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November 22, 2006


It's relaxed.

(Thanks to danceswithvowels)


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This has not been my experience with bombs and the South.

Laywers start your law suits!!!!!!!!

I notice the Striking Difference between a judi WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G and a Dave WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G.

Probably most people are wondering why Davve posted pictures of naked guys.

My thoughts too.. I was hoping for the guys, though.

Let me get this straight - Friday - football game AFTER bomb is found
Saturday - police are notified
Wednesday - story appears in paper

Did they have spellchecker running for a couple of days?

Anyone else notice the scary Santa lady in the ad for the 'Commons' Townhomes?

That warning was a mistake. Sorry.

Dang. I was so excited, too.

Dave is a tease... :(

whoa - simul with Dave, then with baligurl. Happy Turkey Day.

*pours tall glass of lemonade and sits on the patio. Uses bomb for a foot rest. Will call bomb squad tomorrow maybe*

Things are just super slow there as the top banner says they are having their election on 12/5. Those lucky folks get a whole extra month of negative camapign adds. I would be worried though if he is one of the candidates.

'Reckon 'at's mebbe a bomb?'...

'Reckon who ya votin' fer?'...

My first Davepost! Yay!

BTW, it's too bad we don't know Tom Bonnell's middle name. If it starts with B, his name can be turned into "non-tell bomb".

Annie - she's somethin' isn't she? Fancy tool belt, and all.

Thats nothing. Around here, it's the police who leave the bombs in the schools. Seems they had a training exercise in one of the schools, and someone accidentally left a bomb (yes, a real live bomb) under a student's desk.

*Didn't realize Tuscon was in the south. Pours Proud a glass of lemonade*

Put your feet up, stay awhile.

Um, Cheryl, Tucson's about 50 miles from Mexico. Just sayin'.

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