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December 21, 2006



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I sleep with an inflatible sponge bob. he's a little worn out. Can I get another?

Damn terrorists...

Yay I get to go home early!!! have a good one O.O hee hee

Nothing says "spirituality" like a giant inflatable Sponge Bob.

(staring at the girl in the white bathing cap on the right side on the screen...)

(the sensation of drool dripping hand abruptly awakens)

"what happened?"

If the thief is reading this, wouldja please come to my neighborhood & get the one that is on the roof of the house down the street? I have suffered looking at that for two years now. It's just... well. unsightly. When it wasn't there for the first couple of weeks in December, I was happy & thought the folks moved. Alas, not.
If the thief doesn't steal this this particular one, could one of you manly men with firearms come down here take it out please. You don't have to pick off the inflatable Santa, sleigh, or reindeer, just the SB with the Santa hat. 'Course it's going to be difficult as they have them arranged in a grouping.
Thanks sincerely,

Those theives are definatly not sponge worthy.

Maybe Sponge Bob just left! He had things to do. Places to go. Maybe he hadn't done his shopping yet.

Everybody automatically assumes it was terrorists! Or kids. Or kid terrorists. I think it's profiling.

But I'm glad the little midget got a new one if that's what makes her happy.

They should send some to Heathrow

You know, the first thing to one's mind is: how awful, someone stealing a girl's cherished inflatable sponge!

However, I think of the poor fools of crooks who were forced to drive through the streets of rural Mass with a large, yellow sponge waving at traffic out of the back of their pickup. Who DOES that?

First criminal: Let's steal something!
Second criminal: How about an inflatable Christmas sponge?

I REFUSE to admit these men were from Mass. Clearly they were visiting New Yorkers.


(Incidentally, MASS PRIDE!)

JP: verb my noun.

See, what a heartwarming story! That would have never happened if I hadn't stolen that inflatable dummy and....I mean, what heathen would do something like that??

Beppie, here is a blog ticket to fly down & get another one for your collection!!!

Yeah, um, hey Walgreens? I had a 50" HD plasma TV out in my front yard up until last night, and I think someone stole it! Can you please replace it? Preferably by eight o'clock tonight, since that's when the Duke-Gonzaga game is on?

Learn Me Good!

*snork @ Misterteacher*

est cen - Relax. I have come to love the lack of taste you can see in Christmas decorations. I take my camera and drive around and collect them. My favorite was Baby Jesus riding Rudolph.

I've got to start reading more carefully. At first glance I thought MT was referring to "the Duke-Gorgonzola game."

"Although the item only cost $20, Ella loves SpongeBob..."
-get used to it, Ella...

DAVE - Sophie needs the same boots Ella is wearing in the photo. Shiny purple boots! Get them or I send Sophie a Crazy Frog doll.

Thank you EC! I shall arrive shortly!

I have nothing snorkworthy to say about this.

But I'm lonely.

*waves hullo*

Oh - and the Grinches struck again.

((hugs)) to Punkin Poo

I saw an inflatable Homer Simpson with a bag that says "Donuts" does any blogger have a neighbor they would like that stolen from.
Also estrogen... We have some "people" who throw every GD thing Christmasee they can think of in their yard. No rhyme or reason, just any GD thing. Last year they won first prize in our "ward". this year they {scaled back)And God Forbid came in second. They are the friggin Griswolds. What to do? Next year could be a retina killer. Please Est... or the rest of the blog, heeeellllppppp!

Annie, you are truly evil...that's why I love you!

*waves and curtsies @ Punkin*


*falls over*

Hullo, Siouxie!
pj, just for you (and any other anti-celebrationists), I'm going to wear my traditional mistletoe belt buckle backwards so you can kiss my hollyberry @ss. :p

I'm not sure who should get gob-smacked first

Don't be lonely, Punkin! We love you!

LOL Annie...I need to get me one of those!

(((Punkin Poo))))

Annie-Holly Berry called, she wants her @ss back.

PJ, I am sorry to disagree, but the Griswolds live next door to ME. Although I have an inflatable condom Santa, the rest of my decor is quite tasteful and subdued.

*hopes they finally ran out of lights*

Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! missed you around here!!

Walgreens just made the sponge(bob)-worthy list.

Hi Siouxie!!! Just been shopping, shipping and paying lots of holiday postage.

(Here's a tip. If you haven't shipped everything yet, just buy it a seat on the next flight out. It'll be cheaper.)

Hey, Lisa BFF!

Don't you think a mistletoe belt buckle would be a great gift?

Hi Annie-Yes I do. And you should sell that idea to Victoria's Secret.

And to Sears, to put on a Craftsman tool belt.

*changes Christmas wish list*

*snork* at Wyo.
How goes the move? And how's the weather up there?

doing lots of pre-move stuff so far. tyin' up lose ends. Not a flake of snow up here. (my wife's sister and family have been stranded at DIA for about 36 hours so far. gotta be fun.

Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry for them. The news reports and pictures out of there look horrible. Do they have any idea when they'll be able to leave?

Airport's supposed to reopen Friday at noon. don't know how long it'll take 'em to clear the place out. something like 5000 people stranded there.

What a fun time for all those people. And I'm sure the airlines are thrilled, too.

However, once it clears, the resorts will be busy!

(I'm baking right now, so my posting is somewhat sporadic.)

*texts fresh-from-the-oven, homemade chocolate chip cookies to the bloglits*

That's only about 20 airplanes -- now if they can just agree on no more than 20 destinations between the lot of them, it'll clear out in a jiffy.

I wonder if the Denver airport plays the same Christmas tunes over and over and over.

*snork* @ Annie

Annie, that's a very horrible, yet profound thought. Wonder what the death toll will be.

Wyo - why don't you ask your sister-in-law if they're playing any good songs, like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Lehr Jet...."

I think her cell battery's dead.

Yipes. Talk about Silent Night. I can't imagine being stuck like that, especially with kids.

Especially with a dead cell phone battery! Without a cell phone, there's no crapcam, and without a crapcam, you can't prove it happened!

I'm gonna go home soon and hug my house. There's snow place like home!

*snork* at Annie

Say, Clean Hands, what's up with the goat?

I wuz freaked out when I got pulled over by the Georgia HP, thinking there may have been an Amber Alert for the inflatable Sponge Bob in the back of my truck. Whew! Just a tail light out!

Hi folks!

Sorry so maudlin lately....been spending hours every day viewing widdle babies in orpanages and making myself crazy because I can't bring them all home for Christmas.

Anyway, I hope you/we all have a stress-free holiday! At least we get to drink nog!



*clinks glass of nog*

*prancing in for a bit*

*nogs yer eggs* CHEERS!!!

Punkin...you will be rewarded with the best wittle baby Poo!! I just know it!

Siouxie, watch out for CJ. I think he's on an inflatable Christmas decoration crime spree!

*texts Siouxie and Punkin warm chocolate-chip cookies*

Chocolate makes everything better (IMO).

Nothing says Christmas like El Caganer!

In a related story, 25 "El Caganer" ornaments stolen from lawns in Bussels were found huddled next to Le Mannequin Pis.

Brussels. Bussels are entirely different (they refer to the second story on double-decker buses).

It's never too early to teach your children the mystery and beauty of LOSS. Sorry about the Sponge Bob- Merry Christmas, now wipe that frown off your face and Smile! :)

Lairbo: I'm a pro noun verber.

I am ashamed to have made such an awful grammar joke.

I shall go stick my noun in the oven.

Where are all the people in my time zone, where it is 10:24 now, PST?

ShyJan, I'm in EST, but I'm up late biscotti baking for Mr. BLT's clients' holiday gifts. (Sends some blog goodies)

Ok...I just said THE most offensive thing on the Virgin Mary thread. I HAD to share...go look at it

Chaz, yo' in a heap o' trouble. Think coal for Monday and flames for a more extended time period!

Off to the races; I need to cross the headless chicken, the disparaging name for South Carolina for those that tire of that endless stretch of I-95. Rainy driving Boogers!

chaz, that was nasty. strangely compelling, but nasty.

Chaz, I'm afraid I'll be struck if I laff.

I posted a general message to my blog family on the thread below.

This article could be used in journalism school as an axample of poor writing. Can you say "redundant?"

Lacy things, the wife is missin'
Didn't ask, her permission
I'm wearin' her clothes
Her silk pantyhose
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

In the store, there's a teddy
Little straps, like spaghetti
It holds me so tight
Like handcuffs at night
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

In the office there's a guy named Melvin,
He pretends that I am Murphy Brown
He'll say, "Are you ready?" I'll say, "Whoa Man!"
"Let's wait until our wives are out of town!"

Later on, if you wanna
We can dress, like Madonna
Put on some eyeshade
And join the parade
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

Lacy things- missin'
Didn't ask- permission
Wearin' her clothes
Her silk pantyhose
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

yup chaz, you're going to hell.

and mud, for sure that's a holiday favorite!

Hi ShyJan-I almost "met" you. I was up late reading last night, but I must have logged off just before you got here.

And Yes, yes! Come to Florida--at least for a visit.

YAY Mud! That's one of your best!

Chaz...all I can say is this...when you're in HELL...you'll be listening to this lovely festive tune...


Chaz nuts roasting on an open fire.....

thank you.

Siouxie - Oh! That's good!

my favorite:
jack frost roasting on an open fire,
chestnuts nipping at your nose.........

Siouxie...I love it. Thanks formaking me smile.

Happy Holiday, My Friends....


Dave Barry The Elf

Anytime, Chaz!

Happy Holidays to you too...

*zips in*

I want to know if the new one was stolen last night.

Not that I'd want if to be of course, but it would be interesting to see if it got replaced, doncha think? :)

Mud - words fail me.

Pee Jay: Your neighbors may have relatives out here...On the next street over, there is a house with a plastic lit-up Nativity scene about 3' tall, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse instead of Wise Men. Santa is sort of hovering off to one side. Above it all, lurking on the porch steps, stands a huge plastic lit-up chartreuse Alien. With a Santa hat on. Every year we have friends over and I take them for a drive just to prove I'm not making this up.

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