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December 20, 2006


"I'm a Mexican sewage diver."

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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*First to look for a new job*

Wow were do I sign up???

i guess my job doesn't suck quite as much as i originally thought. just kidding, lucky to have a good job and a great boss.

"Honey, I'm home!...Honey????"

Dressed in a thick red wetsuit, Cu pulls debris out with his hands or unblocks tunnels with a stick.

I'm thinking I'd demand a drysuit, instead. Key quote: It differs from a wetsuit because it is waterproof, and does not allow water to seep in.

He makes 400 a month diving in feces and you believe the "experts" when they say the security and prosperity agreement which merges us with mexico and canada into one nation is a good thing. $400 A MONTH? Boy I can't wait for the Amero. Don't know what I'm talking about? Google it.

ewwwww ewww ewwwww

i'll bet he is popular with all the ladies. $400 a month is good bucks in Mexico.

Wick, you don't seem to understand that the Security and Prosperity Partnership will lower our standards to theirs. Good luck!!!

not for all the pesos in mexico!! or tequila...

no, i understand all that. he can have his big pesos and stay where he is. i'm thrilled to live right here in the good ole U S of A. Security and Prosperity my @$$!

I love the SPP. I can't wait for my daughter to be the first on my block to be contract Mexican TB and god knows what other diseases as they are protected by our federal government to invade our nation and destroy it.

i once saw an engineer - in dress pants, wingtips, shirt and tie - climb down into a manhole, peer into one of the pipes (we were looking for a blockage) and then ask for his umbrella, which he then used to poke at a bunch of sticks and wet leaves, which dislodged the mass and sent a 12" spout of water (not poop-water, but still pretty smelly) into his face. since it nearly killed him, we only laughed for maybe a half an hour.

*wonders if there is a manly way to go EWWWWWW*

Your ass Wick? Bush signed the partnership last year. It's federal law. Are you telling me your local television, newspaper and radio haven't told you about this? Gee whiz. I wonder if the Miami Herald told their subscribers about this. This is front page news. Unless of course Britney is breaking up.

*thinks about tossing Fearless a gumball. eats it himself.*

Fivver, there is no manly way to say that as there is no manly way to do cyber acting and sleep while our nation implodes.

I once spent 3 months diving in the sewers below the Miami jail. The pay sucked, but it was all you can eat, so I had that going for me!

Fearful Follower, go suck on a gumball. Maybe you'll choke; at any rate, you'll shut up.

Is Wednesday oposite day? Thanks for letting me know Blood on Hands!

Go peddle your racist, ignorant crap somewhere else, you nitwit. If I wanted to hear your sort, I'd go hang out at Kos or the American Nazi website.

I'm only attempting to inform people about ignorant crap such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North American and statistics from the ignorant and might I add racist CDC. I most certainly apologize for my ignorant rant.

Your claim that increasing trade across the Mexican border will drag us all down to $400 sewage-diving jobs is ignorant of basic economics and all of history. Your comment about your daughter catching "Mexican TB" (as if bacteria are aware of national borders) is flatly racist.

You're not here to enjoy our community of folks who share an affiinity for Dave Barry's gentle humor, but rather to disrupt our camraderie with your tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and vile hatred. How the likes of you get through the spam-filter bot I don't understand.


**Applauds CH**
Will you be running with Dave?

*tosses a few chocolate covered gumballs over to CH*


O.K. you won't hear my rant again. As I said, I apoIogize I suppose it's logical to side with the one that makes threats. I'll just don my tin hat and hope I don't choke and wish you all a merry non racist whatever holiday you're non-racistly celebrating.
tidings to all...... I mean it, even you Clean Hands!

soooo, anybody got any good diving stories?

Thanks, bloggals. Obviously, I've got my own strongly-held beliefs on this subject (as I do on so many others), but I really do try to not shove'em down folks' throats.

There's a time and a place for such things, and this ain't it. Glad I could help put some bleach into the pipes.

Well, shellann, there was this one time I was snorkeling at Scout camp, and one of the guys I guess didn't want to get out of the water... so the rest of us did, after I reported what had drifted down past my mask.


Maybe that wasn't the kind of story y'all wanted to hear?

CH - eeewww. I think everybody else left.

Nice work Clean Hands, you have to wonder , do these guys hit the Disney site too?

Most likely, Mo Faux. Doncha know that the Happiest Place on Earth is just crawling with illeeeeegal immigrants?

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