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December 22, 2006


I'm taking off to spend Christmas week at a Secret Undisclosed Location that might not have the Internet, which as you know requires a series of tubes. Judi is also out o' town, so for a while there may be sporadic posting here, or even no posting. But before I go, I want to wish you all happy holidays, on behalf of our entire staff.


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Merry Xmas Dave, judi and the Blog Family!

OMG, I forgot Walter! A very happy holiday to you too, my friend.

Happy Holidays to the blog family.

Oops and Happy Happy to judi too!

Careful going over those rivers and through those woods.

I have made it [left early since the Blog let us off early], so:



Merry Christmas Dave, judi, staff and all the blogs. Brother got in yesterday and Mrs. fivver gets in tomorrow (she's establishing a beachhead for our move to Phoenix). Peace and joy to all.

I want to tell all of you how much I enjoy visiting and reading the wonderful stuff here. I am beginning to think of you all as friends (weird as that sounds). Many blessings and good wishes to you all.

Ho Ho Ho to you and the SB and the "staff"!!!!

You too K.

Happy Holidays to all at the Blog! Wherever you're going Dave, I just hope you don't have to go through Denver to get there.

WOOO HOOO!! I am officially ON VACATION! till next year!! YAY!!

Merry Christmas to Dave, Michelle, Sophie, Judi & Walter!! have a safe vacation.

HO HO HO's to the rest of your Ho's!!

Merry Christmas to Dave, judi, all the blog staff, Walter, and all their families!

And also to everyone else hanging out here on the blog!

Walter is so festive! Oooh, and lookie, he got me a present!


Happy Holidays to Y'all too! Have some undisclosed fun at your undisclosed location!

Undisclosed location is lovely this time of year. They really spiff it up for the holidays.

Have a very Merry Christmas, y'all. Oh, and Happy Birthday to me on Sunday :)

Is that an attractive little Festivus Feces at Walter's feet?

Happy Holidays to all and a Prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas to you Dave and Judi ... and I sure you you aren't trying to fly somewhere - check out pictures from the Colorado Snowstorm that completely shut down the airport for two days - my wife is stranded in Vegas - I told her to have a good time and "what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas! ;-)"

You might also enjoy the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease which has webcams that provided live coverage of the blizzard - check out the time-lapse videos.

Dave, judi, and Walter (and by default Gene Weingarten),

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a new year!

Also to everyone who posts on the blog, especially Andy the tropic hunt guy, djtonyb, and gfunk, who are among my many favorites...as are Steve the 24 guy, Leetie, Souxie, Lairbo, mudstuffin, well crud, there's just too many of y'all to mention: It's been a really great year reading all of your twisted postings on the blog.

Best wishes to you all for a healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Miss Chevious

Merry Holidays to all of you here at the Blog, for making this year one of the funniest ever! Dave, Judi, thanks for all the stares I got from my staff, as I cackled away in my office!

Just catching up with othe rposts from the day and I thought I would throw something out there: Since I went completely wireless, for the most part, I can no longer open links to video. I was able to open one from a site I had previously viewed, so I may not count that. Otherwise, You Tube [as an example] tells me I either have JavaScript turned off, or that I don't have the latest Macromedia Flash player [neither is true]. A secondary symptom is that images in general now look like sketches or watercolors. I suspect it's purely a bandwidth issue. Anybody else? Any ideas? Anybody ready for some spiced rum and egg nog?!

*waits for dang family to get home from dang jobs*

Merry Snorkmas to All! NTTAWWT, IYKWIM.

*snork - Dave said "staff" with a photo of Walter*

Yeah, ditto on all the glad tidings. I'm still working; so, I'm not feeling all "festive" yet.

Best Holiday wishes to all, from our tubes to yours.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all. Hope you're going someplace fabulous Dave, as in not northwest. And Siouxie, have a great vacation wherever you may be going. We'll all miss you both.

I'm looking forward to FL on New Year's eve.

Wow - live shot of the shuttle landing. I'll try to remember that when I fly on a measly jet.

Merry Christmas Dave & family, Judi, and ALL the wonderful bloggers. Please forgive me, those who have already seen this from the previous thread, but it seems appropriate here. To all:

The Blog Christmas Song

Christmas strumpeting and mincemeat pie
Cold drinks snorking out your nose
Jack Bauer shooting terrorists in the thigh
And folks creating poems and prose

Everybody knows a camel and a pig to throw
Help to make Dave’s blog delight
Tiny bats with their eyes all aglow
Sleep in your Christmas tree tonight.

We know that Dave’s posts have cache
Exploding cows and snakes and squirrels he’ll display
And every blogger’s head is gonna turn
To see if Gavle’s Goat will finally burn

And so, I’m offering this heartfelt praise
To Dave, Judi, and bloglits too
Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you!

Bravo JD. Thank you and same to you!

*enjoys warm and fuzzy feeling*

WILL SOMEBODY BURN THAT DAMN GOAT? blurk must have a missle launcher or something.

From all of mine, to all of yours,
may all your troubles be shootable ones.



Dave - have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the laughs

Punkin, be careful out there. Tis the season for attacking glowing inflatables. While you are real (and spectacular), you ARE lit and can be used as a flotation device. So, beware strangers baring gifs...

*SNORK* @ bathead40!

Merry christmas all; and I kinda like the tree picture Dave posted. Traditional? No. But pesky shedded pine needles are a thing of the past. I wonder if the li'l mr's will accept a "Christmas" staff next year. Hmmmmmmmm?

Ok, that last snork was just for the fun of it. Nuthin' to see here, folks, move along now...

Walter looks like what you would have left if you shaved one of the guys from ZZ Top.

Merry Merry to one and all. Thanks for the warm welcome these past few months, and for many, many laughs. And Pirate Boy, I've been having a good time with the Elf Yourself site you gave us yesterday.

Best wishes and warm tidings to Dave and everyone!

Happy Christmas, y'all staff-like peoples. (especially Walter.)

Nice tie.

Happy Holidays to all, especially to this past season's 24 bloggers! I'll blog you all on Jan. 14! Can't wait!!!

OT - Wyo - do you have a relative named Severson?

Merry Christmas to all. I do hope all are safe and warm. I truly feel you are family. Funny how you can grow fond of folks you haven't "met" eyeball to eyeball. Or in Walter's case, eyeball to.......ummmmmmmmmm never mind.

Merry Christmas tube all!

And K Johnston, actually, it doesn't sound weird at all. :)

{{{The Blog Family, judi, Walter, and all bloglits}}}

I don't post often because I don't feel worthy most of the time. You guys are totally awesome!

Thanks for my daily snorks.

Merry Xmas to all!!

Maxi-mas to all. As half my family is Puerto Rican, did you know they think it's funny to hand me a glass of egg nogg with:

'Al-co-hol; helps white people dance' on it?

I'll show THEM!

*stumbles, falls down*

Walter is looking quite debonair.

Merry Christmas to one and all. Thanks for the humor and laughs and insights all year long. You all make life a joy!

someone say eggnog? did i hear shooters?
merry everything to everybody. hugs and kisses all around!

~Merry Christmas Everybody~

Where is the eggnog? Who is the bartender tonight? Merry Christmas to all. I bought myself a laptop so now when I travel I can keep up. When I go on vacation, I go where there are tubesw!

Hey gang ... blurkers and posters ... Dave, BSJ, Walter and families ...

Now that I'm home safely (by avoiding Denver) I'm more in a festive, holiday celebratory mood ... so I won't bother y'all with my usual BAH! Humbug! offering of the season ...

Hopin' everyone has a pleasant and prosperous holiday season ... Merry Christmas, to those who feel that way, Happy Whutever to all others ...

This is one time of the year when I'm hopin'/wishin' that my blog name would take charge, and help us all become better acquainted ... friends, if possible ... and more concerned with Oh ... the Humanity ... of our lives on the planet ...

Be careful out there ... some Grinches are still prowlin' around ...

Happy Christmas, Walter!
Happy Christmas, Blog!
HAppy Christmas, Dave!
HAppy Christmas, Judi!

Ahhh, nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like a walrus penis.

At least walter is using protection. Or... nope, that's a hat.

*Links to You Tube of Senator Ted Stevens*
*Wonders if I should have my tubes tied?*

Merry Christmas to all--and to all a GREAT night!

OK, Was I the only one who found the double jointed stuff just a little bit disturbing?

ah, costumed oosiks. THAT'S how i know a holiday is approaching.

Happy Holidays from the snow-less, warm, sunny part of the globe~

Merry Christmas to all!

(And I think "Go Elf Yourself" WBAGNFARB)

-Mrs. PB

Have Joy, friends. Hope everyone's [noun] gets [verbed.]

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Super Solstice to all!

Is it just my imagination, or does Walter look like he's been polished for the festivities???

O the U...I'm hoping, too! At least there's peace on the blog:)

To Dave, Judi, Walter and all of my blog friends,

Have a Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year!

I don't know if 2007 will be a better year, but it is sure to be every bit as funny!

I'm off to spend the holidays with my family and maybe read aloud from a new book that I understand is available.

There's a new book available?

Who wrote it?

Merry Christmas to all. May you find joy in the season no matter what it brings.
I get to fly home for a lovely Christmas funeral, that is if my flight is not cancelled again, but I will spare one and all the details. Ho ho ho, pass the neg blog.

Betsy: Walter is buff?

Zoodle: To quote from Animaniacs,"We have no class, and we like you."

Ducky: *Snorks* (Tall ones, too)

Be safe these holidays. Let Wikipedia show you how: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safe_sex_makespan

So where does the word 'bloglits' come from and what exactly does it mean?

Lucky bastids. I'm stuck here in sunny, clear, 70 degree So. Cal. I'd rather be cavorting among Botero sculptures. Maybe. Maybe not.

stevie - I'm guessing the term comes from 'literary bloggers,' but I could be just smokin' holly.

Up late/early wrappin'the santa-bling.

Jeez, I'm tired. Just wrapped an Xbox360. Plain rectangular box. Why it looks like a squirrel gift-wrapped in a diaper I have no idea. Oh, yeah...I'm tired. Guess an intern elf wrapped that one. Yeah, that's my story and I'm Nickin' to it.

Good mornin' - happy Saturday! Feliz Kwanzaa, Joyeux Boxing Day, welcome Saturday bloggers. When I think of you, I touch my elf.

And the Elf likes it.


Miss Chevious, I am honored. :)

Merry Christmas and warmest wishes to The Blog, Judi, and my whole bloglit family.


Good Morning one and all!!

One more round of Festive wishes...

Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
Kinky Kwanzah

In other words:

Merry Christmahannukwanzaka!

I wish everyone a safe and peaceful holiday season shared with your loved ones. I thank you for your friendships and most importantly the laughter you have all brought into my life.

Feliz Navidades a todos y muchos hugs and kisses all around!!!

Peace out...

Here's a little something for my blog gals!

Who's been naughty???

Ubetcha - I'm not going anywhere...other than the loonie bin after I'm done shopping...today.

Miss C - Many thanks for putting me in such great company. I am humbled. Warm wishes back at ya!

morning all. would i be bad to be getting personal satisfaction from knowing i'm not the only one who still has shopping to do? ugh.

be safe licorice. your plans suck but i'm sorry about your loss.

*snorks* for annie touching her elf.

crossgirl, I'm glad I'm not the only wacko...thanks ;-)

I'm off!

be brave, siouxie, and while you're out, can you grab something for my niece and save me a trip?

Good luck Siouxie & crossgirl. I don't envy you. It's rainy and dreary (and 50 degrees!) in CT and I'm happy to stay home and will hopefully get an early start on the egg nog and enjoy my decked halls.

Sorry to hear about your plans e-b-l. My condolences.

Everyone stay safe, sound and above all, witty.

Dave - After wrapping presents this evening, I saved one for last, that being your latest book. I had to read it before wrapping it up for my beloved neice and I must say you have outdone yourself on this one. I almost considered not wrapping it at all and just keeping it for myself, but then I came to my senses and ordered another copy.
Brilliant work, my good man. I couldn't stop laughing; and then came some tears, followed by more laughter, etc....
Enjoy the holidays and thanks again for the great Christmas story.

happy holidays all. may all your days be merry and brite ...

Merry Christmas to everyone. Walter looks so cute in his outfit.


I always thought of "bloglits" as the term encompassing all us commenter types, hierarchy as follows:

- The Blog, Mrs. Blog, and 1st Grade Blog (formerly "Kinderblog")
- The SB, (or Stealth Bloggerette) the Great and Powerful judi (who often refers to The Blog as "Sir," even though we really know that she's in charge, as she has accidentally signed on and posted as Dave at least once)
- All the enthusiastic and insanely loyal little Bloglits

But I really like Annie's definition, so let's go with that.

Morning all.

Geez, Annie, I almost stayed up late finishing my holiday cards. We could have mutli-tasked together. Oh well, what is life but a series of missed opportunities?

I DID IT! I did all my shopping, including the grocs for an English Christmas dinner, between the hours of 7 and 10 am TODAY! WOOHOO! Thank goodness I found the super caffeine coffee. Anybody need anything? {{{vibrating}}}

bali- I could use one of those guys pictured in Siouxie's post up yonder. Could you wrap him up pretty and drive on over to Tulsa with him? I know you're somewhat nearby.

is it just me, or does the bowtie give Walter a particularly jaunty look? I think he's the kind of guy (there's not many) who can wear a bowtie with pinache and not look stupid.

*zips in*

We love you Da-ave
Oh yes we do
We love you Da-ave
And we'll be true

Sorry for the two syllable Dave, but that's the only way it works, unless I'd said "Davey", which IMO wouldn't' work at all and might even get me banned. ;)

So Merry Christmas to Dave, Michelle, Sophie. Wherever your Undisclosed Location is, be safe and have fun (Yes, it's possible to do both at the same time.)

And judi, a very Merry Christmas! Whatever would we do without you? I hope we never find out.:)

Thanks to all (even Walter) for giving us this wonderful place to hang out, to be silly, to make new friends, and to enjoy your humor and wit.

oh dear! just realized that since christmas dinner is at my house, i'm going to have to add "clean house" to my to-do list. ack!!

Crossgirl - please. its Christmas. they're just gonna make messes everywhere anyway. Wait till everyone LEAVES to clean.

*jitterbugging thru the blog* Okie, dokie, Okie-Dokie! Any particular one? I actually have my son and two of his buddies hauling all my stuff in, the friends are firemen. Whew! Don't panic, I'm admiring silently and from a discreet distance! crossgirl, dust with a blowdryer, seriously. But do it BEFORE you vacuum. And don't forget the ceiling fan blades...I slung a rabbit-sized chunk o'lint over Thanksgiving. And try the super caffeine coffee. Really.

Come on. Those himbos have no brains, let alone senses of humor. What would you want with any of them?

stevie, we just want to unwrap their packages.

bali: dust?! i was thinking hose down the hallbath room, wash the dog, vacuum and sweep. it's all family. no one expects me to dust. right? right?

Crossgirl, Skip dusting with a blowdryer- I use the leaf blower~

crossgirl, Heloise once said that the only thing you should dust when you're having company is the telephone, in case someone needs to use it, and now with everyone having cellphones, I don't think you even need to clean that.

Have some eggnog and relax! :)

crossgirl - replace cleaning with mood lighting and alcohol...and maybe some Christmas music.

While we're on the topic (not), anyone have a solution for a hyper mutt who won't stop squeaking her new squeak toy? It's so bad our other dog has started taking the toy away from her trying to stop the noise.

Oh, my - it's not even noon yet and cars are cruising by to see our Christmas lights! Yes,I'm kidding.

crossgirl, I'm having Christmas dinner at my house, too, so I'm cleaning today as well. I have to at least vacuum up all the pieces of wrapping paper and hose down the kitchen from the flurry of baking.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Pass the high-octane coffee, and the eggnog, please.

that's why i love you guys!! always so practical.

annie. take the toy away from the dog. throw it away. seriously, i understand. our dog will just manically squeak, squeak, squeak. eventually the squeaker will break. do not replace that toy!!!!

Annie, replace the squeaky toy with a nice, quiet bone. My dog can't have squeak toys, because not only does he squeak incessantly, he barks at it between squeaks. NOT a joyful noise!

just ducky - that's what she wants - she's holding my sanity hostage until I give her a rawhide chew treat.

crossgirl - I tried that, but she's got these big brown sad eyes, so I gave it back to her. Agh! It's like a Chipmunk's rap album!!

Squeak toy update -Jake (our other dog, a scottie) just ended it. You shoulda seen him. He barked, "Ach, for the luva Kris Kringle, put a sock in it lassie or I'll plunk ya with a caber!!!" Then he took the sqeak toy and ripped its head off.

"sqUeak toy", not "sqeak toy" - this holiday has driven me to the brink of typos.

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