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December 22, 2006


Land of Mystery

(Via Gizmodo)


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*calls whiplash attorney*
*adds link to favorites*

No time to register...I'm sure the video is mysterious...and very Japanese.

Trust me Siouxie - this video is more in blurk's line.

Websense didn't like this for some reason.

hm k, fiverrrrrrr...

I'll pass then ;-)

how udderly mysterious!

Are they trying to make cottage cheese?

Some sort of bizarre (is there any other sort?) Japanese game show that seemed to involve girls with implants competing to see who could shake them harder?

The link next to this vid, of the butt-wrestling, was much more straightforward, though I must admit that I caught myself wondering as I watched it if having a mudstuffin butt snake wouldn't be an advantage in this competition.

CH, do you think those were implants? I didnt think implants jiggled that much.

All Japanese game shows are like this. When I lived in Japan I used to flip through all the channels -- this is tame compared to some.

I just wonder (as I often do about bazoomage) how there was a 300 count different between left and right for the blue team.

sneaks back to make different difference.

casey , silicone (which I believe has a more natural heft and bounce to it) was only banned in the U.S. (and a delayed BOOOO to FDA Commissioner Kessler for that!); I don't know about Japan, and I'm quite certain that there are any number of clinics in countries in that region where silicone implants were available.

Is it just me, or does someone say "massiva tits" at the first of that?

And I knew I should have subscribed to digital cable.

Why thank you Clean for clearing that up for me. Having quite lovely natural jigglers, I am ignorant of the finer details of silicone vs. concrete or whatever the artificially enhanced crowds are using now.

Soooo, has Bill Clinton been hanging out with the Japanese??

While I'm not personally a fan of enhancement, I firmly believe that it's a matter of individual choice, and that Commissioner Kessler's moves were born out of not just an abundance of caution over the (now discredited) alleged health risks of medical silicone, but also out of a disapproval of women who choose enhancement. My (limited) knowledge of the subject derives from my opposition to Kessler's actions on strictly philosophical grounds.

Suddenly I'm in the mood for a milk shake.

But at least I understand why they're called the Nipponese.

So THAT's how Japan chooses its entry into the Miss Universe Pageant. Rosie ain't gonna like that one bit, but I don't think The Donald will mind at all.

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