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December 29, 2006


It hits when you realize you didn't find what you really wanted under the tree.

(Thanks to Douglas Seeley)


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First to vomit

I hate it when those fish get testy! (first?)

great when mixed with grey goose and cranberry juice.

"Warm to room temperature before opening"... I'd hate to find out why.

Someone has to say it:
"It takes a lot of balls to sell something like that."

wicked, is that a vodka testini?

Drat! I gotta stop using IE7 huh... :(

OT: We've been regaled (p.i'd) for a couple of days with headlines about how "Prince Harry will Serve in Iraq." Well, it seems he's been carrying this manuscript around which we've finally been able to translate from Brit English to American... Turns out it's a cookbook.

Hammie and you've got 'em.

judi, linky not worky

Could get messy if served with caviar...

Fish Testes.. GNFARB?

And of course, the snack food variant, "Fish Tasties"...

the perfect sockeye stuffer...

These would go great with the Fish Dicks they used to serve at my grade school cafeteria every Friday.

*snork* @ Lairbo

$19.86 for 10mg of fish testes DNA? Criminal. I wouldn't pay a cent over $14.93.

*snork* @ insom

I got nuthin...

But for those of you still using IE... Run away now! Get Firefox. Seriously. It's free. It's fast. And it doesn't have IE's glitches or security problems. Of course, if you are on a Mac, you already have Safari, which also rocks.


I gnu that ...

Firefox is great. I use that, too.

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