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December 18, 2006


(Thanks to everyone)


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she seems to pay more attention to her, umm, kitty.

Worst "Mom" ... worst "entertainer" ... worst "wife" ...

Hey, she's got the Trifecta ...

Now, with "pet owner" ... she's goin' for the Exacta ...

*snork* @ crossgirl!
Twitney's a mess - clothing her dog, and leaving her kitty naked in the breeze.

That dog so does not match that dress. She should have spray painted it black . . . or maybe silver.

LOL crossgirl..and a pretty abused one at that!

She traded her out of date dogs for the latest trend in fashion accessories,kids.

This so reminded me of the South Park where Paris Hilton wanted to adopt Butters as a pet because all of her other pets kept killing themselves.

Does she have to shave everything?

What? Genetic? Oh, never mind...

I tawt I taw a Bwitney tw. . .

Worst dog owner? Doesn't Paris Hilton have (a?) dog(s?)

Lairbo - Paris was #2 on the list. I think Twitney beat her out because she also had F-Ked as a pet.

The talk-show host replaced 2005 winner Joss Stone, and beat off competition from...

Why isn't this marked NSFW? This is an image of Oprah I didn't need today.

Yeah, Brad, I noticed that too. What really bothers me is that the terms "beat off" and "Howard Stern" are in the same paragraph.

Yeah, that bugs me too, Val. No need for Howard Stern to get any taller.

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