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December 29, 2006


(Thanks to Casey J.)

UPDATE from Jeannette Hughes

UPDATE from many alert readers


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a possible first?

and I thought Oklahoma was weird.....

Okie, didn't you ever see those signs on all the interstates that say 'florida - give us your tired, stupid weirdos and really bad drivers'. the signs are everywhere.

my parents saw the signs on the way to Myrtle Beach and they just kept on driving until they dead-ended on Marco Island. I feel so sorry for their native neighbors.

I LOVE living in Floriduh!!!! never a dull moment.

It was nearing 3:00 AM in a Fort Lauderdale bar when I found out that, for me, Florida is a wonderful cruise ship departure point and nothing more. The juke box would not play a Bob Marley song for me, but it worked for my dread-locked Bahamian friend.

When a juke box can determine that the farmer-tanned Colorado white boy is not worthy of playing Bob Marley in a south Florida bar but his companion is, then the terrorists have won Big Brother has taken over.

awww WW!! don't give up on Florida just yet!! we're more than cruise ships and gators. really. no no..really.

good to see ya again, btw!

It's the heat.

Psychologically speaking, the heat causes weird behavior. (This is a true fact. I studied it in college.)

But it doesn't dampen my Florida spirit!

Here in my little corner of North Carolina, we just have the occasional dry county that is run by bootleggers who run gambling houses and own too much real estate.

Florida sounds much more exotic.

oh no, Siouxie, i love my visits to Florida. it just seems that a large portion of America's most weird and stupid live there. not to mention the drivers, my father being one of the worlds worst! when i come for my visits, i make sure that i'm the one driving. i don't have nearly enough good medication to ride with him. i've met truly wonderful folks down there, but i've also witnessed some truly stupid stuff.

They forgot about those two plastic surgeons who had a patient whose wife shot him, so they fed him to the alligators. They also forgot about the blood spatter expert who is a serial killer and his biological older brother who was dating his step-sister but was killing prostitutes on the side.

Thanks, Siouxie -- it's good to be seen again. Like CJrun, I was floundering around with major Internet Explorer problems. Mozilla's Firefox has delivered me! (Feel free to hum the spiritual of your choice.)

I don't think I'd ever totally "give up" on Florida, so long as you folks have nude beaches that Mrs. WriterDude and I have not yet visited. I'll count on you to point us toward Haulover next time we're there. ;-)

Oops, Siouxie, you were talking to WW, not WD. How incredibly embarrassing.

I blame it on the new browser.

*rethinks next week's trip to St. Pete*

ww, it does take some fish testes balls to drive in Florida - Miyami has GOT to be the worst! And we do attract the oddest people...Lisa's right it's probably the heat. Turns the brain into slushy.

whoops...so sorry too...I was talking to WD and mistyped WW (even though I value her insight as well).

*will take you to Haulover*

Teen Injured Aftered Striking Bullet With Hammer
Near the vice, deputies found a hammer and a small pool of blood. No charges have been filed.

After they bring the vice squad out, they'll charge him with assault on a deadly weapon.

Aww, Siouxie, that's very sweet of you. Shall we invite WW to come along?

Two Escambia County middle school teachers faced felony charges after being accused of taking bribes from students to let them skip gym class. The amount per class? $1.

$1.00?? I bet they get kicked out laughed out of the Florida Felony Club.

I can't wait for season two of Dexter. I think it is more realistic than most cop shows out there.
Brad, if you haven't read the Dexter series, it is well worth it.

I'd advise the writer of the "bullet in the vice" story to learn to spell "vise" ...

... merely convinced that Florida is where the senile former "journalists" go when they go into declination, instead of declension ...

... and can SOMEONE do something about this stoopid ... um ... thread manager?

Every time I click on a link, to see whut the thread is about, and then click "back" to return and read the posts, it returns me ... to the threads of yesterday ... sorta like dejå vú all over again ... and again ... and again ...

O - I always use right-click / open in new window to check links. Avoids all thread management problems.

Here's another weird Florida story that was linked at the bottom of the carjacker one:

Police: Man Hired Taxi to Take Him to Rob Bank

TYTYTYTYTY KCSteve ... that's a neat trick ... werks fine ...

HOWever, whutever the problem wuz, it seems to be "fixed" now ...

and speakin' of "fixed" ...

these two Beagles walk into a Vet's office ...

I am on my first trip to Florida in many years. Now I'm afraid to get back in then car to go to the airport! Thanks! Although, today I swam in the Gulf of Mexico and it is 25 degrees at home, so I think I like it here.

From the It's Not Just Florida Department:
Back in '72 or so, I had an 8th grade classmate who hit a bullet with a hammer to see what would happen...what happened was a bullet lodged permanently in his knee. He probably still sets off metal detectors.

Actually, OtheU, if you switch from Internet Explorer -- a wise decision anyway -- you can just middle-click on the link.

Brad = Bwa ha ha, best references ever !

Actually, Richard the Weasel-Hearted ... (luv yer handle, BTW) ... I haven't used IE fer over a year or more -- over two years, in reality -- ... since I discovered that Safari is about six times as fast and easier and better and smarter ... and then I got a wireless card ... except ... two or three times when I wuz desperate enuf to try NEthin' to get online, and the h/motel's so-called "free high-speed internet connection" wuzn't ... and din't ...

and ... I've got my scroll button set fer other stuff, like Dashboard ...

But ... tnx fer the helpful suggestion ... that nudge from KCSteve is quick and cool ... so, once I get used to it bein' there ... that's whut's happenin' ...

Here's something that's not that funny but worth the time to read. What we've been hearing on the sexual abuse of young girls over seas at one of the Nikki Beach Clubs isn't over. It seems these young girls come from distant countries with hardly any money to work the summers at one of the clubs on the mediteranian.(Nikki Beach one of many around the world). What's been reported is that the Penrods will do nothing to the pervert as long as the money continues to flow in! The manager Marion Roman of Nikki Beach in Marbella it seems can do just about anything to these girls over there as long as the money continues to flow. This is the comment to some one I trust from Mike Penrod and I quote: "If the girls don't like it they can leave and as long as the money keeps coming in we're not going to do anything". Have you ever heard anything so insulting?

We're talking wierd Floridians and no one mentions Mark "you make me horny" Foley?

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