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December 22, 2006



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The Hottie and The Nottie?

Wait..what kind of movie is this?

I don't know what Joan is watching but no one can utter the words "Jessica," or "Paris" in the same sentence with "intellectual" without having their throats close like a sphincter.

OK, who taught Paris how to read a script? She was much less dangerous not knowing.

Hopefully they taught her that the "stage direction" were her best lines.

If I was the teacher I'd give her the assignment of "acting like a demure young lady". It would be fun to watch her brain explode.

She'll be perfect for "Paris does Dallas"

Sioux, you took the words right outa my mouth.

Ewwwwww, I can't believe I associated my mouth with a Paris thread! Pass the Listerine Mr. Clean.

Hiya Wyo!!!
May I suugest the new extra strength Clorox instead. You can use the Mr.Clean as a chaser.

Wyo...you know what they say about great minds...

However, it should be noted that she does have other film credits, which were MUCH more widely seen than the " House Of Wax" of "Zoolander."

Switch a "r" for the "f."

Zoolander was kinda funny (saw it several years ago) but now that I know she's in it, its on the boycott forever list.

Her other film is already on my boycott forever list. Spooky damn raccoon eyes in the nightvision glow...

I don't think Joan Rivers sounded too harsh!

Seriously -- intellectuals? I've been out of the States a long time and I know things have changed, but please tell me NO!!!

It has been a long time since I have laughed at or even agreed with Joan Rivers.

Darn, part didnt take. I also typed that today I did both.

I laugh at Joan Rivers all the time, just not with her.

I didn't know she could read!

Artchick, you might want to check out House of Wax, wherein her brain actually does explode. Not that I've seen it.

Wonders what gave her the impression that a film entitled "The Hottie and the Nottie" would require, or benefit from, acting?

Judging from the pic, I think she's hoping for "best brassiere in a supporting role."

Filming to begin soon in an underclothed location.

Is she some kind of android? Sometimes I think maybe the barbie people got together with the area 51 people and reverse engineered some kind of autonomous space bimbo, creating Paris.I am willing to bet she has superhuman strength and could twist a head off like a ketchup lid if she so wished it. There is just something otherworldly about her, like maybe there is some kind of alien parasite controlling her.There is just something not QUITE right with her. I think she would be perfect in another terminator film.

I think they've gotten roles as extras, filming at

this underclothed location.

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