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November 01, 2006


We'd better get busy looking at semi-naked men ordering our calendars. You never can tell when you'll need one. Get "your's" now!


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I'm not even gonna look...

Ugh...from the first picture, the men of Texas libraries looked like it had such potential. I shoulda heeded the warning "Texas libraries" - *snork*

sigh...can you get eyeball whiplash?

"suitable for framing"? - no
More like 'suitable for farming.'

Judi.... eewwwwwwwwww. *waves testosterone cloud away from face*

Jazzz ... if you need the anti-testosterone remedy, just stick with that SECOND link. You'll be feeling better soon.

Cheryl - or scroll down a little on the first link....*shudders*

That's true, Annie. I guess I got stuck on that cowboy hat picture.

Such a nice hat ...

Forgive me gentlemen.Please remember that I called you "gentlemen."

www.firefighterscalendar.com I purchase this one every year & go to the signings...


ec - good one. Also Men Are Like....

Naughty, naughty, judi.

Not the first calendar or the third. That bit in the middle.

Sneaky. Mean.

A calendar from some peppy guys I heard on the radio, this morning.

CJ, I think they're better with their skirts ON.

naughty judi caught me bigtime!

Wow, Judi did a number on her own kind! I am highly impressed with her deviltry.

thank you, thank you.. thank you verra much.

I admit, I got duped as well, the scroll down was not pretty. You don't see parts like that around these here parts.

I'm not feeling too good.
*breaks out eye bleach and Chippendales emergency kit*

YAY judi!!!

wooooooo hoooooooo I come home to THIS!!!

Cheryl...somehow I had missed that. You have a way of putting things in perspective. *goes to play with Barbie™ dolls*

*shouldn't have clicked on the 2nd link*


judi, you sneak!

*passes eye bleach to Siouxie*
*tucks Chippendales kit under pillow*

gawd! thanks Annie!

gets me EVERY time!!

C'mon Sio, you gotta know to do the 'public restroom hover' over links on the Blog. I hate the disguised ones; those should be shot.

I'm just too trusting I guess, CJ. Besides, the way my laptop's screen is here, I can't see the bottom part it.

Siouxie - whatever you do, don't scroll down on the first link...

Annie, you know better than to tell me that! now I'm curiouser and curiouser...

Siouxie, I'm tellin' you - avert your eyes....


"Buy for for a United States soldier and shipping is free."

This is just wrong.

Damn! Nice boots!

*should have listened to Annie-the-wise*

*pours more eye-bleach to numb the visual*

judi has schnookered us all....sigh.
*goes to drown her sorrows in half-price halloween chocolate*

Annie, I scrolled down earlier. You talkin' about the guy covering his WonderCup with an album labelled 'DANCE.' I thought that was pretty funny.

funny for you...ha, ha...After seeing the cowboy hat guy at the top, I expected more.

I just wanna know which library the fella with the hat works at...

Wahooligan - I'm guessing the term 'Texas Libraries' is part of the joke.

we ALL did, Annie...at least the bloggettes (and the pink shoe-wearing blog dudes) nttawwt, of course.

I thought it was funny and I bet they do well selling calendars to the rich ole biddies supporting the library system. I didn't check, but that guy could be the curator of classical music in Austin. I bet he's a hoot!

I'm so happy for him. But he just flushed my libido.

Actually, making your libido flush sounds as if he had a better impact than I thought.

Siouxie, I find if you poke your eyes with cocktail forks before the bleach, it is much more painful and satisfying.

Jazzzzieeeeeeeee! thanks for the S&M lesson...I knew I could count on you.

*anxiously waiting for yet another confusing episode ot LOST*

ot??? that should have said OF

*so confused she can't write*

Because I am a staunch supporter of Equal Rights...

I bet blurk already has this calendar.

And, while this is not a calendar, it is a collection of good pictures of smut.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say blurkie has a better calendar.

Now now Chris...this being a PG-rated blog...there's no need for THAT kinda smut!

CJ, I agree...

Why are the "Men of Romance 2005" looking at one another?

NTTAWWT *especially if they don't mind their mothers thinking they're gay*

LBFF, welcome home! They're not even looking at each other; those look like heads pasted on cartoons. Gosh, girl porn really sucks!

Hi CJ!

LISA!!!! where have you been???? I've been wondering about ya! Just the other day...I asked about you!

Hi Siouxie! I've been around, just haven't had time to comment. Been checking in on all the "blantics" though!

Thanks for missin' me. I missed you guys too.

Hey, Lisa! Welcome home! I hope that last statement doesn't scare you too much.

Sioxie, I saw your pics of the Hunt. You and Tropic represented us well, I thought.

Hi Annie, you mean "flushing libidos."

Isn't there song about that? Mm, maybe I'm thinking of "Waltzing Matilda" which could be construed as a whole other thing altogether.

Lisa, I tried to not embarass represent the blog as best I could. It was a HOOT!

You look great in the pictures. Looks like it was a fun event.

I don't think I could ever have solved the puzzle though. Volunteering is a great way to go--all the fun but without some of the pressure.

Actually, I meant 'welcome home.' If you think about it, it can be a frightening thought...this being 'home' and all.

Lisa, after that meeting we had for the volunteers and Dave 'splainin' all the puzzles...I realized there may have been one or two that I could have figured out but there is NO way I could play. I told judi & Dave to count on me to volunteer from now on!

Thanks - I thought we all looked great in that toga.

Annie...in a way...this IS a bit like home to us.

Oh yeah, I see what you mean. I’m so acclimated it didn’t even phase me.

*but now that you mention it, I'm a little worried* ;-)

Siouxie-After the explanation video, I was thinking, it's a little bit like the blog on sneakers.

Lisa-it's more like the blog on crack! IT IS INSANE!


Imagine me and you
The loo
My stinkin' kids a smelly fright
Been up all night
He ate way too much vegemite
But it's alright
Sew nappies together

I should ball them up
Throw them away
And maybe I should call the cops
What would I say?
Oy vey the stall right next to me
The guy is gay
Sew nappies together

Missed you, Lisa.

Hello Wyo, thanks. Missed you to.

Gosh when you miss a few days, there's so much to catch up on. Posting feels like flexing muscles you haven't used in a while.

*SNORK* and a LMAO to stevie!!

you have a warped mind my friend and I love it!

I can't see me changing nobody but you
For all my life
When you poop oh baby all I say is EWWW
For all my life

*hangs head down at my LAME attempt*

*snork @ Siouxie and Steve*

Well, it's fun to be back, but I gotta turn in.

'night all. See you tomorrow.

*waves @ Wyo*

Lisa..I know the feeling. It takes a while to catch up!

waves back at Sioux. (checkin' out My Space pix.)

*getting ready for bed now*

hugs & smoochies to all sleepy bloglits (those of us on the east coast that is)


*turns lights off* *tiptoes around...trips..falls on Punkin*

hmmm cushiony... zzzzzzzzzz *snore* zzzzzzzz

Not lame, sxi - good job.

I'm surprized no on e mentioned this to you gals before, but I think that Brokeback Mountain calendar is for men.

Like Mr. Howard once mentioned to me (although I'm pretty sure he was referring to the golf cart girl)

"Doesn't matter where you get your appetite so long as you eat at home..."

shea butter wholesale.
beefcake calendars.

Coincidence they are on the same thread? I think not!

Ooo, land speculation in Florida? Reminds me of The Cocoanuts...

[At the resort hotel, looking at a map.]

Now here is a little peninsula, and here is a viaduct leading over to the mainland.


Why a duck?

[more back-and-forth between the two ... ]

All right, why a duck? Why a duck, why-a no chicken?

It's times like these that make me really happy to be a lesbian!!! ;-)))

*realizes she can't possibly follow THAT*

back to getting ready for work...

pssst...AmerInParis...if THAT's what *I* had to pick from...I'd be a lesbian too...just sayin' ;-)

Due to that first link, I'm suing for false advertisement.

The second, link, for cruel and unusual punishment.

Psssst Siouxie, if I'd had that link to follow a couple of decades back, I might have had my little sexual orientation epiphany while still young enough to truly enjoy it -- a lot! ;-))

MMMMMMM..........beefcake and lesbians for breakfast, I see. Good morning all!

Siouxie - Just checked the winning Powerball number - you may be shocked to learn it was not mine.


*pulls out cardboard, makes sign to hitchhike to Miami*

A balanced breakfast, Punkin!

How's the weather in Paris today, AmerInParis???

Paris is COLD today (don't ask for the temp, please. I canNOT think in Farhenheit anymore) -- and our company just moved offices a few weeks ago, so we are now in a beautiful -- but cold! -- Haussmann building with high ceilings and no heating. And apparently, the plan for dealing with the lack of heating is a big company secret! ;-)

But the sun is shining and the nearby streets are packed with tourists and a few Parisians(our offices are near the Grands Magasins, Opera, and all those other places that make foreigners drool. ;-))))

You can tell which ones are the Parisians, btw. At confusing and busy intersections, they are the ones who stride right out against the light, some of them nearly getting themselves plastered to the street, but jumping back just in time thanks to another person at the wheel of a car or truck who engages in honking and waving his hands in an angry gallic manner.

Meanwhile, the jaywalking Parisians have themselves a little giggle over having cheated death.

I love Paris. TRULY!

Oh and yesterday was a public holiday (Toussaint -- All Saint's) and a friend and I walked through the Montparnasse cemetery where many famous people are buried. We accidentally found Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir's graves (together) and besides 1 November flowers, they were covered with metro (uh, subway) tickets. We think it's possibly some sort of a socialist tradition, but we're not sure.

Anyway, I very respectfully added my metro ticket to the rest. Much cheaper than buying mums...


That's interesting, the Metro tix on the grave ... when I've got a bit of time, I'll hafta try to research that ... urban mythology, and how it originates, is often intriguing ...

Awwww Punkin! we'll still hope for some rich old geezer mature gent of the rich persuasion to sponsor us.

Amer - Good to know you, at least, had your epiphany before you were TOO old. Hey...s3x is s3x, whichever way you swing ;-)


Thanks Siouxie -- please note, I love men too. I just don't drool over them in that way. ;-)

Meanwhile, OtheU(manity), if you find out about the tickets, I'd love to know the story behind it.

PS to Siouxie: It's also perfectly fine that other women like you do really really like men -- and I truly truly believe that you do -- you don't have to convince me ;-)))))

I just feel a little left out sometimes because, for example, at work the guys sometimes email each other "guy" things, and the gals email each other "gal" things, and I receive the "gal" things, but am often more interested in the "guy" things, as long as they are fairly tasteful! ;-))

Whimper, whinge, doncha feel SOooo sorry for me? ;-)

OTOH, there are some advantages to getting the "gal" stuff -- for instance, I loved the hunks cleaning and plan to send it onto a couple of guys I know who will probably appreciate it even more than I!


awww Amer! I do feel for you...lucky for you we have an equal opportunity Blog and there are plenty of 'guy' things you can enjoy. (Not all tasteful, I admit).

As far as the drooling goes, I don't just drool over ANY guy..sheesh...

For example, my droolage meter definitely goes on HIGH alert whilst gawking at a picture of Matthew McHunkyhey.

About once or twice a decade I encounter a guy I work up a little saliva over. Let's see, who was the last one. Uhhhhhhhhmmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. Uhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh who was that? I'm sure there was someone. Oh yeah, Orlando Bloom is pretty cute, if young enough to be my son!

Didn't go back online last night (rarely do.) This is really embarrassing, but the "Men Are Like " calendar is hanging in my kitchen. Ya' see, it's like this. I had a Heat calendar hanging there, but their calendars run out at October (when the new season starts.) I needed a November calendar, so the "Men Are Like..." one just sorta jumped off the rack & said "Buy me!"

likely story, ec...

Snagged by Judi's header? Why, no, why do you ask? (G)

The first link's for charity; so, if the British Calendar Ladies can get away with it, I say, so can some librarians from Texas.

But Links 2 and 3 just seared the eyeball. Especially link 3, causing possibly permanent damage...or the need to croon obnoxious songs at inopportune moments.

AmerinParis -

Nothin' yet ... tried snopes, they (apparently) never even heard of either Sartre or de Beauvoir ... at least in the "urban legends" vein of thot ...

This'll be a casual search, when time permits ... could be a while ...

OTOH, I have a photo of moi ownself standin' beside the grave of Yeats ... but nobuddy wuz leavin' tix for NEthing, there ...


I can ask around here -- my friend remembered reading about it in one of her tourist guides...


From the British newspaper, the Independent:

"What the Métro tickets were for is unclear. Perhaps Le Petit Homme (the little man) and Castor (the beaver) might like to return to the Café de Flore to drink coffee, smoke Gauloises, discuss their many infidelities, mock their friends and ponder, from a new perspective, the difference between "being and nothingness"."

And I goofed -- originally they found 5 unused metro tickets on the graves. Hope they don't mind my cancelled Metro ticket...

Hmmm ... that's ... intriguing ... and thot-provoking ... and (with your addition) smile-inducing ...

Well, while it was a cancelled ticket, I did place it on the grave with the utmost respect! ;-)

Hmmmm, now I feel a little guilty from leading the conversation away from guys to gals to JP Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and metro tickets.

I think everyone else has left this thread, anyway, so I'll back up a step to gals and mention that even though I don't get emails about sexy women washing cars, cleaning houses, or even "normal" women posing for calendars, I can at least wander through the museums here and gaze in rapture at the lovely, classical rubenesque types.
That is all. ;-))

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