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December 24, 2006



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Same to you and yours :)

My first "first," what a nice present! Oooh with luck like this, maybe I can catch a glimpse of Santa... okay better have some coffee w/nog to stay awake and light the yule blog to keep warm...

merry christmas, judi and dave!

Best to the blog and all the blogits out there. May you have some time off 'til the New Year!

and a merry christmas to you too judi!
rushes off to bed so santa can come.
interpret that any way you want to!! ho ho ho

Indeed, a very very Merry Christmas to judi, and Dave, and all the bloglits!

I'm happy to report I had a very nice birthday today. And now I'm going to settle my brain for a long winter's nap :)

Merry Christmas to all from New Zealand..

*crawls under blog table with Christmas crackers and a vat of coffee*

Merry Christmas judi!

(Happy B'day Val)

Merry Christmes to all and to all "Go to bed!"

LBFF, you are the first post of Dec 25th!!!

Slightly after 11 here in Chicago. We had our meatless dinner cooked by hubby and opened our family gifts tonight. Now we're getting ready for Midnight Mass, and then off to bed to wait for Santa....

To everyone on the blog, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 8)

Dave, judi, blogits, Hunt staff, Hunt volunteers, Hunters, and the rest of you...and everyone who doesn't fit into those categories...I wish you the best during the holidays as well as in the upcoming year! 8)


Oops! I hadn't realized that we'd moved over to a new thread. This one is across the street from me. It really sums up the So. Cal. Christmas experience, right Annie, Eleanor and all you other So.Cal. Blogits?

Merry Doo-Wop Christmas to you too, Judi and Dave!


Merry Christmas judi, Dave and our wonderful blog family!!

Just came from midnight mass...ready to wait for Santa and the Three Kings.

Sleep tight everyone ;-)

Haven't commented for months; just blog browsing. Merry Christmas; Happy Whatever you celebrate!
Kindness is Everything!
Peace & Love ~

Merry Christmas and much love to all!

I'll be the first from the east coast to wish the blog, bloglits, and Judi-

Merry Christmas!!

Santa was a little cheap this year- bought a new house, so under-the-tree is pretty lean. I called Mom a few weeks back and told her I wasn't buying anything for her or anyone else in the non-nuclear family. She said that suited her fine- she wasn't gonna buy anything for me either, that she would buy anything she wanted and didn't need anything in particular anyway. I have had a very low-stress Christmas so far!

We went to the children's service at our church. Many of the participants in the manger scene were played by actual adults, but the manger must have been played by a shoebox, because Joeseph was so tall that you couldn't see his head. Jesus was played by a girl. The shepherds didn't have sticks, but they still wore bathrobes and tennis shoes. my favorite part was when they turned out the lights and we lit the little candles in plastic cups they gave us when we cane in. It was beautiful.

My favorite tradition that I have heard so far theis Christmas is one of the women that I work with says that she and her husband and her mom smuggle booze into the movies and "sit there all day watching movies, getting s***faced!" I told her we did that at my house too sometimes, but didn't bother to leave the house.

So here's hoping our new tradition- reading "Shepard, Angel and Walter, the Christmas miracle dog" (which I am surprised that no one has mentioned at all on the blog) and getting s*&faced... no - wait- not the last one- we can share with all the bloglits. And if your Christmas day has to end, I hope it is a good one.

OK, whichever one of you left Walter standing up in your chimney... I am gonna be sore for a week.

Much happy Chrismas to all! I have to go and get my wifes gift out of hiding and put under(or at least near) the tree. It counts as wrapping if you just put a bow on the shipping box, right?
Thanks to everyone especially judi and dave for making the blog a christmas magic kind of place all year long.


*wishes the kids would hurry up and get home*

Love to Judi, Dave, Ridley and their families!

Hubby got me a new (additional) camera! NOT a crapcam - a REALcam! This is a little Cannon to use on those occasions when my Nikon D70 is overkill.

I got him kitchen tools. (He likes to cook, and I like to eat, so it all works out!) I'll take pics of him cooking and post later.

Kids are arriving later today. Then the fun will REALLY begin!

Tell us all what you get!!



*waiting for my girls to wake UP!!!*

It's 9:42am and your girls haven't woken up, Siouxie??!

Jeez, what'd you do, drug 'em?!


Mary Christmas!

(Mine were done in record time with the gifts)

Good morning and Merry Christmas to all. I am up with "Miles", the kitten. No one else is stirring yet. Ms Jazzzz likes to sleep late. Mom-in-law still locked in her cage. (not really, we get along grandly. She is spending Christmas with us, and I'm glad) Spending my morning playing "Tiger Woods" golf. Like that's not what YOU'RE doing. Have a fun day all.

Merry Christmas, Andy!

We went to midnight mass last night and didn't get to bed til almost 2 am....so they're getting their sleep now. When they were little, they'd be up at the crack of dawn!! Teens like to sleep!!

*goes off to the kitchen to bang on pots and pans*

Alert.....James Brown died... A legend gone. God bless him and his family. *silent moment*

Losing James Brown dampens the spirit a bit. But we can also spend today celebrating his life along with our families.

And so...Merry Christmas Judi and family, Dave and family, and all the bloglits!

We've unwrapped our gifts already and the cats are enjoying the wrapping paper now (their gift). We'll probably spend the rest of the day eating in front of the tv, as it was a DVD heavy holiday.

*I guess he don't feel good no mo*

Sorry - it is a great loss... R.I.P. Godfather of Soul!!

*STILL waiting for my teens to wake the heck UP*

I'm having a hard time trying out my new sled in the pouring rain. Just the same, Merry Christmas All!

Papa's got a brand new gig, I guess....that man could put on a show like no other, before Michael Jackson or Prince or even Mick Jagger were scootin' around the stage, JB was layin' down the footsteps and style they were to follow in.

Anybody remember the T.A.M.I (Teen-Age Award Music International) Show? His performance in, with his then back-up group, the Fabulous (or was it Famous?) Flames, was beyond classic. (Here's a second link describing it, and JB's role in it.)

Yes, jazzz, I join you in a moment of silence.

r.i.p. mr. brown.

still waiting for kids to come home. sigh.

mom gave me a dewalt combination set for my drill so i don't have to keep switching drivers and drillers. sister gave me a dremel tool. it is truly a happy happy christmas so far. turkey in the oven, mom peeling potatos. nice to see everyone touching base. make me feel like all's right in the world!

Hello and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it (and a Happy Day Off to those that don't).

Siouxie, I hear ya. It's almost 7:30 here and the teenagers aren't stirring. Jazzzz, I'm not playing Tiger Woods Golf, I'm readin' the blog and playing with some pictures that I'm going to upload to my Flickr.com account.

CG hit the Mother Load!! DeWalt and Dremmel.....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool

Speaking of So.Cal. Xmas experiences, here's my favorite (ok, so it didn't happen in SoCal, but still). I was at a Club Med in Mexico over winter break, one of their so-called family villages with lots of kids running around. On Xmas day they announced all the kids should gather on the beach for Santa's arrival. (Yes, it was about 80 degrees and a perfect beach resort kind of day).

As everyone stood around in anticipation (actually dancing to some Euro-Carib pop was probably more like it), a speck appeared in the sky and a boat appeared half-way out to the horizon. As they both got bigger we realized it was Santa parasailing in!! It was a friggin' crack up, I tell ya!!

After a perfect landing on the beach, he gave gifts to all the kids. A very memorable Xmas it was.

Crossgirl, you're going to be doing some serious cross building with your new tools, right?

Having a mommy moment here. My kids shopped for their dad and me with their own money and their own ideas this year (I set them loose in a store and met up with them at the appointed time, which we extended - twice).

I received a lovely bracelet and hubby received a much-wanted computer game.

It's so bittersweet to watch them grow up. My youngest stil writes the Christmas Eve letter to Santa and sets out the milk and cookies for him, and the veggies for the reindeer. She will, I am sure, until she is 99 years old.

Today I am so blessed to have them, Mr. R., my mom, my MIL, and the big bunch we will carve the roast beast with (not at my house - yay!). I'm grateful hubby is off work today. Last year when he was working, the kids and I paid a visit to the local nursing home to share Christmas cards and candy canes. This year the kids asked if we could do it again, so hubby will join us this time.

All in all, this has been a very peaceful and low-stress holiday season -- wow. Awesome.

/end sappy mommy moment/

Thank you, Judi! And Happy Holidays to all the Blog family! Thanks for the laughs this year, y'all.

Christmas Update:

Finally woke up the zombie teens! We opened gifts and I got 2 new Dave Barry Books!!! I also CDs(Chris Daughtry, Keith Urban and the new Beatles "Love") I wanted and some girly scenty stuff and jewelry. They know their Mom!!!

We're off to my sister's now...

Marry Kiss-Mouse to all!

Cat, now that my kids are up and grown, and make more money than I do, I'm gettin' 'cited about openin' all those packages... It'll be noon most likely before everybody's up and around, though.

Siouxie (and Dave): Somehow, someone found out that Dave had a new book out called "The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog". I didn't know it was out! I mean, I read the blog all the time and I had no idea that Dave had a new book out! WOW!


Stay well, everybody. If I see any of you in my professional capacity tonight, I will be peeved. Off to bed (or would that be "to me a good night"?) now...

Merry Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS judi. That was great!

And Merry Christmas to all from beautiful

su.so.ca. :)

Love your SoCal Santa, Scott!

Merry Christmas all. and r.i.p. Godfather of Soul. I will be using my new digital camera to take pictures when I arrive in St Petersburg on Wednesday. I'm hoping to swim so I asked Santa for nice weather. Here in Northern Cal we are fogged in, so we have a white Christmas.

Hey, Eleanor, isn't your second link a picture from your penthouse suite?

Merry Christmas to you too Judi

Merry Chrustmas, All! I have my girls, the son and daughter-in-law, and the hubby piled up here at the house. Oh yeah, the grand-dogs, too! The Mr and I got new (fancypants) pots and pans, and my stocking was full of new utensils. WooHoo! Apparently, my yearlong addiction to FoodNetwork has paid off!. I have a prime rib roast in the oven, and a trifle in the fridge, and everyone's happy and laughing. An excellent Christmas!! I wish you all the same joy and peace we have today on our home-Bless you all!

Scott, if wishes were horses....;)

A-to-24......apparently, the steroids have caused shrinkage in the vital parts, as one hand covers all. We DDB manly bloglits must use hocky goal-tender mitts. Just sayin'

Wyo, I hadn't thought of that. So an investment in a good college in a few years will eventually pay off for Mom and Dad in excellent future Christmas bling? Sounds like a wonderful plan!

Ever since Walter's dapper picture was posted the other day, I was wondering...do you think we can convince Judi or Dave to send in a bio for Walter with one of his fancy pics for your Blogger roster? Walter looks so nice when he dresses up....

Merry, Merry Christmas to all! We finished the frenzy of opening gifts (books, chocolate, and diamond hoop earrings for me--yippee!), I fixed brunch, cleaned up, and now am embarking on Food: The Sequel. Turkey's going in the oven, potatoes will be peeled, stuffing will be stuffed, etc. My brother and sister-in-law are coming in this afternoon from Dallas to partake of Christmas dinner with us. Mom was here for presents, is back home resting, and we'll bring her back when it's turkey time. Busy, but fun! Thanks to Dave, Judi, and all you wonderful bloglits for helping to make all my days merry and bright!

'scuse me.

Merry Christmas, everyone! You are, as someone once said "The nicest group of people I've never met!"

The Nog Bar is officially open, and the first one is on me! (Hey, wipe that up!)


My house is also now turkey-scented, stuffing is made, smashed red potatoes are ready to be garlic-infused, grand marnier-soaked english trifle with cream and raspberries is in the fridge, family room is completely trashed (as it should be) and the kids will soon be exhausted as they've been up since five and eventually, adrenaline does wear off. I hope.

I'll skip the nog -- additives only, please. :)

Merry Christmas Dave, judi, Walter, all bloglits I've met, and all those I haven't!


Merry Christmas, Judi.

Jump Back, Jack. See you later Alligator. Good bye, James.

One More Thing...

And a Happy New Season of 24 to all and to all guard your thighs.

Woohoo! It's all over but the shouting! Dinner has been eaten, presents have been opened, company is gone! Now it's time for a nap. Then probably to a movie.

Hey, to Eleanor (and any others here in SoCal), my son is moving to Santa Clarita in January. He just turned 18. He doesn't know it, but he still needs a mom. Can I count on you as a surrogate? Thanks :)

Same to you, Judi (and ALL the rest of you bloglits) for everything this year...Can't wait for next!!!

I want more productivity enhancers.

KDF, that (meaning "[m]y house is also now turkey-scented, stuffing is made, smashed red potatoes are ready to be garlic-infused, grand marnier-soaked english trifle with cream and raspberries is in the fridge) sound utterly delicious.

(1) Did you cook? and

(2) Can you send any leftovers to my P.O. box?

Merry Christmas to Dave, Judi, Walter, Santa Claus who landed on Walter (SNORK to whoever posted that), and all bloglits everywhere, whether naughty or nice. I'm off to hit the stationary bike and work off some of Christmas Eve AND Christmas dinners. At the rate I ate, I should reach my goal somewhere around next Christmas.

God bless us every one!

OK ... glad that all yours sound as if they were mostly fun ... here's mine: (a copy of some of whut I put on prior thread, in case y'all don't go there, plus some details)

in re:

Costumes: Saw three bikers in Fargo yesterday, two wearin' Santa Suits and the other (leadin' the way) with deer antlers on his helmet ... missed the photo tho ...

Cookies: MB(RH?) made some with Raspberry Chocolate Chips ... mmmmmmm ...

"New" recipe for homemade Oreo-type cookies ... mmmmmmmmm ...

"New" mice around the house ... pix later, sorry, not downloaded yet ...

Grandpa/Granddaughter/Santa story:

Last nite, my daughter wuz doin' Elf duty (helpin' Santa, after the kids were asleep) and she found the note left by granddaughter #2 (who is nine years old) ... (and she's the one who leaves money for the tooth fairy, 'cuz other kids might need it ...)

"I'm sorry I can't leave you any milk. I couldn't find any. We're out. Thank you, Santa"

HOWever, she left him some cookies (of course) and a Fruit Drink box-type beverage ...

Mom found the milk, left him some, and then hadda compose the answerin' note ...

Which wuz printed by "someone else", so the letterin' wouldn't be too recognizable ...

At the end, it said " ... and be good for your Mom and Dad ..."

Nothin' like maintainin' the propaganda level, eh?

Yeah, it wuz a perty nice Christmas ...

Gift summary:

MB(RH?) got a Marquise cut half-carat ring, with guard ring havin' sapphires on either side ... this DID NOT COUNT for Christmas, however, 'cuz it wuz an Anniversary offerin' ... (since I wuz in SoCal on the actual day) ...

She also got another Sandicast™ Westie to add to her collection ... personalized UND Fighting Sioux coffee cup ... and some other stuff ...

OtU got a digital tire tester (from Santa) and combination screwdriver tool from grandkids, and a similar coffee cup ... oh, personal Santa gave him an iPod™ ... um ... new shirt ... um ... some books ... um ...

Yup ... perty much a good one ...


Not a Christmas gift, but a cousin sent me a book (written by him) ... WOW! Whut a writer! (Different genre than that of the BLOG, so not tryin' to compare ...) I wuz weepy (in the Prologue!!!) and LOL a few pages later ... published less than a month ago, title is Running the Seven Continents ... about his experiences in life, and doin' marathons on all seven major land masses of our home planet ... more of an "observation" than a "philosophy" ... It's been brightening my (few spare) moments since I got it ... I'd recommend it, if it din't sound like familial braggin' so much ...

Gettin' towards evening of Christmas day ... once again ... Merry Christmas to all ... Blog family, BSJ, all of y'all ...


I l-o-v-e to cook. Not the daily hotdogschickenstripstacosscrambled eggsmomIhatethat, I'mhavin'abowlof cereal stuff that my kids eat every day, but the all-out stuff? Yes. :)


(1) Yes.

(2) Come on over and get the leftovers out of my house, NOW, please! :)

kdf, a girl after my own heart! i love to cook and only have kids who don't care to eat decent food to serve. i've got a house full of leftovers you can have stevie. not only do my guys not eat much that isn't heavily frosted, they're leaving again tomorrow for their other house and it's just me and MOUNTAINS of food! ack!

leftovers all stuffed in the fridge, dishes done. wrappings and boxes garbage bagged up, presents strewn hither and yon, two boys in front of a new xbox game, one zonked out on the couch in his bucs sleeping bag while his chili peppers cd blasts away on the stereo. THIS is my favorite part of christmas. the all's as it should be part.

god bless us every one!
pass that nog please...

Amen to your "all's as it should be" part, CG ...

Ahhh, a good day, indeed. My son and DIL left for her folks' house in Arkasas after lunch, but not before they did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. Am I blessed or what?? The eldest daughter is meeting friends to compare loot lists (I assume), and the yougest is in her room playing Guitar Hero. The Mister is watching football, and I'm chillin' with the last half bottle of Rombauer merlot. Christmas 2006 is officially a sucess! Hope everyone else's is just as fab!

God Bless Us All!

We made it!!!!!

The relatives have left the building!!!!!!!!

Amazing how 365 days can make you forget what asses you're related to...


Must go lie down.....stomach too full...cannot bend...

Val, I'd be happy to help you out if I knew where Santa Clarita was!

Check with Annie-where-but-here, it may be in her neighborhood. :)

Yeah, it's sorta in Awbh's area ... north of LA along the 5 and/or the 14 (I think ... no map handy ... that's a bit east of Annie tho), before y'all get to Palmdale ...

Merry Christmas to every dang one of ya!

Punkin', thanks for cornering the crappy guest market and leaving the rest of us with bearable ones.

I am in the ancestral home of Calabash, NC, which was not on my way to my next destination [Mom: 'Please caravan across the state at 5 or more mph BELOW the speed limit to check out my computer'].

The town name may sound familiar to Blogeezers; think Jimmy Durante. Early in the last century there was a song that was also a marketing tool, 'Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina in the Morning'. The idea was to get on a train in New York and be in Myrtle Beach, SC, in the morning. As a young vaudeville performer, Durante couldn't afford to stay in Myrtle Beach, so he and others kind of camped in Calabash. A lady named Mrs. Beck ran a seafood house in Calabash and fed the vaudevillians out back at a picnic table. They grew close and she looked out for him, over the years. He was grateful and remembered her by always closing his shows with, "Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."

That's my warm Christmas story and I'm sticking to it!

okay so i bought my son a new ipod to replace his old ipod which was, i don't know, too small or something so he already has this ipod software on my pc so we plug in his new ipod to load some music on it and a window comes up that says that we gotta first upgrade to version 7.0 or newer on this ipod software which we can get for free on their website so we go to this website and this frikkin file is 35 megs which will take about 3 hours to download using my dial-up connection which won't work anyway cause my computer innevitably will decide that nothing is happening twenty minutes into the process and hang up on it so my question is if they are gonna give the software away and i just gave then a car payment for this device anyway why the hell didn't they just hand me a cd when i bought the ding dong device in the first place? WTFBBQ? where's my gumballs?

I think we are now up to the "and to all, a good night" part. At least here on the Right Coast.

I actually got the Marie Antoinette (?sp?) Pop-Off Head doll!! I so love my wife (who was very happy with the oyster spit I gave her).

And the Eagles won!!

*Pours a round of rum for anyone still here. Sets out Pum for anyone wishing to add a splash (or more).

*Also sets out bowl of gumballs for anyone who may need them.

CJ' - tnx 4 that story, I sorta knew it, but not quite all the details (picnic table out back, and all) ... BTW, do you recall the Vaudevillian who introduced Carolina in the Morning? Hint: Same guy that first introe'd Melancholy Baby, I think, if I dismember my trivia with some degree of accuracy ...

mud' -- Jeezely, I'm sorry ... about the iPod™ problems ... I plugged mine in, and had my entire music list downloaded in about 10 minutes ... of course I had the "new/current" version already on board, since I'd done the same deal with the Nano™ I gave to MB(RH?) last year ...

Val - yes, it's kinda near me. About 45 minutes to the northeast, depending upon traffic (which we are famous for down here). I'd be happy to threaten to look in on him once in a while and report back to you, perhaps publicly humiliate him on this blog, if it would help. ;)

Just finished hooking up the xbox360. Hey, punkin, I got a Yankee sweatshirt!!!

Don't forget to wish the animals a merry christmas. After all, they helped take care of the wee one - "Christ was born with Beth the hen..."

ipod....ipaid....i pissed off.

Can somebody PM me and tell me what WTFBBQ stands for? The kids are out for the evening, and this is killing me! Surely we aren't talking about actual barbecue?

yeah. bbq. w.t.f. bbq at that.

cj, in the first grade my best friend had a beagle name calabash. we found a duck egg once, probably in a duck's nest, and took it home and put it in her room under a this weird plastic poodle thing she had but it never hatched. sigh.

dpc, am jealous of your gift! what a great wife!

othu, i know nothing of ipods but i agree, that sucks. i'm busy trying to download the software that i bought the wrong disc of. from what i gather, he should be done with college by time it's done.

What does 'PM' mean - prime minister?
Ok, kidding - anyway - 'WTFBBQ' has an appended 'BBQ' to distract anyone who might be offended by plain ol' 'WTF.'
I like making up meanings for it, like:
-Watch that Fallopian, Big Boy Quentin!
-Where the Fat Boys Buy Quail
-What the Flock Brings Back Quack


Oh Annie- best I've felt all day!

Thanks, ddd - I live in my own world, but once in a while I'm allowed to have visitors. :^)

Ahhh. *settles into geezer bus* My 15 yr old smugly makes me swear no beatings will ensue, then tells me what all these things mean while grinning insanely in Amnesty Heaven. She'll be sorry she missed this opportunity. Thanks!

teenagers: our own walking urban dictionarys.

I just can't stand anymore of the d@mn good cheer and frikken good will towards men- I gotta go to bed.
*grabs gumball from DPS' bowl*
*pours a jigger from Pum® rum *
*Wonders if it is Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum® rum*

Hi all! Festivities are over. Whew!

I got some good stuff (earrings, watch etc). Oh, and a Dave Barry desk calendar. Yep, he's got one of those out too.

Annie-I like your alternate meanings.

diver-Where ya been? I was just getting ready to send out a posse for you.

kdf-That sounds scrumptious!

mud-I feel your pain. (Unfortunately, I'm no help at all w/that stuff.)

Well folks...it's over! Great day here. Bonded with my girls then with my girlfriends over "The Nativity"...pigged out on leftovers. Definitely

Well folks...it's over! Great day here. Bonded with my girls then with my girlfriends over "The Nativity"...pigged out on leftovers. Definitely a Merry Christmas! The best part of all is ...I am ON vacation!!!!

Sleep tight...

whoops...sorry for the double post...thought I didn't send that.

btw, mud...we've got the iPod, nano and now I got the iPod shuffle for myself. I have wireless so the new update s/w loaded pretty quickly.

*gumballs to you*

And, to quote Tiny Tim, "God bless us, every one."

Mornin' all!

LBFF- we moved into a new-ish house and have been having MAJOR issues with our DSL (some days we don't even have phone). I think I posted something a week or two ago, but now am semi- up-and-running.

The "Schmell-South" technician will be here later today to ensure that we no longer have "the internet" so I can't do any "work" from home.

I can't wait to find out what is gonna happen next!

and WTFBBQ is up with the robot? I have to pass a test with every post now and I didn't study! Did we get attacked by spammers?

better late than never...Merry Christmas....Chaz

am i the only one working...?

nana's coffee jello update: it was a resounding success! not sure what that says when that's your favorite gift but i'm so excited that she was excited. thanks to whoever sent the recipe link that assured me that you're supposed to put whipped cream on top.

Morning all. Back to work here also crossgirl. Well if you can call being at home in my jammies work...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas and so did we. Lot's of time with family and friends and two days of feasting (shrimp gumbo on Christmas Eve and lamb on Christmas Day).

Morning all!!

cg - I'm home...also in my christmassy jammies. Glad to hear your nana loved the jello.

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