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November 27, 2006


(Thanks to Mr. Completely)


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Well, that certainly clears it up...

Yay, I got posted!!

Now, of course, the trailers will revolt.

("Hey, the trailers are revolting!"
"Nah, they're not so bad.")

Why bother with the correction - trailer trash can't read.

Congrats, Mr. C! When are you coming out with a book?

Dave, next topic, please. ;)
(pssst - judi got cookies)

high fives the copy editor. good one!

The Original Article in case anyone wants to link to it.

"The phrase "trailer trash" was not used by anyone quoted in the story and was not intended in the headline to refer to Kenner residents living in FEMA trailers. The headline referred to the trailers themselves."

Yeah, right.

Yeah, right, uh huh. And those other folks didn't mean the slight about those 'turkeys' in New Jersey . . .

Pretty picayune, if you ask me....

Re MKJ's link:

NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel says the turkeys flew away after this video image was taken and it is unknown where they came from.

I believe I saw them transferring at Hoboken.

Yes trailer we meant trailers not you. Not get the He** out of our building.

Isn't 'tornado magnet' the appropriate term?

Times "trailer trash" term touts tornado magnets.

Trailer trash is a post-tornado trailer

This is about Britney, isn't it.

On behalf of any number of my WV relatives...thanks for clearing that up.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.

And Sis.

And Grandma.

And Cousin Roy.


Pogo..oops. Technical difficulty.

All my uncle dads have trailers and are dang proud of 'em too. Some of 'em even come with fancy garden tubs and stuff. They have to pay extra for roofin tires, tho.

So... just wondering. Did FEMA provide emergency transcamaros along with the emergency trailers?

Per Foxworthy - "If your richest relative buys a new house, and you have to help him take the wheels off..."

Think Dave will post anything today? I bet he's tooling around his livingroom on his Cruisin' Cooler ™ shouting "Weeeeeeeee!" while the rest of us sit here, coolerless, waiting....


I guess I could read this book I have here about some miracle oosik.

WOW took me a long time to read all the threads today, lol. You're a busy guy, Dave.

*Snork @ blurk, i have relatives in WV also.

*Snork* @ casey for 'uncle dads.'

MKJ - those turkeys were heading for Pheasantville, NY.

Hey all! missed the blogtivities today. Looks like ya'lls had some interesting ones that I haven't even gotten to ;-)

pssst...Punkin...got the flowers...thank you so much

mucho hugs!!

How many trailer trash folks called to complain about being called trailer trash?

Seacolt to seahorse:

"Daddy, is that a unicorn?!"

"No, I believe that's a norawall."

FWEEEET! Ten yard penalty on Siouxie for illegal use of "ya'lls". Proper usage in that context is "all y'all".

LOL pogo...sorry but my "trailer-trash talk" is a bit rusty.

"iffin yas knows whut I means."

Y'all - 2nd person plural
all y'all - 2nd person plural aggregate (a group of groups)
y'all's - 2nd person plural possessive

see also - momanem

My cousin was in for Thanksgiving. He grew up in the UP of Michigan. He's now in Georgia. One of his kids saw us stairing at the turkey and said, "All y'all ready for dinner, aye?"

DPS--Put that child in your will.

pogo, how's your momanem?

CJ: and a finer lookin' norawall never did swim in Lake Pontchartrain! :)

I gotta go make groceries, y'all, so keep on keepin' on.

*putting away southern slang and going to bed*

Norawall: Git R Done, Girl.

I swear that I saw the name "K-Fed" in that retraction the first time I read it.

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