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December 27, 2006


You can charge them with assault.

(Thanks to Mike Pontillo)


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"Flatulence" and "sparks" should never be in the same sentence. It's just wrong.

Let me be first to say phewwww.

Okay, second.

so when my boyfriend flaps the covers at night, i can take him to court?

*Sends inmates several of these flatulence pads via UPS, the Brown carrier*


what suddenly comes to mind is the bean scene in blazing saddles. and why do i keep getting the spam filter thing, so i have to type some bunch of goofy letters, to prevent what a spambot? what?

Oh. That stinks.

Didn't his mama teach him not to..... Oh, right, he was once a ten year-old. Let's round them up and put them in stalls.

Assault with a silent but deadly weapon?

Cruel and unusual punishment?

...violation of the Kyoto protocol?

tonight on “Break Out” , it’s Mexican night, with predictable results…

‘that’s the third roommate you’ve shanked this week, Crusher! First there was Jimmy ‘the Colon’, then Sal ‘the Silent but
Deadly’ and then Vinnie ‘Garbage Rectum’ Afflatiosa. It’s solitary for you!’

‘bless you, *brrrrrrrrp* bless you !’ (is drug away)

“i guess we’ll find out if it’s true”

“about smelling your own farts, warden?”

“no, i was thinking more about whether Crusher likes random,senseless beatings… but yours is good, too!”

(first appeared on c-bol's blog)

Please, your honor! Not the gas chamber!!!

*snork* @ stevie w, who is on a major roll.

(And couldn't the DOC spring for a few Gas-X tabs? It couldn't hurt, and might forestall some lawsuits for cruel and unusual punishment)

I'm guessing he was sentenced to too to farty years.

And he's from Hershey. Whoa!

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