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December 21, 2006


As is so often is the case, I am testing  a new way to post to the blog.  I don't think it's gonna work.

UPDATE: Whoa, it did. This is very exciting. Everybody take the rest of the week off.


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It worked!

First to ignore.

And I'm first, yay!

or 2nd

Yeah, be sure & tell us to ignore something. Wez rebels, doncha' know!!!?!!!

So where is this new way of posting from, Dave???

Didn't the last "Ignore This" posting go to about a 1,000 responses?

Slow day, Dave? Looking for entertainment in the fact that we don't really need anything to talk about, we just post anyway?

For real? I can take the rest of the week off? Even though my co-worker is off 'til January something or other? Without asking or advising anyone? Wow, Dave, you got some kind of clout!!!

You're quite a guy, Dave! O.o

i'll need a note, please, excusing my absence.

Well, thanks a lot Dave, you could have given us the rest of the week off on Monday!

casey, I don't care. I'll take the one day!!!

yay! not gonna have to fold this large pile of laundry, clean house, wrap all these gifts, make any more Xmas cookies, or cook dinner! I'm telling Mr. Dokie that DAVE gave me the rest of the week off! He can do it.

I bet dave is posting to the blog from the "throne," or maybe while driving in Miami. Or maybe he's typing with his toes. Careful, Dave.

DavetheRed, can you please tell me what O.o means? I just know it is something really easy to figure out and I am just an idiot, so I have resisted asking you, but I can't stand it anymore. I will let my idiocy shine for the whole blog to see... please please tell me what that is. Is it a secret code? Does it have to do with goats? Is it like a secret handshake and you have told everybody else on the blog what it means except for me and you are all sniggering at me behind my back? Is my tinfoil hat on crooked? What's that noise?

Casey, thank heaven you asked so I didn't have to. :-) I've been wondering about that one for ages.

Let me adjust that tinfoil hat for you, just as soon as I fix mine . . .

LOL sorry bout that blog friends, that is how I the "emotes" O.o = one raised eyebrow, O.O = suprised eyes, O.~ = winking, etc....

I post on more than one site and picked that up because it was a little more unique than the traditional happy faces like :)

Huh. So, in addition to using sneaky little secret codes you been cheatin on us too DavetheRed?


throws a "do" in between "I" and "the"

I am having a real hard time complying with the direction to "ignore this". I mean, if I DO ignore it, then I'm really not. And if I DON'T ignore it, then I AM ignoring it.

This is so confusing...

*reaches for a gumball*

I thought it had something to do with Holland.

LOL Renee, leave it up to me to be the blog idiot!

well let me just say to you Davethered... ;-P~~~@8-$)*--)

Dave, of course it works...because you thought it wouldn't.

And now I don't have to work!!! Although my boss might see it differently...

O.o is short for *confused look*

(No, really, it is. I'm not being a smartmouth. Right now.)

Speaking of non sequiturs (oh, were we?), this seems like an excellent place to say that I *really* enjoy hanging out (virtually) with all you people - all the blog-guys and blog-gals (and blog-butt-snakes). Dave and Judi, you're both wonderful enablers community builders. Thanks!

Smoochies to Scott.

Is Dave on a secret mission to the goat? Napalm blogging!

Casey, you think YOU'RE the blog idiot? I kept looking at the thing sideways expecting it to make sense.


Let me also add my endorsement to Scott's comments -- really enjoy getting to know y'all, and it's great to have this group of friends all over the country (even the world - hi, AmerinParis!!). Mrs. H. is getting tired of hearing, "So, I was talking to the folks on Dave Barry's blog today, and..."

I actually enjoy kicking to the curb any interlopers who are just here to get their jollies by trying to be disruptive. Come and pee in my garden, willya?

Anywho. Hugs, handshakes and smooches all around, as appropriate.


I love youse guys.

Olo-Can you post to the blog from an i-pod?

awwwwww ditto ditto ditto!!

I love ya's too!!!!

Maybe I'm crazy, but would this be a good idea or a bad idea in South Florida traffic? Discuss.

I'm thinking that Dave must be posting via his new flaming toaster guitar amp, and that's why he's so excited that it worked.

I think it would be a GREAT idea! (Of course I'M in Maine)

*if I was in Florida, I'd want to program it to read (VERB) MY (NOUN)*

The license holder - not the flaming guitar amp.... ok, so ALSO the flaming guitar amp.

CH?? does Mrs. H know about us??? hehehe

anywhos...I will also like to say that it's been great having a group of wackos spirited individuals to share my time with when I'm bored.


You all can [verb] my [noun] anytime!!!

That's awfully wide open, there, Siouxie! The imagination boggles... Hmmm...


I need a Barry note to give to my boss though....

CH-It sounds like fun in theory. However, in real life, that license plate might get you killed in Florida.

That's kinda what I was thinking. Based on my terrifying experience driving in So.Cal., I can guarantee it'd get you killed there.

Of course, too, down there your turn signal seems to be easily mistaken for the "draw your weapons" signal, which explains why you see so few cars with Cali plates ever use the turn signal.

sheesh dave, I already took the whole week off. didn't you get my memo?

ch - I resemble that remark.

CH--Ditto! And dittos to the group of you--you're all very swell and very hysterical! I appreciate every you all!

Oh and I'll be needing one of those license plate holders.

Let me take this occasion to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I have derived a lot of pleasure by reading this blog (since I discovered it), and occasionally posting, and even though I have never met any of you, I feel as though I have. The humour (hey, I'm Canadian, the "U" is mandatory for us) expressed by the posters has sometimes caused damage to my physical being, but well worth it. You bloglits pretty much all come across as people that I'd be happy to have at my dinner table...

And a happy and prosperous New Year to all...

And Dave, I've been a fan for several decades....thanks to you and Judi (by the way, loved the photo) for doing this.

*@..@ My eyes were getting weary of the headlights, so I pulled off the road to say*

Merry Christmas Bloglits!

So the question is, what's this new way Dave posted this blog entry? Mind powers?

*raises a glass to AFKAT*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dave now posts his blogs by magic. Dave IS the Deathly Hallow.


(Incidentally, LITERATE PRIDE!)

JP - Indeed. One wonders what Harry will do?

Um, Mr. Dave, sir?

If it isn't too much to ask, do you happen to have a spare Strat, perhaps vintage 1958 or so, that you'd like me to keep safely for your gigs on the West Coast? I promise that I'll keep it under the speed limit, only play it on alternate weekends, and even unplug it from the toaster-amp before I give it back to you.


Pretty please?

I've been good. Just ask Mrs. PB.

Oh, wait. Let's just leave it at "I've been good", shall we?


Steve- One certainly does. Although one is also pretty sure that Harry is well aware that The Deathly Hallows is a FAR superior name for a band than, say, "Limp Bizkit", bacause, let's face it, who wants their band associated with poorly executed baked goods?


Hey 24 Fans:

Check this one out:

OK, linky no workie in previous posting.

Let's simplify:


I have had great fun on this blog since, hmmm, about 2001 or 2002. Can that be right? judi, jeff meyerson? Is that right? Was Dave blogging in 2002 and 2002?

Merry Christmas to all of you! The names have certainly changed, but the Spirit of the Blog lives on!

We are gearing up for party weekend here. I may be able to hang out at the blog bar in the wee sma's, but probably not during the day.

sorry! Tosses a "2001" up there to replace the first "2002". I'm going to sleep now!

Woo Hoo. Looking for people in my time zone (PST) Glad you are all here!

Ah, too late. Will briefly consider moving to Florida. Brief moment up. No. Sorry. I know it is wonderful there.

Well, I am burning the midnight oil here in Texas for a few minutes and cruised in to see what was going on so now ShyJan is not alone.

Very Happy Holidays to all and many more New Years to come!!

I found this by way of the Freakonomics blog.
Didn't Judi post this way back when? I'd be very much obliged to know.

Well, well, well. I see there was a love fest going on last nite and I missed it!

Years ago when I found the blog I was so intimidated to post. Nothing I thought of was remotely snorkable compared to the geniusesesses that commented here. I remember the first time I posted, my heart aflutter...would I be flamed, ignored or embraced? Turns out, none of the above. I've spent many years blurking with a very occasional post; it has only been recently that I have become more of a constant commenter.

I really enjoy the folks here. I've been inspired by you, I laugh with you and at you, I have worried about you, and sympathized with your MIL problems. I've learned many amazing and thought provoking things, I've introduced my children to the terror of squirrels and the perils of butt snakes and my co-workers to the compulsions of a bocken.

Thank you all for making this year so good!

Whatever you are celebrating this season, my good wishes and warm fuzzies are with you.

Aside to Renee: gurl, you are not alone. I found myself looking at O.o many times with my head tilted in various directions! I'm glad I've found my sister-doofus in you!

I'm thinking that Dave must be posting via his new flaming toaster laying down some flaming licks for us sophisticates and hicks and all them hot blog chicks - in a zen like state on his guitar he pontificate our reverence he generate all them other blogs are second-rate he rock the blogosphere that's why hold him dear (but don't mate with deer)did i forget to rhyme beer? with his guitar in his hand he's a traveling man he just blog as blog can and with his crap cam and his homey peter pan he sends across the land a "merry christmas" man.

he rock the blogosphere! now get him another beer!
he rock the blogosphere! now get him another beer!
(scratch, crotch grab)

that should have said "merry christmas" jam.

ROCK ON, mud!

Happy Merry Whatever to all the bloglits! And a special smooch to those who lurk. (lurk, not blurk, blurk)

I'm heading off to LA tomorrow for a week of fun with a new friend.

Merry merry Suzy Q!

Let me say to the lurkers, too -- make yourselves known; join in the fun.

We're not all as scary as mud, as lovely as the numerous bloggals, as uninhibited as Dread Pirate, or as wordy as I sometimes get, but we're highly tolerant of typos, foolish comments and foot-in-mouth moments.

Come on in - the water's fine!

Awww, I had that week off anyway. Maybe I can take a week fof this week?

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