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December 26, 2006


Let's be careful out there.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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No problem for me....I always keep a saws-all and a bucket of batteries handy. Also rubber gloves. It pays to be prepared.

Trust me.

NMTU - it took me 10 mins to open my new iPod shuffle after trying with scissons, nail clipper, knife, finally an exacto blade. The cds were no trouble at all with my nail file. Except the clear tape that comes off in about a million pieces.

I was about to toss it across the room...

How was your holiday, Judi????

Did you do charity work? Like distributing shirts to needy firemen?

make that scissors...I am NOT french ;P

Ellen Degeneres did a whole routine about how insane it is that it's so hard to open a package of batteries, but light bulbs are just wrapped in thin cardboard... And she pointed out that you need scissors to open a package of scissors which sort of defeats the purpose.... :)

judi!! hope your Christmas was a great one!!!!

Punkin, the saws-all can also be used to hack unwanted MILs' bodies into tiny quart-sized pieces get rid of unwanted pests.

French customs opened a box from my parents and resealed it with the toughest tape I have EVER encountered -- and lots of it! (I can hardly blame them -- my Mom must have had what she calls "a senior moment" and marked on the declaration form that the box contained socks and cat treats, when it actually contained the complete set of Little House books and not a single sock.)

But I'm tougher than packaging -- especially when armed with scissors, a knife and the encouragement of a cat who can smell the whole, organic catnip that her granny has sent her!

Siouxie- Hmmmm....yessssssss....pests.....

Siouxie wrrites:

"make that scissors...I am NOT french ;P"

Excusez-moi, mais la traduction en français est "ciseaux".



oh...pardonne moi!! Amer!! we we...uh...oui oui!

speaking of...I have to wee wee ;-) too much cafe con leche!!!

Well, in these here United States of America, we-uns spell that there word "Wrrite" with only one of them there "r"s.

Ce vous plait, Mon Ami.

siouxie, that may have been a little TMI. ;)

Hammie, I noticed that extra 'r' but figured it was one of them rrolling rrs those frrench love so much.

sg - sorry ;-)

Ham, I hate to be Monsieur Police de Langue, but I believe you may have meant "S'il vous plaît."

And Siouxie, definitely TMI... next thing you know, we'll all be sharing reviews of our latest odiferous emanations. "A fine woody start, with late notes of decay and garlic."

CH - describes my EX to a "T"!

Oh, Punkin, that's BAD! ***SNORK***

Darn, I took a swing at it.
My apologies to Le Monsieur Police de Langue.

CH...ewwwieee or in french... ooouuuiiiii!!

or should that be..Le Pewwwwww

does wrap rage also include those moments when you're trying to unwrap holiday treats from their saran cocoons and end up having to gnaw your way in? or is that just me?

Snork at CH.

I *heart* "Wrap Rage"! This expression is from now on a permanent fixture in my DB Blog lexicon.

Also, alternatively,

Rap Rage = Late night dance party
Wrap Raid = Nothing says "Christmas" like the gift of wasp death
Crap Gauge = The measurement of BS present in a given statement or sentiment
WHAAAAAP Cage = The place Punkin' would like to store her MIL

cg' - nope, there are times when it's that difficult ...

As a general rule, however, I usually have either my Leatherman™ or a folding hunter knife with a "guthook" blade ... that usually lets me trip/cut/gouge my way into a package without much danger of cuttin' personal appendages, even if there's a slippage of control of the knife ... best tool I've found for openin' those blister packs ... quickest, too ...

my mom used to pack our lunches and rather than spend money on sandwich bags, she'd seal our food up in impermeable saran wrap. lunch would be over and we'd still be trying to get into our food. we were real skinny kids.

KDF - No need to store - we can freeze dry!

Wrap Rage works the other way around too. Like when you're trying to wrap an odly-shaped gift that you don't have a box for and stuff keeps poking out.

Eventually you give up and put it in a drawer thinking you'll just give it to them unwrapped. Then you forget it's there and don't find it again till mid-January (aka too late). So then you say, "I know, I'll give it to him on Valentines." But then you forget it again.

Or maybe that's just me...

"oddly" that is

THAT was news?!

lisa: garbage bags :) with festive holiday ribbon!

"Oh, great. Looks like someone's trying to make an unsubtle comment about my forgetting to take out the garbage again."

judi-Brilliant!!! Cross wrap rage off my list for next year! ;-)

It's always all about you, isn't it, CH? ;)

I received actual injuries trying to get the boys' new Gamecube controllers out of their packaging; and my 2 yr old nephew was reduced to tears as it took me about 20 minutes to get the little car I'd gotten him out of the box and then the 17 twist-ties.

I too, suffer from Wrap Rage, and I will proudly attend any support group!

more difficult to penetrate Barbie doll packaging than to cross the United States border

If the toy manufacturers were in charge of Homeland Security, the Mexican government would need to issue scissors and flamethrowers in addition to maps and fresh water :-D

Ugh, Barbie... Bad enough to undo 23 twist ties, but then they sew her hair to the packaging. Silly me forgot to bring my sewing scissors along.

Oh, and then there was the race car that had somewhere around a dozen screws holding it to the packaging. Fortunately, the hubster had his Swiss Army knife with phillips head screwdriver.

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