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December 30, 2006


(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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"Straight from the manufacturing plant."


(Nice work, Annie!)

Wonder if they left Twinkies and Fritos our for that Santa.

YAY Annie!!

Like, way to go man!

Didn't the Doobie Brothers sing a song about China Grove?

"Authorities said the marijuana is worth more than $7,000 on the street. "

Mom then canceled her daughters' college plans and put her to work as a 'mule'.

*lurks over to EBay to see how that seller was rated*

My "Tickle Me Elmo" came with a French tickler.

She must have been a Verrrrry good girl.

*rechecks all gifts--just in case*

Sounds like attempted sabotage by the Barbie™ people.

YAY Annie for getting posted!

Yay, thanks, guys!

Eat your heart out, Barbie!

Never smoke pot when making important decisions.

just why was the kid taking the doll's head off. i think she knew what she had.

Mebbe the kid thot it wuz s'posed to be c*caine, and wanted a refund?

Naaaah, too easy ... I got nothin' ...

Maybe the husband bought it and when the wife opened it, she rewrapped it before he knew it had arrived. Merry Christmas, honey! Are you okay?!

Is that what they mean by a "brat pack?"

Congrats Annie!

The woman turned it in?!?!?!?
Clearly, she's not a blogit.
*eye roll*

$7,000? *am in the wrong line of work*

Another holiday, gone to pot?

I got nothin'.

The mother's a twit.

That is all.

The "Bratz" company might excel by having drugs found in its product.

But they may never over-take the "Anime" Doll Company with their "Naked Anime" cartoon advertising campaign.

A person could be stoned after buying their kid a Bratz doll.

But Anime is naked. And she has "specially augmented features."

You must give "Barbie" some credit. In 50 plus years she has never sunk to using drugs, or being naked- (with special augmented features) to help her sales.

Next year the girls want Santa to bring them brownies. And pizza. And, yeah, some chips or something, like, salty. And uh, what were we saying?

"Math is hard!!"

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