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November 29, 2006


Squirrel melts.

(Thanks to Geoff Butler)


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she sure shouldn't admit to poaching it!

that is child abuse!

um...no thank you!


Idn't he cute? I'm just gonna tuck his cute little butt in this water.
I like pecans. You know how squirrels like nuts.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

"Kinda cute, innit?"

How can you eat something you think is cute? Does she eat Babies and kittens too?

Hey, better on a sammich than on my power pole. Damned furry little terrorists.

*tossing up breakfast*

Does she remind anyone else of a character named Alex Forrest, but on downwers?
Yeah, yeah, I know that was a bunny rabbit, but same effect...

"Melting Squirrels" WBAGNFARB.


Art, kittens, while tender, do not have as much meat on them.


&%}@&^@ Websense filter.

"Its a nice young tender squirrel"

hey grampaw... whats for supper?

Poached Squirrel Salad... didn't Emerson, Lake and Palmer have an album by that name?


that's one way to protect your power lines and children from the foul beasts....

From the video:

"Why not squirrel melts?"

Why not, indeed. That might be the rhetorical question of the decade (so far).


Hey, if you can't live with 'em, eat 'em. Squirrels make good clutch purses, too.

I think I'd rather have a squirrel purse than a squirrel lunch. Plus, I heard that they are all on crack. THAT can't be a good thing. Try it once and next thing you know you are addicted to the darned things.

wouldn't it be easier to just hang out under a power line with an open bun and wait for a squirrel to fall?

This is a joke, surely. (and don't call me Shirley!)
These furry rodents carry a host of bacteria and viruses that cooking may only kill part of.
You'll note that no one on the video actually took a bite of that trash.
Now, perhaps, farm-raised squirrel -- yum.

Oh, for god's sake, I thought that was a joke! PUKE!

Jeff Foxworthy got nothing on her. You may be a Martha Stewart clone if...

Squirrels melt?

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