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November 20, 2006


Reason 2,038


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"Bad blood between some guests and the crashers may be the motive for the violence, police suspect."

Now that's some fine police work. Nothing gets past these cops.

... um ... yeah ... and REASON 2,038 why I have no desire to ever visit the entire state ... merely sayin' ...

I noticed one of the writers of this fine article is a "Rob Barry" ...any relation???

The baby shower wasn't ruined, it was just repurposed. Sort of like the surprise baby shower for my neice after Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

That reminds me, I need to pack heat in case the shower gets out of hand.

Break out the body armor, honey, we're going to a baby shower.

I like how the guests came conveniently armed to this event. Yep, only in Miami...

Suzy, they were tipped off by the note on the invitattion that said B.Y.O.A. (bring your own ammunition).

Who has a baby shower at 10 PM? Whatever happened to Sunday afternoons????

Of course you go armed to a baby shower! Heck, some of the gifts were probably "My Little Uzi" and bullet proof diapers.

I agree with Heinrich, the party was much more ruined to the guy who got killed than for the bride. Sorta like ham 'n eggs illustrating the difference between involvement and commitment: The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

was this in Hialeah?

I guess the lucky parents registered at the Local Gun and Shoot store rather than Babies Backward R us.

I'm guessing the thank you notes may be delayed some.

Don't ya' just wonder whether the mother-to-be was out there brandishing a firearm? Responsible pre-natal nurturing...

geez, my baby shower was so boring, all we had was a fistfight..........

Was this an unplanned pregnancy? Could it be that the father's side of the family was armed and dangerous? Possibly politically incorrect to ask such questions, but it might have something to do with the shootout. Then again, it might just be that the party was askled to lower the volume on the music....

Maybe it was just celebratory gunfire that got out of hand.

Yup, different from where I live (Cinci, where some yahoos tried to bomb a mosque a few months ago), but not really funny. A BABY SHOWER? Even Al Capone would have the good taste not to hit a baby shower -- wait 'till the baptism, folks.

Hem hem:

"Eight months pregnant, the baby shower had been in her honor."

I have been to a number of baby showers, but never one that was actually pregnant itself. Of course, I have never been to a baby shower in Miami.

Actually, living in a suburb of L.A., this is a story that illustrates why Miami is like where I live. In fact, this sort of thing happens so often around here (baby showers, birthday parties, funerals) that it barely constitutes "news."

This illustrates one reason that guys should not attend baby showers. If there had been only women present there may have been concussions, contusions and some easily controllable bleeding, but no deaths.

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