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December 26, 2006


South Korea would win.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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No prize for being first, or is it cuase i visited a brothel?

yeah, movie tickets will work....

seriously, doesnt Judi have ANY pull at the Herald for freebies for us occassionally?


Hmm, typing is not on my list of strong points today. Sorry.

hey, certainly I am not one to judge. Too much eggnog?

Dang, take away some people's only reason for getting drunk, Korea, why don't cha?

I had a truly tasteless comment on this story, but then I remembered that I'm in polite company. LOL

CH?? where??

Anywho...I am off to kill someone shop with my girls and niece.

Have a great day everyone!!

What if you only rent and don't buy?

Have fun shopping in your jammies! Remember - gloves and tissue will help with the obvious evidence, but you have to be really clever to outsmart the CSIs.

Hmm, prize for not buying sex after a dinner party... I seem to remember a related Korean prize for promising not to buy dinner after attending a dog show...

No witnesses, Siouxie!

Details are important.

Siouxie, if you're gonna kill people here are some tips:
Wear shoes several sizes too big.
Stop at the salon and get lots of hair samples to scatter at the scene.
Leave a business card that says "My name is Bob."

Happy Hunting.

I wonder if these would be appealing as prizes for not buying sex after Christmas parties in Wisconsin?

Maybe they should forget about the movie tickets and install these babies in strategic locations.

I bet that would stop all but the most daring.

Uh, 3D, WTFBBQ????? What are those???

*sitting with legs tightly crossed*

TripleD, just what the hell kinda Doc are you??!!

Finally something to kill the time as I am the only person at work today in my department

Those are old fashioned rat traps, according to Goooooooogle.

Just one who likes to keep her male patients on their toes.

3D, some of us are not only on our toes, but hiding in the rafters at the moment.

OK, blogguys, here's my plan. We register as Dave's Blog, Inc. and we all pledge to avoid brothels. When we win the thousand bucks that'll buy us 438 Korean hookers. Ya in?

like a guillitine for the penis....

Layzee, sign me up.

cancels career change and flight tix to korea.

DDD, I truly like your style. Please come work with me? Pleeeeeeease?

If you can reach your keyboard from the rafters, here is the original context.

Nope, Ain't gonna do it. I saw the medical films the last time I was over there. Frightening.

OK- Lazee, just remember that there are 300 traps hidden...

Quote: "Do they really think men buy sex every time they have a dinner party?"

Isn't that what you're supposed to do after having a dinner party? And then have a cigarette afterwards?

wow!! even with 2 robots, I had a triple simul- Howd'ya like that diver sammich Hammy?


I would just go find a hooker after I went to see the movie for free. That way everybody is happy....

PPNG should be enough of a deterrent, but what do i know, being a girl of the female type.

3D, I don't care what that thing was intended for - every time I look at it now, it just gives me the willies. Kinda like turning on the radio and finding Manilow in full keen. *Brrrrrrr...*

in retaliation...

"Businessmen, servicemen, and anyone who just has a
penis generally, 'come on down' to Kim Chee's House of Whoopee! We'll slash our prices to the bone, if that's what you're into, and make you forget all about those government incentives . 'Cause all they can give you is money but we can make you shout the name of the deity of your choice!"
"North Korean clients: Ask for our "Axis of Evil" special!"

*snork* at axis of evil special

The movie tickets are for Korean Porn.

3D, do those thing come in XS for the Koreans?

Just askin.

And NTTAWWT XS size.....

*snorking back a snicker*

ddd - your link sorta looked (to moi ownself, at least) kinda like dangly earrings ... but it sorta made me think of "Axis of OWIIIIEEEEEEEE" ... merely sayin' ...

Korean Porn (or 한국 포르노 - "Hanguk Porunoh") WBAGNFARG.

On second thought, I don't know if I want to do this in a country whose leader's name is Ill Dong.

That's a good point OtheU- maybe some of them could be earrings, but then when the ears are near the genitals... *SNAP! Instant deterrent! And the best part is that you only have to have it happen once, then you could still visit, but not do anything. Plus, all the ED docs would have extra business! It's a fool-proof plan!

Diver - You are my hero; always thinking of new, creative ways to drum up business and clean up humanity.

My earrings are off to you.

3D, do you mean Emergency Department docs, or the docs who prescribe things the make the spambot go NUTSOID on me for typing them?

Comeon Meditrina! We should set up a limp-in clinic in Korea right next to the largest brothel.

CH- shouldn't be typing things like f*expletive deleted* and s*expletive deleted by spambot who is about to have a nervous breakdown and desperately needs a gumball*


Now I'm not saying that the Korean Gender Equality people are wrong for trying to keep Mr Happy from getting a little slap and tickle during the holidays, but, well, it they REALLY wanted to keep the brothels unemployed, why not pay the prostitutes to stay home?

Wouldn't that make more sense? The government could give them all a year end bonus for a job well done, movie tickets, flowers, a really good meal, shopping coupons and a day at a spa, have somebody take care of them for a change. Now THAT would be gender equality!

Annie, you are abolutely right. however, you are probably only 50 years ahead of your time. instead of attempting to legislate morality (which never has worked), why not govern with common sense. oh, never mind, i am talking about politics and common sense and those things should never be written in the same sentence. maybe the damn bot will blow up.

In the real world, the prostitutes would take the bennies, and then head back out to the streets to carry on with their business. Complex problems rarely yield to simple solutions, regardless of who benefits from those simple approaches. :-(

CH - You are right. Baby has to eat. Mama needs shoes. The harsh reality.

In the sugar-coated utopia I occupy, of course, this would be a matter of two people making a business agreement that happened to involve the exchange of sexual services for valuta.

Of course, in the grit of the real world, there's often a lot more coersion than that involved, sadly, and that is what I'd prefer to see gov'ts focusing their efforts on, instead of making moralistic judgements and attempting to enforce them.

In the sugar-coated utopia I occupy, of course, this would be a matter of two people making a business agreement that happened to involve the exchange of sexual services for valuta. "

ch, so you're saying they should get married?

kudos, CH. won't happen in our life times though!

cg-you get a large SNORK for that observation!

Hmmm... I guess that's how some marriages work. Most, not so much, though, in my observation.

Come on, CH. You're telling us that you haven't ever cleaned the kitchen, so you could get a little action?

Let the record show that the accused stood mute.

diver-those look too cruel, even for a rat ;-)

I'd think about paying for it, but I've got two more American Idol Barbies to open before the New year, don't guess I'll have time 'tween now and then....

So regarding the grand prize:

Would we win one million won? And if it happened that we all won, we won one million won? Is that one millon won is available for winning? Or is it available to be won? Can we all win, therefore we all won? If we don't win, can we find out who won?

Who's on first?

Not to brag or to try to make all of you jealous, but we had chips AND dip at our last office party. Like three kinds of chips and TWO kinds of dip. Seriously.... It was way crazy.

(Never occurred to me to bring hookers, though. BRILLIANT!)

qsman -- shouldn't your question read ... Hu's on First ... ?

(Merely trineta stay ethnically somewhut accurate ... eh?)

ddd - ED Docs wbagnfa AMA Convention Band ...

Double [accidental?] *snork @ DDD, for ED, followed by 'limp-in!'

On the subject of prostitutes, my travels have brought me to Hilton Head today. That's a noun, right?

And as we drift off-topic, let us take a moment to remember James Brown.

Well Clark, you ARE in H.S. That would be considered kinda wild here. And pay for s3x? People do that? Who knew?

It would OtheU- we have to learn how to play our tuning forks in Unison. Our first song would be "Is that an HMO card in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Our encore should be, "Malpractice Blues"


For DDD (from Elvis) -

Well, since that lady cut me,
I've got a new place to heal,
It's down at the end of my happy place
And the pain is quite unreal.

Don't call me 'Shorty,' baby
Don't call me 'Shorty,'
Don't call me 'Shorty,' or I'll cry.


off topic;
at the penneys in washington square or i heard one of the best cell phone lines ever. a woman said, at full volume," I don't let diarrhea get me down!"
i hurried to the stockroom to snork in private.

*snorks* all around!!

Well I'm back from shopping hell and here to report that no one was hurt in the process. There was a small incident where I almost beat up this guy for continously yelling at the customers in the discount shoe dept.- "IF WE SEE AGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR WE WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE. PLEASE PLACE SHOES BACK ON THE SHELVES".
I almost put HIM on the shelf....but then my eyes were diverted to a pair of tan designer leather cowboy boots that were on sale for $19.99 ..THEN 1/2 off!! MY SIZE!!! TEN BUCKS!! so I forgot about the annoying little man.

Saved by shoes...another heartwarming Christmas story.

Sioux - a Christmas miracle if I ever heard one. Please see my previous post regarding shoes.

I am immersed in 24. I have no cable or tivo, so when the "season" is released, I am in heaven. My own Christmas miracle.

Jack is such a stud. If I were his publicist, he would never have been photographed wearing tighty whities! Boxer briefs, baby.

A sucessful shopping experience for all. Then to top it off, we saw "C@sino Royale". I'm still wiping off the drool caused by a semi-nekkid Daniel Craig. I'll take HIM shaken...not stirred ;-)

Med, mama always needs shoes ;-)

And Jack is indeed a stud!!! I can't wait for the new season. I was not a huge fan till this blog.

Former President Gerald Ford just died. Announcements went out at 11:51pm EST. :(

*major snorkage* at AWBH

I just heard that Nebbisk. May he R.I.P.

ddd - I saw your posts earlier...you are one sick doc!! and I love you!!!! miss you around here too.


He wuzn't the best one we ever had, but he tried ...


On a brighter note, they didn't comment on the booger content.

OMFG! Jack is such a patriot that he is making me, you know, hot..... under the collar, of course.

*throws a bucket of cold water over at Med*

*throws more water over herself on account of Daniel Craig*

Thanks,sioux. I needed that.

ok...now I'm cold and wet! It's time to sleep and have wet sweet dreams....

Nite nite bloglits...

Siouxie - "Your country is about to pay a very steep price." Is that why gas was $3 a gallon? I had no idea jack was involved!!! I am sending him the bill, and I pray to God he pays in person. ;-)

*tiptoes around and turns off Siouxie's light*

*hands Meditrina a towel*

Nite all- I got the doclings tomorrow to save daycare bucks- wish me luck!

CH said at 4pm, "Hmmm... I guess that's how some marriages work. Most, not so much, though, in my observation."

And I agree. Most marriages don't work.

a bit bitter are we, steven?? :P

Well, Siouxie ... yesterday wuz the Feast Day of St. Stephen ... if stevie wants to be a little cranky on the day of his (perhaps) Patron Saint, I guess I'm not gonna chide him about it .... merely ... stayin' a goodly distance away ...

... and I'm gonna pass up an obvious comment about the rest of us all ...

Well then Happy St. Stephen, stevie...be as cranky as you want...

I'm with you, O...stayig away ;-)

(psst...stevie?? I got the new Beatle's "Love" cd. remixed - it's REALLY good. I recommend it).

... um ... Siouxie? Sum folks consider "Love" to be merely another four-letter word ... merely observin' ...

O?? but isn't that all you need?

Werks fer me ... merely sayin' ...

Whatever happened to the intern rule? Doesn't anyone give a prize for not infecting the interns in the office?

"Axis of Evil Special"..... a real Screeeaming deal

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