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December 24, 2006



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and to you all too! went to friends for christmas dinner, and hopefully, i'll be hungry again by tomorrow!

Mornin' bloglits. I was on the road and not able to post yesterday (Cape Cod with the sister's family) but I was happy to read about everyone's wonderful day. I played NPR all night Christmas Eve and heard about JB at 5 am. First Frank Zappa, then Barry White, now JB. All my faves are gone. I only saw him once in concert and it was phenomenal. Thanks Stevie for the link to TAMI. THAT I'd like to see! My era.

Christmas Day at the sister's is a trip. 5 grandkids, 2 dogs, a parrot, and total madness. Now looking forward to FL next week. The Keys are calling . . .

And the bocken lives.

No, CG, you're not the only one working. *sigh*

Morning', Siouxie!

Okay, so for all those keeping track:

It's definitive - MIL-from-HELL is crazy. Not mean, or not JUST mean, but out of her gourd as well. After the "GTDM" (Great Thanksgiving Day Massacre), I was, of course, not going to get within 48 miles (which has been determined by my friends at MIT to be the minimun safe distance) of her or her home.

Hubby, being the sucker great humanitarian that he is, went up alone on Christmas Eve Day to bring her a gift and take her to lunch.

She sent back presents.

For me.

I think one of them is ticking.

I, of course, being not a hypocrite, refuse to accept them and will be sending them back. (Except for the fudge, which woulda gone bad anyway, so it had to be eaten, right? Right?)

She is either Cleopatra (the Queen of Denial), or just out of her mind. Or really, really smart and there is a box of anthrax body powder or something in the package.

Where is Jack Bauer on Christmas when you need him????

Oh - and the sister who wasn't speaking to me for three months just showed up last night. With no gifts. I gave her a hastily written card with a scratch ticket inside. She won $8 on it. Then drank 2 bottles of (my) wine. (I should have given her the anthrax powder)

And my brother-the-loafer had his car die on 95 on the way to my house last night, so my poor sucker samaritan of a hubby went out to rescue him. Luckily, it wasn't too much of a hassle, seeing as there were no presents for any of us that they had to bring back.

Other than that, it was a Holly Jolly Christmas for all!

Can't WAIT til the new year!

*off to use up the last of the Bailey's ™ in my coffee*

*waves Hi to all the pajammied-up bloglits!!*

*waves Hi and sends condolences to all the suited-up bloglits*

Punkin - How do you manage to have leftover Bailey's? Once I break twist the cap off, the bottle empties pretty quick.

Does it count as 'working' if I'm currently building all of the stuff that we all got that came SomeAssemblyRequired?

*joins the REALLY doesn't wanna be working today crowd*

Mornin' everyone.

Coffee, please.

*waves back at Punkin* you poor poor gal...send that fudge over HERE! it may be poisoned...ya know?? I'll volunteer to taste it for ya - being the good friend that I am.

Hi Hammie!!! Morning Chris the assembler (it does count).

Mornin' Dread, Blurk - nice to see ya.

*pours coffee for all*

Sorry, NOW the Bailey's is gone.

Dread, I hid the end of the Bailey's, while the locusts my relatives devoured the gin, wine, rum etc....

Morning blurk...cuban coffee?? I'm having cafe con leche there..it's guaranteed to keep you awake till New Year's.

Got any New Years plans, Siouxie? Anybody?

(I've been so focused on getting to December 26th, I haven't planned anything)

*takes the t outta there*

I am among the suited but the place is dead. I'm going on some gambling boat out of St. Pete for New Year's Eve. Whoopee!!! As long as the weather is better than yesterday's in FL, I'll be happy.

Please pass the coffee, Siouxie. Can't seem to wake up today.

No exciting plans here, Punkin...I usually have a get together for my friends here at my house. Whoever wants to come...brings something to eat and drink. We get smashed and sing along with the Kareoke machine my friend left here 2 New Years ago. It's always fun ;-)

*wishes I was at Siouxie's house*

oooh, oooh, i have new years plans! crossgirl has a date. vegas is tracking odds on my being stood up.

*seconds Punkin's wish*

Punkin, I'm taking the kids to First Night in Boston. We don't usually make it much past 7 PM, but the afternoon events are amazing, the parade is fun and at 15 bucks a button, you can't beat it.

*pours ubetcha a shot of cuban cafe*

Punkin, come on ova!! We usually have SOME guys here but for the most part it's a buncha drunken wimmin.

Unless, of course, you're close enough to Siouxie's house to get in on the abandoned karaoke machine action!

I have to clean my family room. I can't see the rug under all the presents. They're everywhere.

Nah. I'll just drink more coffee and hang out with you guys.

*remains in denial regarding the impending afternoon visit of relatives similar to Punkin's MIL*

'mornin all

LBFF reporting in, sipping Santa's White Christmas coffee and wearing regular pjs. My condolences to all who have to work today.

diver-Congrats on the new house. I hope they can solve your connectivity issues, so you can come back to us again. PS-I know what you mean about the bot. I was having the same problem last week, but it went away.

We don’t have big plans for NYE, just dinner with a few couples and then back to our friend’s house for the ball drop. Kind of a quiet evening really.

Hey, did you guys hear about our tornadoes on Christmas day? We had warm weather (ya know--perfect for Christmas $$$$$), then on Christmas day, we had torrential rain and tornado warnings. Santa's sleigh ended up in Toledo.

KDF - Meet you in Boston! (only 1 hour from me)

If we dress in shorts and sunglasses, and get really really drunk, we'll think we're in Miami w/ Siouxie!

it's a buncha drunken wimmin.

*changes new year plans*

Wyo - bring the lasso!

Hammie...everyone is welcomed!

cg - here's to hoping you DON'T get stood up. If you do, drive down and sing with us ;-)

Mornin' all!

I'm at work. Cup o' cocoa, pls.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Heat won; so, mine was fine.

(sheesh, it's only 10 am and I'm already indulging my "getting hog-tied by a cowboy" fantasies!)

Punkin, I knew you were somewhere nearby, but didn't know exactly how far. Boston's about an hour for me, too.

I'm likin' the shorts and shades idea.

Mornin' Wyo! come on and sing with us..if you can call what we do 'singing'...we all sound like crap but we're drunk so who the heck cares???

Lisa I saw the damage from the tornadoes...YIKES!!!

Morning ec!!!

I LOVED your Christmas card with Antoine!!! wooo hooo!!!

Good morning everyone. I haven't posted much for awhile so I hope you don't think I'm too forward just jumping right in. I've been blurking for ages so I feel like I know you all!

My Xmas went really well. My daughter got a karaoke machine but she doesn't know any of the songs so she just makes up the melody as she goes along. (Pretty much what I sound like when I sing.) She's having a blast!!

I know what you mean about cleaning KDF. My living room is a disaster. I keep looking at it and thinking "I have to clean up". Then I pour another drink and wander off.

Siouxie-It was bad in some places. I thought, serves us right for wishing for snow. ;-}

So Sioux, what's your favorite kareoke song?

Hi zoodle. I'm stuck in the cleaning rut too. I'm ignoring it for a while. I feel like I've been running non-stop for two weeks. Today is my crash day.

Morning Zoodle!! Feel free to jump in anytime! We barely know what we're talking about half the time or what the topic is...so it helps with our ADD. We can be deep into a certain topic and ...oh LOOK shiny!!!

Lisa, I like my disco songs ;-) I have bought many cd's with all kinds of music. I suck at them equally.

I cleaned as soon as the last parasite relative left last night. (Including vacuuming) I just had to feel "clean" again. I also showered and de-loused.

Hi, Zoodle.

New Year's Resolution: Read more of the great thinkers.

I'll start here as Dave hasn't come out with a new book for several weeks now.

thanks siouxie! stood up or not, i'll be at the house of blues for sister hazel. yeah, i'm sure to be singing along. wonder if i can get them to flash the words on a screen as they play.

Siouxie-That's the fun of it. If someone is good, it ruins everything.

punkin-I'm envious. (of the clean house, not the relatives)

Wyo-I love Deep Thoughts!!

Good morning all! I'm among the screwing off at work again suited up and working today, AND I have no coffee, having failed to set it up last night. :-( Looks like it's instant coffee hell for me this morning.

I am bitterly disappointed to report that the bocken still stands, and doesn't even appear to be smutsig.

Christmas was excellent this year - we did manage to get our hands on a Wii for Mrs. H. and little H, which is just as amazing a system as the reviews say it is.

Christmas Eve, we travelled up to visit wayward eldest daughter at her boyfriend's house. Sure, she's 18 and can make her own mistakes decisions, but I just wish she'd at least listen to us a little. Sometimes. Once in a while. <sigh>

Off to Amazon and eBay for the items I really really wished for, but which I didn't get. :-)

CH, all you can do is love them, help them when asked, and always keep bail money handy.

Morning CH!!

Sometimes you have to let them make those mistakes decisions and hope for the best.

*sends over some cuban coffee to keep you up and blogging*

oh and I know...that dang boken!

Ok, I went with the pumpkin pie for breakfast. Decided to save the chocolate cream pie for lunch.

Hi CH-Sorry 'bout the bocken. I know that was on your list.

LOL @ Punkin!

We had bacon & eggs for breakfast but, I drank coffee from my "Gimme some Chocolate and nobody gets hurt!" mug.

Daughter is off to her Dad's today at noon. My big plan for the day: I shall be sleeping at 12:02.

I love Boxing Day.

Punkin, I can offer you Blueberry pie (made by me). Unfortunately, the apple pie absconded with my daughter last night.

Punkin, you just reminded me that I walked right by four three and a half pumpkin pies this morning, and totally forgot about them! *sob*

Clearly, not setting my coffee up last night messed up my whole morning.

Thanks for the café cubano, Siouxie!

...and thanks to everyone for the bolstering regarding wayward eldest daughter.

Mornin' All! I too am in my christmas pj's and slacking off amidst the piles of booty.

Sioux - sounds like a blast.
Punkin' - Good news. The holidays are over. The psychos and leaches have gone back to their cuckoo's nest.
Mud - Where is the old ipod? Text it to me, as I am technologically deprived.
CH - I am sure the teenagers mistakes will be limited, as she surely has learned volumes from her brilliant bloglit parents.

The rest of ya'll stop cleaning. You are making me look bad.

The rest of ya'll stop cleaning.

Zoodle, i spent Christmas day doing the 16 hours of sleep. had to work today so i made up for it yesterday.

Mmmm - instant coffee crystals are CRUNCHY! Oh, wait, that was the jar...

CH - email me your fax # and I'll send over pie & real coffee!

texts ch some coffee jello.

*Takes one of the cleaning comments back*

When someone is surprised, they will say this. It is used by mostly teens who have lack of grasping of maturity, much like the word emo. You will rarely hear, nor see this used by an adult, due to the fact this is a word for kids.

Was I the only geezer who noticed diver's definition?

Would that it worked that way, Punkin. :-) CG, do you have the recipe for that jello handy? I might have to try that myself...

I'll merely echo whut some others said about waywardly-thinkin' (?) kids ... train 'em up, turn 'em loose, hope for ... somethin' adequately decent ... in your life ... someday (trust me on this, it will happen) they'll begin to see that you weren't totally stoopid, and they might even come back to you for "advice" ...

You've done whut you could, mebbe it could've been better, but it wuz the best you had available at the time ...

Plus ... if/when they bless you with grandkids, you now have your opportunity for revenge retribution smugness/schadenfreude as you spoil the kiddies and fill 'em fulla sugar, before you hand 'em back ...

OtheU, you seem to have the right attitude...I definitely plan to do just that when the time comes!

Med, I had never heard of the wtfbbq till I started blogging here..I just say WTF ;-)

Should I wake my teens up??? They want me to take them shopping ...my niece too. I am NUTS???

ok..don't answer.

siouxie- I'm awake- take ME shopping!

I'm in a better mood today because Mean Grandma is at Mom's house. She sure can cook, though. I'm still full from yesterday.

Male docling wanted to go see Eragon, but female wanted to see Charlotte's Web. I wanted to see both, since I like a good dragon movie as much as anyone else. So they bickered enough that we missed CW and went to see Eragon- what a shame! I could totally see the pitch-*spoiler alert* "It's like Star Wars (kid living with uncle who dies, forcing him to take up with old skilled neighbor guy, rescues princess, blah, blah, blah) meets Lord of the Rings (epic with good guys with magic vs bad ugly guys that need baths, except that John Malkovitch actually says the line "I suffer without my stone, and I do not like to suffer." without cracking a smile.)"

I am personally looking forward to Some Pig.

ddd - I, personally, always sorta liked it when Charlotte spelled "Radiant" ... and then Wilbur tried to look "radiant" ...

(Sorry ... it's been a looooooooooooooooong time since I read it ... I've obviously fergot some of the other good stuff ... altho White wuz always a favorite essayist, I've neglected that part of my reading time in the last several years ...)

... we also missed NE movies whilst amongst the grandkids ... a little short of time, tho CW was tops on the list ... I'll hafta try to catch it later ...

3D, I agree that the movie was wretched, but do give the books a shot -- MUCH, MUCH better than the film. That director should be taken out back and fed to the dragons.

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