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November 21, 2006


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Note to self: *Forget visiting the Amazon for vacation, or any other reason*

Fortunately, the poison from the Scolopendra gigantea is insufficient to kill a healthy human adult. The alarmingly massive centipede can, however, cause symptoms such as local sharp pain, swelling, chills, fever, weakness, and uncontrollable running-away-and-screaming.

Kinda what happens when we click on Dave's Manilow links.

thanks so much, first manilow now giant carnivorous centipedes. i think i'll make that 2 tranquilizers tonight.

now that is some very descriptive writing. shudders!

Another reason to push for a 'Stop the Rainforest,' campaign. I will have difficulty sleeping knowing that something like that shares a planet with me.

when i was still living in hawaii, we had at least 20 or 30 people hospitalized by this bad boys first cousin. it's toxin burns like fire and can kill very young children and older people with health problems. every year a few people end up dying from the complications of the toxin.
paradise my a$$.

Definition of a dilemma:

I really wanna shoot one of them things but...

they eat bats.

What's a man to do?

"The alarmingly massive centipede can, however, cause symptoms such as local sharp pain, swelling, chills, fever, weakness, and uncontrollable running-away-and-screaming."

You think?

*suddenly more grateful for the freezing temps in our neck of the woods that kills almost every creeping thing come winter*

damninteresting is damnright

With 46 legs, I don't doubt that they're fast runners and great climbers.... DuH!

Yeah, but with 46 legs, everyone gets a drumstick.

I'm just saying...

"There, dangling from the cave ceiling, the centipede eats every scrap of flesh from its prey over the period of about an hour. It then pulls itself back up to the ceiling and climbs down the wall to return to the dark, damp corner of the cave from whence it came. "

My spelunking days are officially over.

Oh, yeah. Did you watch the video of that THING eating a mouse?

I am speechless.

There are times that I am glad my hospitals firewall blocks things at random. This sounds like one of them.

"Hey Bill, did you know those buggers can grow to the length of a man's forearm?"

"How do you know?"

"There's one on your forearm."


blurk, bats are our friends. they eat lots and lots of bugs, including mosquitos. that makes them a very good thing here in the humid southeast.

Oh, my. The video of the centipede catching the bat is even worse.

Centipedes and beetles and bats. A smorgasbord of horror.

The giant centipede then grips the stone with it rear legs, allowing its forward segments to dangle into the cave below. Its front section sways as its legs wriggle through the air in search of the intended target: a passing bat.

I hear that Brittany Spears is using a very similar method to try to get a new husband.

*shudders in fright all over, like Don Knotts in any sort of old monster movie he's been in, which I readily forget, but remember the effect anyway*

Places to go before I die
1. Paris
2. London
3. A bat cave in the Amazon
4. Rome

I watched the video of one catchign a bat.

Play Again? Uh, no.
Send Link to a Friend? Not if I want to remain their friend...

Finally - the perfect Christmas gift for OJ.

TERRIFIC idea, AWbh - they say that an adult can withstand the bite of one... how many centipedes would it take to kill an adult male? Preferably in excruciating agony, not instantaneously? Just wondering... purely intellectual curiousity.

I bet Batman and Robin didn't count on this.

Hey, aren't these the same things used in Star Wars Episode 2 to try and kill Padme?

Security to aisle 12....we found another one of those starwars nutjobs.

OJ (as caterpillars approach groin): "Do you expect me to confess?"
Parents of Nicole Brown Simpson: "No, Mr. Simpson, we expect you to die! Hahahahahahaha!"

Sorry, fantasy moment...

"The world has many moist, warm, and dark cavities where phobia-inspiring organisms quietly lurk."

Tell me about it.

Is the bar open yet? Cuz I need a damn drink after seeing that thing. *shudder*

bones -when i read the first sentence "The world has many moist, warm, and dark cavities where phobia-inspiring organisms quietly lurk i was reminded of ms. spears...

"More info:
Video of a giant centipede catching and eating a bat (Google Video)
Video of a giant centipede eating a mouse (YouTube)"

Errrr....no thanks...

When is World Organism Day again?

Poor lil bat.

Note to self: stay outta the rainforests!

"Invasion of the Batty Snatchers"

*sorry, I still have the flu*

While I'm a fan of "moist, warm, and dark cavities" in many situations, this is a bad thing.

Upon seeing this, I must quote Steve Bushack from the (highly underrated movie (IMHO)) The Freshman, upon seeing a komodo dragon:

I'm gonna puke my guts out.

Back home!

At least it kills the bat instantly...it's sorta humane for a creepy crawly.

blurk, can't you shoot 'em both??

I have to say I like the bats that flutter about outside my place at night. You can sit on the veranda or back deck without worrying about mosquitoes because the little vampires kill them all.

And it's kinda cool watching them zip and dart around catching them. And they never bother us. They're quiet too....

Yep. Love me some bats....

Hmm...just watched the video of it eating the mouse. Again, Stephen King comes to mind....wonder why.

Clark - bats are ok...outside. We had them in our house when I was growing up. Kept a tennis raquet by the wood stove for when they flew through the kitchen. My mom keeps mentioning that once I left for college, the bats never returned. ISIANMTU.

I hope Batman has his centipede repellent. Yikes is right!

Not quite the right topic, but they're multiplying.

I'd like to have a couple of these 'round the house as mousers, my cats are too blasted lazy.

I threw up in my mouth, just a little bit.

Hey, idea here, I get an influx of mices every fall, living like I do in the 'burbs....weather has been somewhat mild so far but in the last 24 hours has turned nasty. I'm expecting to see signs of the little darlings any minute now. Should I get one of these as a pet? Will it also catch and eat the stinky little 13 year old boys that have been sniffing around my daughter?

The world has many moist, warm, and dark cavities where phobia-inspiring organisms quietly lurk.


"TERRIFIC idea, AWbh - they say that an adult can withstand the bite of one... how many centipedes would it take to kill an adult male? Preferably in excruciating agony, not instantaneously? Just wondering... purely intellectual curiousity."

hey, ummm, ch, if you get the answer to this, could you email me. not that i have anyone in mind or anything, but, you know, christmas is coming up and i have some ex's, err friends, that are hard to shop for.

if your love buys a centipede
then be aware of on what it will feed
it dines on fresh bat
or perhaps a small cat
and causes much panic when freed!

if your love buys a centipede
then a new love, Shirley, you need
with a freako like that
beware where he's at
this may be the last thing you read!

LTTG, but I have been one arm paper-hanging. In Jamaica, they don't get as big. However, they call them gullywasps and they are skeered to deaf of them. Which can be useful. Largest centipede, I don't doubt it. Largest arthropod? Nice try, land-critter geek. There's a sea spider [king crab to restaurant patrons] from off of Japan that gets to @ 2m across, 6 times the size of this pansy bat-eater.

Mmmmmm. 'Crab' legs 3-feet long!

sounds "way cool," CJ, pass the butter!

One of the few creepy crawlies my husband is squeamish about (dare I say scared of?) is the centipede. He has good reason, it seems. Needless to say, I probably won't show him this link...

So many legs. Bet it tickles.

Right before it starts burrowing into your flesh.

Bet that don't tickle.

Do they eat squirrels?

OK, so I'm watching "House" tonight, and for some there-are-no-coincidences reason they use the term "spelunking", and suddenly I realize that maybe this word has a not-so-mainstream definition.

So off to Urban Dictionary I go and wuddayaknow. Lern sumpthin every day.

If I may, I would like to hereby revise my 4:10 post to read, "My cave - as in real cave - as in Mammoth Cave, KY - exploring days are officially over."

No spelunking here. Nope.

*snork* @punkin
Cat - that was such a fun word before Urban Dictionary got a hold of it.

Hi, Cheryl, (an' Punkin' too).

Don't know if they eat squirrels, but I've heard that pirates occasionally do!

certainly not tryin' to be impolite to Annie and Cat, but y'all snuck up on me, like a centipede.


*was enjoying the American Music Awards with my girls (yes my college girl is home for Thanksgiving) and BARRY MANILOW is now singing...and ohhhh...gawd...*

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Wyo, that's a great picture of Cheryl & family!!!

Quick, Siouxie, watch the centipede-eating-a-mouse video. It's a long shot, but it just might work.

THANK YOU Cat!! wow...worked! that was grosser the second time around but it got rid of BM.

Glad to help.

Dave, I just can't thank you enough. What a great bedtime story. The world feels just a little safer.

I like bats. Hate centipedes. Can't even know what to say about BM. Yep, it's Tueday.

does it have feet odor?..coz then it would kill itself...

If your lover comes home with a tickler
Check the country of origin - be a stickler
If it's French, not Brazilian
You'll feel like a million
But if it's Latin you'll be fattenin' up a bug's dinner.

Interestin' quote from the Star Wars link: ... lapped blood into its proboscis ...

I din't know that a tongue (for lapping) could ... um ... slurp into a nose, so I hadda look it up ... and learnt somethin' today ...

Cool! (In a gruesome sorta way ... )

Stevie, I REALLY want you to write me epitaph. That was beautiful.

Thanks, bg, that's quite a compliment!

That pic you sent in to wyo - it's fake, right?

Cozumel to the blue Turks and Caicos
She swam with the rays and the mako's
Now she sleeps with the fishes
In accord with her wishes
Serenaded by soft dolphin echoes.

Coming soon to a theater near you!

"Giant Carnivorous Centipedes on a Plane."

Completely off topic.....

This afternoon, I set the wheels in motion for a kitchen remodel.

Pray for me.

In Nomine Cuisinartium Pro Kitchenaidium Madre de Kenmoreiam Butcherous blocum et Lavatorium cutlerium ... Amen.


stevie, that was to die for! Off to work....

Good morning, blogits!

Off to Starbucks, hopefully an easy day at work...and then some turkey! 8)

LOL OtheU & stevie!



*makes hot chocolate for all*

To Punkin Poo Nov. 6th comments
He was his great grandson(Frankie Fontaine)by the way. You could phrase your words better also. Get yours facts straight first. You obviously did not know Devin to say he was really a screwed up kid and the family expected him to end up that way. What is screwed up is people talking trash about something they know nothing about. Ian’s cousin? You should be ashamed of yourself especially someone that only met him twice. Stop talking b.s

ummmmmmmmmmm. yeah. well. its IS chilly today. gumball?

Alan, me bein' in the kitchen remodel bidness, ya know I'm prayin' for ya! There WILL BE DUST! No matter what anybody says.

and *snork* at OtheU and stevie. fine, fine prayer.

Wow. Good morning. Yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed too. But, 4 quarts of strong Columbian coffee later, I felt better. Anyone care for a cup?

btw, Welcome to Cat R.

Oh, I forgot....snork at Stevie and OtheU!

My, my Ms. Cat, what big, beautiful eyes you have? Where can I get some like that?

Oops, I didnt mean to put ? at the end of my first sentence.

Not enough creepy-crawlies to spice up your morning? Try this (just click "guest" when it asks you to register):


Welcome to the Booger page Cat!!! great picture!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, Wyo and Bloggers. Casey, it was one of the few pictures I had without giant bags under my eyes from lack of sleep from reading the blog into the wee hours....

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