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December 29, 2006


...and guys. Need we say more? Oh, yeah: that this happened in Florida. Of course.

(Thanks to Straw)


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See? You do need guys.

bees have a 'collective' mind. i'm not so sure about these guys. good thing this happened in Florida. these guys will never be noticed as being 'weird'. i give them a 0 on brains, but a 99+ for cajones.

Wow. That looks like they could've blown up the whole neighborhood.

yeah, i was thinking "hey, i'm glad they're not MY neighbors."

I'm amazed they didn't blow up the whole neighborhood.

Ok that took forever to load...this is sooooooooooo slow today.

psst..ww...it's cojones. cajones translates to boxes.

That concludes the spanish lesson for today.

thank you Siouxie. the bastards had big boxes too!

That brought my manly co-worker to his knees. He would do the exact thing if he was there. LMAO!!

Siouxie ... I have a friend whose name (with first two initials) is: cajones ... IANMTU!

so ... your translation ... um ... nevermind ... she might hit me if I took this joke NE farther ...

Guys know that a couple quarts of gasoline aren't going to blow up an entire neighborhood. That would require a big tank of propane, leaking for an hour or so.

I don't s'pose a couple cans of Raid ever came to mind...

Bee lesson for those that care:

The bees were swarming. Bee colonies only have one queen. When another queen is produced, the new queen leaves the hive, along with some of the drones and workers. The reason that the bees kept going back to the pole was because their queen was there, I suspect inside that little joint thingy. (har, I said joint and pole in the same sentence) I heard that bees won't sting when they are swarming, but I wouldnt want to find out. I love honey bees, they are some of the most fascinating creatures!

End of lesson. You may all thank me later.

So they didn't want to spend any money on bee-killing insecticides . . . but they're okay with spending money to replace the melted swings and the bucket o' gasoline (that alone must have run them $2.50).

Guys also know that a flamethrower would've been much easier and more efficient.

*makes note to get the NRA on this issue*

Guys just love to blow sh!t up!

I have never been more proud to be male than I am right now.

I was so busy being boring that I forgot to comment on how funny!

Sx and Mr. C ...chicks love to blow stuff up too! At least I do.

These don't look like honeybees to me - they look like wasps. And I can't understand why people get in such a tizzy about bees; they pretty much mind their own business if left alone. And these two guys HAVE to be from up north somewhere. Native Floridians would never act this stupid :)

mr. C - that may change abruptly after the comment in the last thread.

I agree, wicked...

casey, I like watching...stuff blow up. ;-)

Interesting that, had they simply 'smoked' the bees lightly, the critters would have been nice and placid. Then if they had set them up in a nice wooden box somewhere they could have had honey and wax for years.

They looked like bees to me. And casey is right about the swarming. Bees rarely sting when swarming as their instinct is to protect the hive, which they don't have yet. Mr Artchick is on the list to be called when people have a swarm in their yards, and he just scoops them into a hive box. As long as you get the queen, you're fine. Then its a good idea to leave the hive box until evening, and all the bees will follow the queen inside.

Most of the bees in our hives are freebies gotten this way. The other ones we get by mail order. Our postman just loves delivering an insanely buzzing box to our door!

artchick, where goeth the bees while you're up to your eyeballs in snow?

Eeeeeee! I got one in! I got one in!

Tube are not too bee. What was the question?

Just one question: Was the science project board under the fire pit something a child in the family needed for the big science fair the next day? Oh, well, I guess the kid could just stay home and play on the swing set...no, I guess not...

Did anyone notice the picture of baking soda and vinegar on the science fair project board? I think the whole family should be watched closely.

That was fabulous, if foolish! Congrats, Straw!

In Florida, we have a double bee problem; we're running low on them for agriculture and it isn't legal to move a swarm or a hive. Hives have become 'africanized' [Killer Bees!], so this will provide for more entertaining Hiassen stories. A couple of weeks ago,we had employees getting hammered by yellow jackets from four underground nests. I stupidly bravely went into the nest areas to figure out a plan and one hit me right in the eyelid when I was still 100-feet away. So, I cried like a little girl all the way to the yellow pages and hired an exterminator. I also wanted to move a massive honeybee hive, but the state wouldn't allow it. Beekeeping, around here, is gonna get like choosing to keep pitbulls as pets; sooner or later, you're gonna get sued.

They didn't want to spend any money on insect killer so they destroyed the swingset and burned up five bucks worth of gas and lighter fluid. Guy math.

Give me 50 dollars.


Give you 50 bucks.


Now give me your paycheck?


Are you crazy or something? I worked 50 hours to get that paycheck.

I think he is stupid.

That is what the bees and cows are trying to tell mankind. You know with the honey and the milk and stuff like that. See the bees {madumaki) toil day and night to create that honey for their own consumption and give some to humanity. The milk that the cow produces is for it's calves (bachada) consumption. The cow willinging gives humainty some of that milk.

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