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December 27, 2006


They may have found your luggage.

(Thanks to Foghorn Leghorn)


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"The Houston Police Department is handling the case"


so that's where my luggage ended up after flying from Tokyo to Honolulu to Oakland to Houston to Maimi. Who knew? Since that was in 1981, those clothes are so out of style and probably would not fit anymore. glad the insurance paid off. i would have been running around nekkid and cold for a long, long time.

judi-are you telling us that Dave is both undisclosed and underclothed?

*I've heard about those kinds of vacations*

Should I not mention that it was George Bush Airport?

OK, I won't. :)

"tags on the bags showed some of the travelers were going to or from London and Dubai."

Guess the London bags got misplaced in the fog last week. Don't have a clue about the ones headed to or from Dubai...

"Mary Clark, a spokeswoman for Continental, said she didn't know if the contents of the bags were stolen"

Continental can be interesting with respect to luggage.

three years ago they misplaced one bag between Brussels and Philadelphia (pre-Customs).... then the other piece of luggage disappeared between US Customs (Philadelphia) and Baltimore....I guess they needed additional time to crush the contents (which they did effectively I might add)

when they ultimately located the gear, they delivered it to the wrong address

Perhaps this luggage in Texas was simply delivered to the "wrong address" ;-)

Hi El!

even worse, the luggage was full of medical records.

The owners of the pet store found the luggage...and replaced the contents with snakes...

Guess the Pet Shop Boys have turned to a life of crime.

So what were the pet shop owners doing in the alley anyway? Were they trying to trap the day's supply of chihuahuas?

My first reading was wrong. It was the "George Bush Intercontinental Airport"

Was all the lost luggage in a one quart clear plastic baggie with a zip-lock top?

Could also possibly be read as George Bush Incontinental Airport

El, not only did this happen at GB Intercontinental Airport, but Halliburton is located just minutes away.

Great, now everybody's blaming Dubya for lost luggage. Why not? He's already responsible for everything from yeast infections to Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. Sheesh...some folks need to retake a 6th grade civics course.

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