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December 21, 2006


The crime wave is spreading.


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Is nothing sacred anymore?? oh and "first" :)

what? no pictures? i want to see the christmas carnage!

"Christmas Decoration Rampage" somehow i thought i would get through this lifetime without seeing those words in that sequence.

What the heck is going on with this global vandalism? What ever happened to the season of peace & love?

I expect they'll get a [candy] caning.

it's those Yobs again, right???

I'm telling you..I'm gonna install one of those surveilance cams like the bloken has, in front of my Santa condom...JUST in case.

Who wants to bet they were inspired by the Blog comments? See no one listens to S*****.

*is disturbed*

They're just upset because it's hard to make snowmen in Australia around Christmas.

Sandmen maybe

Ah, Dave...I think the new PC term is "people of the snow persuasion." just sayin...

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