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December 21, 2006



UPDATE: It's crazy up there.


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Cow-tipping - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

True - they WERE udderly stupid.

Dear Lord, who knew cow tipping could cost so much time in jail and fines! I'm cancelling Friday nite's plans....

casey, I thought we were going goat tipping...


Goats, cows, who cares as long as we take the orange spray paint...

"The cow in question received damage to its base as well as damage to the right side just above the udder..."
Wow, that's almost a fell-on-knee.

I'll bet they're feeling pretty sheepish.

What? Cows, you say?

Never mind, then.

Oh, Annie...why?

That groan actually hurt.

cow tipping? how much is a standard cow tip? 15%?

Come on now, blurkie -for you, that pun is work-related. And you know how much I enjoy cowporal punnish-men.

kibby, here's a cow tip for ya:

When standing at the south end of a cow make sure you're either more than 4 feet away or closer than 1 foot away.

end cowboy lesson #647

kibby f5 - I'd steer clear of much of a tip, especially if you had to wait for-heifer.

you enjoy puny men, Annie???

may I suggest a visit to South Korea.

Annie, annie...I'm beggin'. Stop the abuse now. ;P

I'm in the mooood to milk this one 'til the cows come home. That cud be for-heifer.

Annie - please knock it off. It's getting udderly rediculous.

Maybe I'll move on to another thread and steer clear of Annie's bull. She's bein' really cheesy.

*just groan*

you mean moooooove, blurk??

Y'all hoove to stop this!

Oh, lordy, I just can't keep up with this bull session.

CJ - didja' get the books?

Speaking of the goat, no news is disappointing news.

It behoofs us to move on to another topic...

Hey, Bocken's beard is looking bedraggled. Could be all the um, moisture, drippin out of it...

But then again, it could just be my eyes...

Snot quite the same but...burger to you all!!!

Angus where blurk is moooving? Cowlorado? Mooontana? Cowlifornia? New Mexicow?

casey, you're probably still drooling over the loch ness monster (iykwim). It's in your eyes too!

EC; nothing yet. They may come today, but I'm about to hit the road, to try to get ahead of the rain.

I'm not pullin' up steaks and moovin'. I may take some ribbin' but I have a tender loin for this here place.

re update -
I bet a standard, police-issue 9mm chunk of lead could have caught the goat.

Jerk Goat. Yum.



speaking off...I'm off to eat some meat...um..burger*

blurkie - veal just have to see about that.

Perhaps South or North Cowalina...

Annie, I don't calve to and you ain't ropin' me into it.

Double udder madness.

Give up guys. Annie's gonna pun till the cows come home.

ubetcha, we all have a little touch of BSE.

*10 blog bucks for the bloglit who gets that reference without Google*

Bovine Spungiform Encephalitis aka Mad Cow Disease. Now give me my money.

*shoots cow to stop the cruel and unusual PUNishment*

"Encephalopathy"...but close enough.

Spend wisely.
Or don't.

EG, go buy yourself a nice steak... and take yer chances!

...and that's the reason that I don't eat burger any more unless I've ground it myself, blurk. :-( McDonalds' chicken menu has been getting better, but it's still not the same as a big 'ol greasy DQP... ummmm.... I'm drooling here. Dammit.

CH, I happen to have a bib here you can borrow. May be slightly damp, just wring it out.

ok...put those bibs away...had my meat (burger). NIce and greasy Wendy's Big Bacon Classic. YUMMO!

And, of course Goats of Mayhem WBAGNFARB

What self-respecting college student only has a 0.097 BAC at 2 am. Just not very respectful of the ole guard I say!

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