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December 22, 2006



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Apparently this has nothing to do with Hide & Seek.

Is the health question, "where is it?"

sift through fat layers
seek now the treasure within
the hidden penis

c'mon get busy
keep looking, it's there, promise
this could take all night

enough attitude
what am i paying you for?
hard to find good help

hahahaha at mud!

So, what's the question?

Where's Waldo?


mudstuffin: Sometimes you are scary. In a good way, I mean.

Did we really need to read that this morning?

Oh well, Hidden Penis and the Congenital Fat Pad would NOT be a hit sequel to the Harry Potter series.

could be a good name for a rock band tho'.

thanks mud, just what i needed with my first cup of coffee.

mud, disturbingly good...

great mud but shouldn't the last line be:
good help to find hard?

is it in yet??

So that explains my 1st husband . . .

Awesome, mud!!!

Olly olly oxen free!

can not use 'roll him in flour and look for the wet spot' in this case.

Good Gravy, Mud! I have just had excessive coffee snorkage, may have to go to the hospital.

"Crouching Fat Boy, Hidden Penis," coming soon to a video store near you (if you live in the seedy part of town).

Siouxie, i'll bet you can be hard on a mans' ego. "is it in yet" and pointing and laughing can do permanent damage. good one.

hey CH: go look on the "ignore this" thread

Rock it good, mud. :-)

if i ever publish a book of poetry the title will have to be "Crouching Fat Boy, Hidden Penis".

Well that explains a lot...oh never mind.

"Obesity may also cause concealment of the penis."
Guys, another reason NOT to be fat [para espaniol, mark el dos = mucho grande chunk-chunk]

Thanks for clearing that up Doc. (snork at mucho grande chunk-chunk)

I like the doctor's last name - "Nippoldt".

I guess I've been trying to hide mine in the wrong places all these years.

Insert lame "crouching tiger, hidden penis" joke here...

oh forget it, mudstuffin beat me to it...

"your dick is so small it entered the witness protection program... and got lost"

Is THAT what "afikomen" means?

"Apparently this has nothing to do with Hide & Seek."

Thank GOD Casey J. (first post) didn't say anything about "Ready or not, here I come."

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