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December 15, 2006


They're after the goat again.

(Thanks to Valerie)


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maybe somebody took offense to the ribbon

it's a bit smutty ya know

Actually, the ribbon is smutsig, which ought to have been translated as "dirty."

Clearly, getting this goat is a job for the Arachnideer Hunter®.

scenes from a marriage 2007

"oh, sven, stay home tonight and make love to me!"

"i can't, birgitta"

"but my equally swedish sister is coming over and she wants to join in"

"i'll be back late"

"it's that...that goat! isn't it? isn't it?
why won't you admit they've won this year?

"i can't let it survive. it really gets my...well, something, anyway."

"why can't we do something different, like have hot goaty s*x, on the goat cam?"

"dearest, this is sweden, that's not only legal, it's encouraged."

*snork* @ insom.

I'll bring the flares, you bring the goat.

i'm convinced it's the Goat Committee themselves just trying to drum up publicity.

Those side stories - "Kansas Dad Accused of Running Dryer With Kids Inside" - it doesn't say whether he was the dad of the kids in the dryer and I'm not interested in finding out....and "Gingerbread Nazi Display Moved to New Ohio Town on Hanukkah Eve". That just sounds evil.And this isn't a UK site either. But it's Fox. I guess that should be a tip-off....Sigh...

Maybe we can make a movie about this. How about the working title of Das Goat?


Pirate, I like it. Ethnic and tragic.

Den Goat. It is Swedish, after all.

and the answer to Dave's question is apparently "yes, there is nothing else to do in Sweden."

I think it's the Jolasveinarnir.

chairman of the goat commitee

What every young child of Sweden child aspires to

*yawn* This news is so yesterday! Dont Dave & Judi check Bocken Kamera 1 every 15 minutes like the rest of us crazies?

casey, that's what I was thinking...I mean didn't we already cover this ad naseum earlier today??? not that we don't obsess about this goat daily.

Hmm, guess not. Maybe they have a life.

Hey Sx, I'm waving wildly at you! Gettin ready to pop the cork on a bottle of vino....how bout you?

I'm ready casey!

*opens her Chardonnay wine in a box*

I'm real classy.

Hey Sio, don't you have a book to read? Nevermind; set it aside and watch this. What on earth happens @ 21:18:23? Oh, yeah, I see the obvious in the foreground, but what about the car? Everybody stops and looks to the right! Wild!

CJ!! I've left you a couple of posts.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THAN YOU for the book!!! I will read that one first. I got his latest one too. You and ec were pretty sneaky!!!

btw...have you learned to espell Hiaasen yet?? ;-P

Thbtbtbtbt! *goes to check email*

Can I say ROFL?
Thank you.
Too funny. I almost peed myself.
Danmed beer!

hey guys! i put the kitschy plastic candles in the windows and hung the hello kitty lights. that'll do me for a day or two. i feel so accomplished and festive. clinks beer bottle against casey's wine bottle and siouxie's wine box.

Ahem! *waves beer glass about for a clink*

'hello kitty lights'? Do any male members of your family know you are bringing those boys up with hello kitty lights?!

*wanders off with un-clinked beer glass, shaking his head*

crossgirl! you have earned yourself a well deserved break from decorating!


(wine box can't clink)

*wipes face, goes to refill beer glass after it was 'boxed'*

Sio, enjoy. I wish I could have found a hardcover, but Tourist Season is Hiaasen, at the very beginning. You would have known what to do with that raccoon, had you finished Tourist Season!

oh, oh!! i love tourist season. vintage hiassen!

sadly cj, there are precious few male members in my clan so i'm fre to do whatever i want with my guys. they are very comfortable with their feminine side. basically, they are doomed. it will probably encourage you to know though that the middle one asked me very nicely the other day to not wear my hello kitty jammies when his friends sleep over. sigh.


CJ, I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

crossgirl, I embarass mine when I drive them to the metro station in my teddy bear jammies...flip flops ...no makeup and hair up in a bun. I look LOVELY in the mornings and PRAY that I don't have an accident.

Since fire probably wont work this year...
People have previously run over it with a car and cut its legs off.
I'm thinking maybe this this year.

OK, I've remained silent, but I'm rooting for the Goat! Mostly 'cause they have soaked that straw in seriously nasty stuff and that's a good place for it! Not in the snow!

I have battled about as nasty a 'keep it out of the water' thing all week as I care to. It will continue most of next week until we can get it under control. Some bloglits have helped with some dye ideas and I greatly appreciate those and others. In the meantime, for the sake of the Holidays, no more fires, chemicals, or leaks we can put off till spring! [or ever!]

Actually, this might have been an even better choice. But they would have had to do it two weeks ago.

*grabs One Bourbon, One Scotch and One beer
*clinks with himself
*heads out because:
*you know when I drink alone,
*I prefer to be by myself.

goat sex thanks for the visual...insom

Well DUH, CJ, everyone stops, gets outta the car and laughs all the way to the Esdaile Bank, that's what they do!

morning kids! it's the wrong season for pastrys and such, all i've got time to put out is cocoa pebbles and some milk. enjoy!

if anyone needs me i'll be returning my junior arsonist set, the do it yourself toxic chemical lab and the dvd of the exxon valdez spill. now what am i supposed to get the boys for christmas, cj?!

crossgirl - some writer guy (who, by the way, has recently released a heartwarming holiday story) has published a Gift Guide for situations such as this.

thanks chris. that cooler is pretty cool.

*the nativity is up, the nativity is up! yeah me!*

Morning gang!

*sets out the coffee*

Congrats crossgirl on the decorating! at this pace you'll be done by Easter!!!! ;)

I will be driving up to Sarasota shortly (as soon as I go rent a car cuz my car may not be read yet...UGH) to pick up my daughter! She'll be home for a whole month!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmm coffee! thanks siouxie. easter is the date we set to have it all back down by. surely we'll be done by st. paddy's so we'll have a few weeks to really enjoy it. you wouldn't believe how much they mark down trees on dec. 26th!!

Laying about.
Lethargy. Laziness?
Likely. Laundry!

morning.......... Merry Christmas everyone. Or whatever you chose to celebrate. CG... The Nativity is DOWN!! Have a beautiful one on our coffee table, and also a new kitten. The baby Jesus has been treated a little roughly by Miles. Luckily it is indestructable.

i got a tree, i got a tree!!!
the early bird may get the worm but the procrastinator can get a heckuva deal! now what should i do with it?

my nativity has to be carefully arranged on furniture that does not belong to the cat, kids, or dogs. my options are limited. i guess it's appropriate that Jesus be indestructable.

Was just browsing (as I am inclined to do frequently!) and saw talk of nativities, trees, and pets. As I happen to have all three of those, (OK, the tree is fake, but at least I don't sneeze) I was wondering how you keep very big puppy (black and tan coonhound with German Shepherd ears) and his cohort (slightly older Weimy mix) from getting a hold of ornaments, baby jesus, etc...I am at a loss! There's no way my hubby and I should have kids until we can keep the pets out of the tree.

*sits back with third cup of coffee, checking forecast, and waiting for wonderful ideas and inspiration*

*proudly attaches a website that happens to have a picture of the cute "boys"*

(Scroll down to Seth with Slater about 2/3 of the way down the page) These are the troublemakers! Very cute and innocent looking, unless there are toys, including bedframes, to chew on.

wxgurl:baby gate around tree. spray products from pet store that discourage animals from going around certain things. mouse traps all around the tree. stake out tree in shifts, armed with a squirt bottle until everyone gets the idea. if you don't have carpet you can try rubbing the floor around the tree with something sticky. or slick. you can do this with carpet too, but i wouldn't recommend it. on a serious note, forgo the tinsel/icicles. my pets have not interest in the tree save for drinking the water and walking as close as they can to it so it will sway dangerously. it's not uncommon for them to have ornaments hooked to their fur. good luck!

the tree is out of the car!! woohoo!!

I didn't have enough planned for today. So I went out and spent money and ruined my Saturday. I am now entirely wireless, with a laptop and air card. That means I no longer need cable high speed [save money] or a dial up, for the road [save money], plus some other things I can get rid of. Net increase, $13/ month. BUT, now when I go home for Christmas I won't have to plug into family member's phone lines in order to goof off! So, I have editted all of my stuff and am no longer 'skinny white boy [flacoblanco]; I'm a crab, instead. Oooh! and it came with a CrapCam, as well. I have no idea how to use it. I have a manual, but it will be easier to get nieces to show me!

Jazzzz, Miles huh? *snork* Tomorrow I can go to a sports bar to watch the Jags and listen to the broadcast on my laptop!

Yeah CJ, Miles..... "The Birth of the Cool"

What time do the Jags play (CST) ?

Thanks crossgirl, I haven't tried the baby gates yet. Unfortunately, the "boys" like the bitter apples stuff sold at pet stores. I've heard citranella is an offensive flavor, so may try to burn candles around it seince style. If not I may buy the economy pack of mouse traps! (he he he...)Good job getting the car and tree separated, now have fun decorating!

*heads for 4th cup of coffee on a 10 hour shift...more weather watching to be done*

Yayyy, CJ! Wireless rocks.

My tree is up, my shopping (about 98% online) is almost done (I think,) and my kids are driving me crazy. And my blog is updated. And I really need to go find some afternoon coffee before I fall over. :)


Sorry, I forgot its not close enough to St. Paddy's to actually decorate the crazy tree! Maybe if I didn't decorate it, they would leave the tree alone! Great idea!

cg, I didn't even have to decorate the tree this year -- my kids did most of it in about 10 minutes!

Now if I could just get them to buy the groceries, do their own laundry and get up for school on time...

Jags & Titans tomorrow at 1 p.m. Go Jags!!!

KDF, my son and daughter have done all the Christmas decorating for 2 years now. It's wonderful! Daughter decorates inside the house & son is in charge of the outside. He's a mad man with a staple gun. Typical male.

Mine do their own laundry and get themselves up for school. They still don't buy groceries. In fact, I don't think they have yet grasped the idea of where groceries even come from.

But son will soon learn. He's moving off to Los Angeles come January (sniff, sniff). Not sure I like the idea of him being 3000 miles away from home!

Woo hoo for Val's kids! Mine aren't quite at that level yet, since they're 11, 9 and 7! But I have hope. :)

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