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December 20, 2006


If this were authentic, Santa would shoot the little girl in the thigh.

(Thanks to Steve the 24 Guy)


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First to not see it because my work hates You Tube.

*24th!* No wait--first!

Dang attack bot...

The payoff isn't worth it.

No wonder it's lame...it was professionally produced. *yawns while patting mouth with palm; returns to blog, where real creativity flourishes*

We need to put Steve on this.

That was pretty cute. The elf had that perfect "chloe" smirk!

On the next 24th: Santa Bauer tracks down the grinch who has been leaving dirty bombs in christmas stockings.

Get ready to hear complaints about no 24: Hannukah or 24: Kwanza or 24: Festivus.

yay Steve!!!

Yay Steve! 8) I see Dave has changed your title, too!

I had to see the whole thing before I realized Fox actually produced it.

I liked the split view of Santa eating that cookie too. :-)

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