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December 22, 2006


I'm taking off to spend Christmas week at a Secret Undisclosed Location that might not have the Internet, which as you know requires a series of tubes. Judi is also out o' town, so for a while there may be sporadic posting here, or even no posting. But before I go, I want to wish you all happy holidays, on behalf of our entire staff.


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Note to CJrun: you're probably being sunk by the wireless network's transparent proxy (or your compression software) -- assuming you mean EVDO, and not 802.11. Try to find it and turn it off for YouTube, et alia (check your control panels -- Fourelle is one common supplier).

And to all, even though I haven't been here in far longer than is justified by how much fun I have reading Dave aloud... Merry Chriskwanzukkah and a Happy Winter Solstice.

Just Ducky - ROFL at "barks at it between squeaks".:)

Annie, hooray for Jake! Clearly he is not moved like you are by the "sad eyed look", a method I find very useful when trying to get my way.

El, my dog is a border collie, and I believe he thinks squeaky toys are strange, small versions of mutant sheep that need herding. After a couple of disasters when he was a puppy, squeak toys in all forms have been banned from this house. We have only tennis balls and bones for him.

Thanks, BayLink! I'll definitely meander down that path. Meantime, I have been dragged through every store in the Greater Raleigh area, by my dingbat Big Sis. Fortunately, one was an oriental market, so I'll have crapcam shots, later, after I get food in me. This afternoon will be the Wrap Party!

It's raining. My cat is pissed. She's scratching my balls off. The tree. No white Christmas here...

...unless you count the powdered sugar that's fallen off my donut.

Don't fret, Punkin...only a few more months until baseball season. :)

Andy Pettite.

Need I say more?

Don't think so. :)

Well, the Post Office just ruined my Christmas. They've lost my orders that were coming for my daughter :(

*texts Val a PlayStation, and a Torture Me Elmo*

Wrapping is done [well, wacky sister isn't done, but she would make me go back to stores if she were]. So she pointed to a large box for my Mom, which she decided had to be behind everything else. And I have long arms and legs. And there was kind of a path, if I knelt on the recliner and leaned way over. Which worked well until the recliner opened up and I had no hands that were present-free. I am pleased to point out that my head is apparently harder than sheetrock.


Oh the Post Office sure is frightful,
Their 'tude is really spiteful.
But as long as your gift's a no show,
Let it go, let it go, let it go!

We'll sing you a tune delightful,
And perhaps a bit insightful,
Tell the Post Office that they blow,
Then let it go, let it go, let it go!

When they finally get it right,
How I'd hate to be them in Val's way.
And if they try to pitch a fight,
Everyone switch to bill pay!

Well the mailmen are not real happy,
All that fruitcake makes them crappy,
But as long as their IQ's low,
Let it go, let it go, let it go!

Annie, an X-Box 360? I didn't even get my boss a card! Looks like someone is in line for a promotion at workie.

I just bought the eggnog. How much alcohol is appropriate for Christmas eve-eve?

Yay Annie....Thanks for reminding me of baseball season, as the cold weather (60 degrees) is depressing me. We are in the midst of the only true sports season besides baseball....Waiting for baseball!! I envy your warm Ca. weather. Happy Holidays to all;-)

Jazzzy! Havent seen you around in a while, I think I remember you saying you were gonna be gone a while, but maybe I'm confused, well, I know I'm confused, I ALWAYS confused, but maybe more right now than usual and


I came here to tell everyone helly and wish them a happy Christmas eve eve!

of course, by helly I really mean hellO!

P'boy - the Xbox is for my son, silly. But I guess children really are the bosses, aren't they.

Since I don't think it's been mentioned yet, bloggers will remember where the title of this thread comes from, right? "Have Joy!"

Hey Casey.. Good to "see" you. I've been on call a lot lately, and have blogged on a limited basis. I have blurked a bit, trying to keep up with you wonderful folks. Hopefully, I will be back on the blog track soon, as I miss my DBB "fix". Ho Ho and Ho ...........later

And El.....being an Astro fan, I am pretty P!ssed about them not signing Pettite. They only needed to up the offer another 2 mil., which is chump change in that business, and he would have signed. Woe is me.

Bye, Jazzzz - Come back soon, we've missed you!

Sorry, stepped out to take the youngest to finish her shopping, and got caught up the crazy wrapping party. I'm now happily in the recliner, sipping a nice merlot, and wishing my feet would stop throbbing like a cartoon. Chicken and noodles bubbling away on the stove, anybody hungry?

Jazzzz - if you're still hear, all I can say is I feel your pain just a little less than I feel my joy that Andy is, as the song goes,
Back Home Where He Belongs
He's looking swell! ;)

Great song Annie. :)

i'll take a bowl bali. just got in from "out there". shopping is all done. i am sorry to say that i bought my last gifts at the tractor supply company, and they weren't for men. now should i bake next, clean or wrap? think i'll join cj in some nog while in comteplate the heat. can't make candys with it this hot. may have to put the a/c on.

i'm missing a gift too and some software that i ordered for to be the oldest son's BIG gift is for mac and i have windows. sigh. happy happy joy joy

While shopping in an Asian market today, I observed these ducks taking great interest in the other shoppers.

Plus I found some green ecology that is apparently magnificent!

For entertainment, there was coconut sport. And back at my sister’s, my Mom arrived and told us that she had received unusual compliments ever since having had a tray of Bloody Mary’s spilled on her, including filling her purse.

Have Joy!

Dave, from one Ford to another, Merry Christmas!

My seven year-old just suggested that instead of cookies and milk, maybe we should leave Santa an egg and cheese sandwich and a glass of nog. Then she said, "Mom, I know he'll thank us." I think she's onto something.

Thanks El.....I must admit, I wouldn't call myself a Yankee follower, but I do like them and Pettite just looks like he needs to be in pin stripes. You just can't let high quality pitching go. At least he didn't go to an in-league rival. Good luck the coming season, maybe we will meet in October!!

I'M not leaving Santa an egg ANYthing, we just painted!

Merry Christmas to everyone on the blog, and Mr. and Mrs. Blog and Sophie and Judi and the list goes on.

Hope your holidays are jolly, mon!

Dan, Sherri, Big Head Jack and Kinja (Warrior Princess)


Darn it! By the time my comment made it all he way through the series of tubes, it ended up way down here. Curse you tubes!

*prances in...trips over egg-nogged bloglits*


Well dear friends...I am FINALLY done with my Christmas shopping!!! YAY for ME!!! Only had to hurt a few slow-paced shoppers but there was no one around so I didn't do it.

Tomorrow I get to wrap, which by that I mean put everything in bags and make my world famous corn bread casserole.

I am a happy wine-drinkin' ho ho ho right now!!

Hola, Siouxie, right there with ya, in spirit, and in spirits! Got my favorie merlot, the kids are out, and the Mister is all drugged up for a cold and outta my hair. It's a good night. A toast to the Wine Drinkin' Hos! *clink*

Bali and Sioux - I am with ya! A toast to blog friends, the season, and walter. *clink*

*clink* Med, how YOU doin'?

BG, what you said ("I'M not leaving Santa an egg ANYthing, we just painted!') makes so little sense to me I am finding it utterly yet inexplicably hilarious!!

And no, my face is not in the merlot yet. But that Nog McMuffin is starting to sound good.

can i join ya'll with my amaretto?
pie is out of the oven, magic cookies in, world famous mac and cheese ready to bake for tomorrow's lunch. i just can't work up any enthusiasm for making the butter cookies right now. i wonder if i'd get more done if i didn't drink..........nah.

*slides in with glass of zinfandel*

OK, so I had chiseled dried flour & sugar off the kitchen counters, and was starting to vacuum the floors, when my daughter came in with bags o' stuff and decided she had to wrap packages in the family room, thus postponing the vacuuming. Then, of course, she left everything strewn around to go have dinner with friends. Is it terrible of me to say that I'm really very glad that she's usually off at college 2 states away?

*clink* bali and Med!!

a toast...to good friends and good wine in a box.

JD, not at all. As a mom myself of two grownup kids, it's wonderful when they stop by and equally wonderful when they leave - it's our turn now! :)

*clinking* again with crossgirl and Ducky!

welcome ladies...

stevie...you need to catch up.


I am enjoying my college girl...I miss her terribly..but then again..she JUST left...give me a few months.

pssst, stevie. i didn't get the paint and egg thing either.

I'M not leaving Santa an egg ANYthing, we just painted!


pssst, could she mean this, perhaps?

I'm sorry, I've only just opened the grand marnier. I'll try and catch up. :)

CG......I think I'm tired. I just read your post as I didn't get the paint thinner, egg and ether.

*shovels last few molasses cookies and chocolate buttercrunch bark into gift boxes*

*prays for kids to fall asleep so that wrapping extravaganza may begin*

Where are those damned elves when you need 'em??

*dials down Jazzzz's dosage*

psst, crossgirl & stevie, see KDF's 6:15 post.

pssst, JD, but I don't get it either

Christmas is purchased, and in sacks in the living room, waiting for Mrs. PB to wrap it all.

I'm sorry, butI am not allowed to help her.

Why? Because you all know that white men can't wrap!

Thanks KDF......whew...

Well, apparently great minds (or short people) think alike. I understood bali's comment to refer to the post about leaving Santa an egg sandwich, with the potential of egg, and/or eggNOG, ending up on freshly painted walls. But, I could be wrong...

*snork* at PB--a tall one.

thanks, Jazzz - now I get the line about the pain thinner and nether egg.

I just got off the roof - the icicle lights on the second story blew a fuse. That was interesting - trying to swap out a line of lights while clinging to the window frame. I have everything up but the inflatable Santa/reindeer sleigh that goes on the roof. Maybe tomorrow. I am one tired puppy tonight.

...While visions of zinfandel danced in her bed....

Annie, did you take pictures?

Apparently none you you ever road-tripped with siblings, parents, and egg salad sandwiches. Our Mlibu station wagon always trailed a green fog of methane that would peel paint.

Too soon for Zin. Mumm's the word!

And since it is a chilly 48 degrees outside, I consider alcohol to be medicinal, it fights off the cold.

bali - from the car or the egg salad sandwiches?

jd - not yet - hard for me to get a decent shot of lights at night. I'll try tomorrow night and let you know if I post them.

Egg salad, devilled eggs, any sort of egg. God, you people must be so blessed! Can I live with you?

thanks for clarifying, bali. i don't eat eggs nor live with anyone who does. now paint thinner, and ether, that has potential.

*makes note to avoid packing egg products on road trips*

Thanks, Annie! I'm looking forward to seeing the splendor.

Having killed the thread for the evening, I'll retire to my wine and "The Sound of Music". Sorry, y'all...see you tomorrow with more suitable conversation.

i'm out too. christmas vacation is on! g'nite kids.

Siouxie, I've been where you are, so I know that feeling too. :) But it's nice to learn they can stand alone.

fun day here!

*wishes she had an egg salad sandwich*

*zips out*

baligurl - you didn't kill the blog. We just had to let the air clear a little. (sorry - couldn't resist!)
I'm off for a while, too. Either the dog farted again, or I need a shower.

Having just killed the better part of a Trader Joe's bottle of 'DellaPort', all I can say is that this blog is finally making scents.

Have Joy, everyone!

My daughter (younger one) and I walked around our neighborhood tonight to look at the lights. (Yes, it's a tinyurl. No, it's not a BM.)

Note that we did not poke, slash, harm, rearrange or steal any of the decorations - not even the suggestively arranged Tigger, Pooh and Eeyore sled.

Yes, some of them are out of focus. Apparently, autofocus cameras don't do well at night at that distance.

I'm drinking a Thai Tea (no boba) right now but, earlier, I had a Trader Joe's Holiday Bock. Pretty tasty.

Happy Christmas Eve to all you blogits from the Central and East Coast time zones.

Have Joy, everyone!

My daughter (younger one) and I walked around our neighborhood tonight to look at the lights. (Yes, it's a tinyurl. No, it's not a BM.)

Note that we did not poke, slash, harm, rearrange or steal any of the decorations - not even the suggestively arranged Tigger, Pooh and Eeyore sled.

Yes, some of them are out of focus. Apparently, autofocus cameras don't do well at night at that distance.

I'm drinking a Thai Tea (no boba) right now but, earlier, I had a Trader Joe's Holiday Bock. Pretty tasty.

Happy Christmas Eve to all you blogits from the Central and East Coast time zones.

Dang! Well, I guess it's just double the cheer, eh?

Yes it is, Scott. Merry Christmas - the pix are great, although I'll never look at Tigger, Pooh and Eyore the same way ever again!

Sorry, Annie! I've got a friend who's a major Disney maniac fan (she lives in Canada, buys a year pass to Disneyland every year, and uses it) who must see this. ;)

I got a new tripod tonight and those pictures were my test run. You're posting yours tomorrow, right?

"What's Up, Tiger Lily?" - very funny Woody Allen (possibly his first) film - about the search for the secret egg salad recipe.

am i the only one up?
opens windows and sprays febreeze. smells like eggs in here!
coffee anyone?

not that we haven't all been productive, but here's a holiday themed productivity enhancer. move santa to the glasses using your arrow keys. do not step on the track. cheers!

Annie -

Two words:

Dice K

Mornin' All! I'll have a cup o'Job, as my daughter used to put it. Who wants Monkey Bread? I used real Monkeys!

*EVDO = EVolution Data Optimized. For energy savings, data transfer is 'spoofed' through a transparent proxy server; yadda yadda yadda; the things we go through just to watch silly videos!*

Morning all. Rode around with family all over Raleigh, looking at lights. Decent enough, but the only inspired one I saw was an @ 1989 Delta 88, festooned with lights, with Santa plastered across the front hood! Now that was inspired. Didn't have a camera, but maybe tonight. Meanwhile, I'll take an egg salad sandwich on Monkey Bread, to sustain me while I smoke a Boston Butt New England Derriere!

G'morning and Merry Merry to all.

baligurl-I'll have some Monkey Bread to go w/my coffee.

Scott-Those pictures are great. For some reason, I love the whirly trees. Plus, I like to say "whirly."

crossgirl-I like it! My Santa was toast after about five. ;-)

Merry Christmas to all, from our house (1990 version) to yours.

While it's good to recall the joys of past holidays, and to look forward to ones to come, we must never forget to appreciate the sweetness of today.

And it's snowing here, as it's supposed to. :)

i need help from anyone who rides the geezer bus....my nana used to talk about getting coffee jello at the woolworth's counter (for desert after her liver and onion special. can't imagine why this place went under)and i've googled up a recipe but i'm thinking it should have whipped cream or something on it. does anyone know how it was served? i'm hoping she remembers that she loves this but maybe won't remember what it's supposed to be like.

Wyo-What a cute pic! And I love, love, love that tree!

cg-I've never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Maybe just substitute the water w/coffee??? (Using unflavored gel, of course.) The whipped cream sounds good too. Now I'm going to have to experiment.

Of course, I love anything coffee-related.

I’ve been wondering about the bocken. What if it has a high-tech web-cam installed and every time we click on the link to view it, it snaps a picture of us staring intently at our computer screens—which it projects on to a large screen just out of our view.

That would mean…while we are looking at the bocken, people in bockenland are looking back at us!!!!!

Ridiculous, you say? Well….um…ok then.

(but as a precaution, I’m wearing my tin-foil hat just to freak them out)

Mornin' Ya'll. Can someone text me some strong coffee for the pounding in my head. I think I had too much nog on the date last night. Shhhhhh........

out of coffee right now. will coffee jello do?

Sure. I'll try anything once. Thanks, CG.

While it's good to recall the joys of past holidays, and to look forward to ones to come, we must never forget to appreciate the sweetness of today

I couldn't agree more Wyo. This was brought home to our family this Xmas. In October my Mom was give 5 months to live (cancer) and so this will be our last Xmas together before everything changes forever.

Enjoy today. It's all we have.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

Pass the nog!!!

*adds banana bread to supplement the diminishing supply of monkey bread*

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

Scott, thanks for the pics. They're great, especially the swirly ones!

Wyo, what a wonderful Christmas picture. And I'm envious of your snow--it's 44 and raining here. The weatherpeople teased us with the idea of snow flurries, but it didn't get cold enough (what a surprise). However, it's supposed to clear out and be sunny and 60 on Christmas Day.

CJ, good luck with your pork smokin'.

Lisa, um, you either need more coffee or have had too much. And your tinfoil hat is crooked. (I can see it on my high-tech webcam.) ;-)

I live in a place that is supposed to have snow by late
October and there hasn't been any( ecept for maybe one or twice but it never stuck.)
not to mention that is even been Raining!
Stupid,stupid, STUPID global warming!!!

That is all.

*pours coffee for med*
Was it a GOOD date?

coffee jello recipe for crossgirl.

I want snow, too.

I mean, if I have to be stuck up here in the cold, it at least ought to LOOK like winter!

(For the record, it's about 42 degrees here and hubby and I are in shorts. Cuz we're tough Yankees.
The good kind of Yankee, not the pinstriped, evil kind.)

I live Winterpeg as we affectionately call it. Want some of my snow No name?!

*Fedex's snow to NNRB*

JD - Thanks. Um, yeah, it was an okay date. Guy is super nice, we went shopping and then caught dinner and football at my fav sports bar.

It was fun, but there's no sparks flying for me, cuz Im still hung up on someone else. *sigh*

It's a start though.

Zoodle, sorry to hear about your Mom's prognosis. Just remember, Dr's don't know, they guess. Enjoy this Christmas with her and make great memories!

Hey, you guys can't smell my breath with the web-cam, can you?

*runs to the bathroom to scrub the grit from my teeth*

Ducky-Too much coffee?? There's no such thing.;-)

I wish we had snow too. It's 81 and overcast here. They're predicting rain. *sigh*

Well, Med, I'm already in OK with you, so maybe I'm just closer. Or maybe it's the egg salad I just ate...

grrrr @ Punkin's 'evil Yankee' comment. I'll have more energy to defend the Empire after some coffee jello and the newspaper. Merry Eve, y'all.

Merry Eve Annie

Too much coffee?? I don't even use a cup, I use a coffee bowl with a handle. WooHoo! Happy to you, Annie! And Wyo has snow! Lucky!!

*and to Punkin*

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