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November 28, 2006


...you're talking about the Indian film industry.

(Via Mr. James Lileks)


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My god, that was a bad movie.

When they were looking for a new James Bond did they even look at this guy's audition tape?

Is the character's name Apu Bauer?

That's 3 minutes and 47 seconds of my life I'll never get back. I'll bet it's better if you watch it when your eyes are dilated.

"The Adventure of Saddam Hussein Across the 8th Dimension"

Coming soon to a theater near you....

Now all it needs is Paris Hilton....

WOW!! I LOVE the swordplay! So Uma Thurman like!

George Lucas must have been involved...

I loved the way they crashes a twin engine plane and fell out of a single engine cesna. then later jumped out of a business jet. Three planes, one crash.

that would be Crashed.

I think the most frightening part was that I really paid enough attention to notice those details. I need to get a life.

I have got to see that movie. The guy with the sword made Dirty Harry look like a pansy. Awesome.

I was on the edge of my seat! ;-)

(The truly astounding part was that, at no point, did they break into song.)

Lileks web site is so fun.

That was so bad it aspires to be cheese.

That was one train wreck of a movie.

I thought only evil overlords monologued after catching and killing his opponent.

In another Bulletin (etc.), we got it all wrong. It's not Fed-X that's hanging with Paris - Twit-X got to her first!

If this is the extended version, I wonder how badly the short version sucked?
If they cut the earlier scenes, how would we have any idea what was going on?

... and before killing...

Jon, I'm thinking shorter is better in this case.

Also, did the guy fall out the train window and back onto his motorcycle?

Scott, this is one time that I, as a woman of the female kind, would agree. THIS time only. ;)

I always have to wonder, since we're just killin' the goons anyway, why do they holster the sidearms and grab the sword to do it with.

I think the Matrix guy was Elvis. (From his I- don't-want-to-just-be-a-pretty-boy phase.)

"Schmucks on a Plane."

That bad guy with the gun & hostage was a tad limp-wristed.

I was just shocked that the sword guy didn't stab anyone in the thigh.

Give him a bad brush cut and take away his razor for a couple of days, and he's a dead ringer for Jack Bauer.

Oh, fooey, I see that Lairbo had the same idea all the way back up there in comment #2.


No cows were to be hurt during the making of this very fine moovie.

Siouxie, I'm sure you're right! Wouldn't want to deprive anybody (unless it's bad movies).

Sheesh - where's Gandhi when you need him?

This movie is a shoo-in for the "Award for Best Foreign Action Film With a Bad Plot and Horrible Special FX That Doesn't Have Paris Hilton as a Leading Lady".

This movie sucks toe shmegma.

But, the fact remains that I still have no way of creating a film with effects such as these. It's kind of like when Ferris Beuller was commenting to Cameron about Cameron's car. He said it was a piece of crap, but Ferris didn't even have a car, so he had no choice but to admire Cameron's.

This is still my favorite Indian film clip of all time.

(bbescuela found it FIRST!)

*snorks* @ Ghandi.

BTW, I hope others checked out the Lileks link and especially that they scrolled all the way down to the 'bugger' link. What a hoot!

*snork* @ Leetie's link

leetie, what the hell did i just watch?

Since Wikipedia knows everything... linky

You may also enjoy the "slapping scene."

Scroll to the bottom of the article.

was that a midget or a real kid?? yikes lol

And who made the little kid inhale helium?

The only thing missing from that movie was a Barry Manilow number.

Barry does Bollywood??

♪♫Everybody was Thavakalai fighting....♪♫

(re: leetie's wikipedia link)

OMG, does little superstar have a um, uh, gosh, I dont know how to be PC about this so I'll just come out and say it....does little superstar have something wrong with his eyes or am I sitting too close to my monitor?

he went to Dave's eye doc, casey...nuff said ;)

I'm confuzzled. Why would you shoot the wheels offn of an airplane that's landing? What's the point? So it runs you over as it skids to a stop?

Well nothing else made sense either.

I'm wonderin' how they got James Brown to be so short in Leetie's link ...

... and ...

Bugger is FUNNY!

It's easy to see why the guy couldn't be killed--he's Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's! He's already dead!

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