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November 20, 2006



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Who was the idiot who approved that anyway??

Yes, but does he still get the $3.5 million?

1) I was online when it first showed up and noticed that MSNBC.com had the Murdoch quote before FoxNews.com did. (It was the only reason I went to FoxNews.com)
2) The Murdoch quote has a typo ("his" where there should be "this") that none of the news sites I've seen so far have corrected.
3) You've got to wonder how many physical copies have already been printed and how they will be disposing of them. (Send in the dumpster-diverazzi!)
4) How long until bootlegs of the special end up on YouTube... 5... 4... 3...
5) A half hour AFTER it was pulled (And Amazon changed it from Pre-Order to Not Available) it's still #51 on Amazon's Best Seller list.

6: Will FOX Network fill the empty timeslot with reruns of "The Simpsons"?

Dont get your hopes up it was only pulled for a new special... Michael Jackson: How Weird Am I.

FINALLY! That was beyond poor taste. And I haven't looked too closely into this, but don't the victims' families get any and all money he gets his hands on because of that judgment against him? Why is this an exception?

Also, according to the link, this is listed in the 'entertainment' section of the paper. There are no words.

If ANYBODY ever needed killin'...

Let's do a "What if you got the electric chair" special. It could be real life-like!!

What if Ron had had a gun. That might make for a good special.

Yes, but does he still get the $3.5 million?

Posted by: Jeannie | 04:34 PM on November 20, 2006

hopefully, it will go to the goldmans and whoever in the coviol trail and keep him off south florida golf courses

Mr MOTW and I were in college when the verdict came out. It was a shame, but the class was divided by color on that verdict. The African American students were very vocal in support of Ito's acquittal, the rest of the class just sat quietly. The prof, who was black, came in and just listened for a moment. Then he asked for quiet and said he did not want any talk about the case to continue, and he began his lecture.

I gues he feels as if he just bought one of these . . .

Shock! Decency wins out!

His name is Simpson. Who is this Ito guy you speak of?

Oh, I like that idea - a re-enactment, only this time even the odds up a bit by arming the intended victims.

OJ lives in FL because of the homestead law which says that they can't attach his wages from the NFL for damages or any money that he may profit he may make from his slaughtering his wife and that innocent guy.

Maybe he can be coaxed into the Everglades some evening.

I read an article the other day where the woman who interviewed OJ made a special deal where she didn't pay HIM, but made arrangements for the money to go to his kids, so the victims' families would not be able to seize it.


That is correct, but he would still be able to access it as their guardian. If he thought that he wouldn't be able to get a hold of that money,there is no way he would have someone write that book for him.

Anyone with the absence of a conscience that that creep has would never give away money to anyone.

He'd probably poison his kids and say

oops! someone else did it to get his hands on the money.

He has no conscience.

The glove did not fit. Iwas Acquit. FORE!!!

How about Simpson explaining how he would have looked for the real killers if he ever had. That is, once he'd determined they weren't golfers.


We should send him one of http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230054201459">these CDs and change it to go 'confess, confeessss . . . '

D'oh! (Must be rusty)

We should send him one of these CDs and change it to go 'confess, confesss . . . "

FORE!!! That is how he spells his IQ.

Also, according to the link, this is listed in the 'entertainment' section of the paper. There are no words.
I hear ya, KOW. It kinda bothered me when all the coverage of the Jeffrey Dahmer case was in the "Food" section.

and yet, OJ continues his search for the REAL killers...apparently he thinks they were caddies...

On a related note, OJ has just picked up a contract from the Florida Orange Growers Association...they're paying $5M to change his nickname to "Snapple"

Yay! There is a God.

I agree, Mikey, the man is a total waste of skin. I'm sure he's figured a loophole to get to the money. Now if No One Buys The Book, that would be very cool. I don't want the woman who wrote the book to make any money either.

the saddest part of all of this is that, even if he did confess, he could not be tried again due to the "double jeopardy" standard. I'm thinkin' it's time for snipers posted at all Florida golf courses...

what? you guys think he's guilty?!

cg: oui. Beaucoup.


I'll go along with that thot, Dave ...

(and y'all ...)

You do know that OJ has his own website, doncha?



LTTG but...at the Book Fair, while Dave was talking about his books, he happened to mention OJ's book coming out and asked everyone to please do NOT buy it! Everyone clapped. I applaud Fox's chief for pulling the plug. I was pretty disappointed that it was to air on Fox.

That's the good news...the bad news is...he still lives here in Miami.

Very cool that Dave did that! YAY for DAVE!!!!

I saw the "preview" for the special and was stunned. It's bad enough he got away with murder, and tried to get custody of his kids back, but then to try _again_ to profit from it.... did he think the US public had forgotten? I mean, generally there's a short "half life" to trials and stuff... but not this one....

That was cool of Dave to ask people not to buy OJ's book. Ickk! Why were people buying it anyway?

If all the money went to OJ's kids, then he could probably justify not spending any cash on them again ever.

Maybe I missed this above...but what I saw was that there wasn't anyone from FOX doing the interview. It was being conducted by THE AGENT!

Didn't seem very fair and responsible!

Let's not give Murdoch too much credit for decency. It took the outrage of everyone on earth to get him to pull the plug. And don't forget, he also owns the company that was going to publish the book.

The best thing to come out of all of this was that Bill O'Reily got caught in the most blatant lie he has ever told when he said, "Fox News is not connected to Fox Broadcasting."

Judith Regan needs her head examined.

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