably wanna watch saddam get hanged tomorro. some people is just e-vil.

how did i miss a chance to go drinking? siouxie knows my number.... she BETTER oughta have called me.

judi-Well, in that case...wait for me. I can be there in three hours if I drive fast! ;-) WooHoo Girls night out!

Beer4Beagles WBAGNFA Grunge Band

judi, I would have called you of course!!!

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