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November 09, 2006



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If We's the most famous snake in the world, how come he hasn't been blogged until now? I think they're missssstaken.

"And this summer, We mated with another two-headed albino black rat snake named "Golden Girls." No word yet if a pregnancy resulted."

Of course a pregnancy resulted - how else would we have gotten K-Fed?

Third to say that - Two-headed Albino Snake WBAGNFARB

OK- 5th

D@mn robot

We be having more snakes on the blog. We can't be serious.

Cold wind stings my ears –
Winter has made my neighborhood into a frozen desert
Like the Sahara at the south pole not baked Alaska- cold and dry
The hairs inside my nose freeze and my man-bits disappear.
I’ m wearing a coat yet for some reason my back is cold.
My toes, not yet numb, throb with every step
As I hasten to the door behind which
Brandy and cookies await before a fire
The smell of cloves and oranges greet me as I am nearly
Pushed out the door by warmth and light.
This is good cheer. I pinch off a piece of fruitcake and casually
Toss it into my drawers. A present for she who abides there
Ever with me, hiss-terical.

But I got a simul with MTB out f it- thanks, Robot!

*Snork at mud

AND DTR and Mud's disappearing man-bits. Doesn't get better than that!

We has been adopted by Florida-based biopharmaceutical company Nutra Pharma as its mascot and brand icon. The company uses snake venom to develop scientific treatments for HIV-AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other neurological and muscular diseases.

Oh great not only does it already have two heads, but now they're gonna give it venom. Are they trying to kill us all.

Also it gave me a great idea for a movie sequel.

Snakes on a Plane II
This time they have two heads!

Also it gave me a great idea for a movie sequel.

Snakes on a Plane II
This time they have two heads!

Hey! Edgar has 2 posts- one for each of the snake heads?

We like the word "we". We think we are going to use that word all the time now.

Two posts in honor of the two heads?

Well joe, great minds ... you know.

I just heard K-Fed referred to as Fed-Ex. SNORK

We can always benefit from mechanical assistance, right ddd?

True, Meanie- but the robot doesn't have a Hello Kitty face on it ;P

and *snork* at Fed-ex

Check out the chocolate beer in the yesterday's stories list.

We want our Preciousesss we doesss

Asked whether We is satisfied with the sponsorship deal, Sonnenschein joked, "We is getting extra mice now."

Grammar much? Oh, wait...

Life is good when you are a two-headed albino hermaphrodite.

I mean when "we" are a ...

oh, nevermind.

Regarding the chocolate beer article: I do not find it shocking that someon would put chocolate in beer, not even a little bit. I've done the same myself, with delicious results.

I do, however, find it shocking that it sounds as though Andhowzyer-Bush has decided to dabble in making good beers. I will have to investigate further.


Found a photo but can't do linky thing.


Doesn't look albino to me. Just how many two-headed snakes are out there, anyway? Besides Fed-ex, I mean.

Linky thinky.

Thanks CH!

You betcha. ;-)

Oh, so that's what We look like...

WE are here and WE are wondering how WE decides which way WE goes...

HEAD 1: thisssssssss way

HEAD 2: no thissssssssss way


i got two heads - which does the thinkin?
merciful sh1t! what have i been drinkin?
i had the situation and every homey in the nation was sighing in frustration at K-Fed and his station - had me a record contract, and on top of that, access to the rack (it was stacked) that little boys whack to and baby got back too but i done p1ss it all away i don't learn nothin no way they call me K-Fed, midwestern corn-fed, suspected brain dead, most likely in-bred, completely white-bread, now I'm F-Ked.

They used to call me K-Fed
Now call me F-Ked instead
They used to call me K-Fed
Now call me F-Ked instead

way cool, mud!

Love it mud!

Mud, yer on a roll!! lol

"We are not amused..."

by the snake... We love mudstuffin!

Did y'all see where Fed-Ex is suing for custody and child support? Buwahahahah!

Understand that FedEx & Rummy are starting a support group for dumpees with tabloid-enhanced monikers.

what a useless dweeb..how's he gonna SUPPORT them..huh???

Unless he hooks up with another idiot...

anybody remember:

Take me in oh tender woman,
Take me in for goodness sake,
Take me in oh tender woman,
Ssssssssighed the ssssssnake ? Or something like that. No?

That's one of my earwigs - hahaha.

A date I decided to make,
With a man by the cool name of Jake.
But the sad story goes,
that I've not enough holes,
for a man with a two-headed snake.

"She clutched him to her bosom, " You're so beautiful" she cried
"But if I hadn't have brought you in, you might have died
She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
Instead of saying "thanks" the snake gave her a vicious bite."

Oscar Brown, Jr.

loved that song

He did the tube snake boogie.....

Aw shut up silly woman, said the reptile with a grin,
you knew I was a doggone snake before you took me in.

Yes! Me too!

More than you can say for K-Fed... So I'm assuming that means K-Fed isn't getting extra mice now.

I would imagine that Rummy's gov't parachute is platinum, not just golden. And who knows how good FedEx's pre-nup really is, until the lawyers get through w/it.

I just heard K-Fed referred to as Fed-Ex. SNORK

Posted by: Layzeeboy | 10:17 AM on November 9, 2006

yeah I heard it yesterday when I bogged it here... snork

Actually, the tabloid tele-news has been using it since Tuesday.

O.k. learned people.if you're the judge which loser do you stick the kids with?

Rummy made his money in the private sector like Cheney. He's rich besides his government entitlement. It really stinks for the rest of us, tho. He's got a wonderful ranch in NM.

Ah haha, Dave's topic line is hilarious.

snork at adora

Kevin who?

Of course, since I don't think I ever saw an actual picture of Mr. Brittany holding, jostling, playing with or otherwise caring for his offspring - any of them - I think custody is a long shot. Maybe just see which parent can pick out their own kid from a crowd and give them to the one that gets it right.

I think Punkin should get those kids. She's a great mom, and she approved this message.

Twitney should get 'em, of course. Not that I have any delusions about her skill as a mother, but because she has the money and if those poor babies are lucky, Twit will hire a nanny or some type of caretaker that might actually have some parenting skills and that might actually have real, honest-to-goodness feelings for the kids. Poor little young-uns.

I just heard K-Fed referred to as Fed-X. *Snork* I love it!

Ah sheesh. I guess I should have read the entire thread first. Old news. *sigh*

Annie - I AM a big believer in nurture vs nature, but considering THOSE tattered genes, I ain't no miracle worker!

Cheryl - Leno had a funny montage of all the talking news heads saying 'Fed-X'....but I heard on the blog here first!

We is not amused.

what a useless dweeb..how's he gonna SUPPORT them..huh???
Unless he hooks up with another idiot...
Posted by Siouxie

Sioux, can we nominate her?

i can see the headers now...
"StuFedEx marries dumb blond bimbo!"

oh, wait.......

I heard that neither is getting custody. Brangelina or Madonna will adopt.

I was home sick and saw the wannabe rap artist on Tyra Banks (she must owe somebody something). His back-up singer had ten times the talent. Hope he is able to find better work.

Yeah, you have to be pretty sick...

Punkin, great limerick! Only posting that made me laugh out loud today.

"I just heard K-Fed referred to as Fed-X. *Snork* I love it!"

ch (1:20pm) -

I absolutely, positively heard that yesterday.

the very first news flash i read (msn or yahoo news link) on tuesday, mentioned that he was already being referred to as FedEx... just sayin' :)
(isn't it perfect?)

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