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November 22, 2006


(Thanks to Poop Dogg)


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I guess this proves the proverb:
There is nothing new under the sun.

Holy smokes! His mom thought he was going to be a cook?

...and by God, cherry bombs were good enough for us!

Someday, he hopes to work for the federal government

See Dave, you were right.

Indeed, DP Chris, nothing new at all.


And the French think atomic fusion will cost billions. They should just get a quote from this guy.

Do we still need marsh gas, then?

Ah but this guy can't build a self-sustaining fusion plant. There's a major difference.

Not that the French will succeed either, just that it's not as practical as the article makes it sound.

Unless you're just tryin' to win a scholarship.

"self-sustaining fusion plant"??? Can I get one of these at the local garden center? I kill every plant I touch but I was thinking if I got one that is self-sustaining, I wouldn't have to touch it, right?

Fusion-schmusion. Will he mow the lawn when he's supposed to? Nooooo!

Fusion is child's play. Nuclear fission, now you're talkin'.

Annie, you're such a mom.

gotta love that about ya though.

After watching 96 straight hours of MacGyver/A-Team reruns and getting jacked up on pixie sticks, my friend Billy and I built an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator out of a ball of twine, 3 sticks of chewing gum and the remains of a junked-out Chevy Nova.
It didn't do anything except make a "bang" noise, and then only if you said "bang" out loud with your mouth, but we also didn't get into any fancy-shmancy "college" either.

I forget where I was going with this.

Federal, I want my Q-jet and distributor back when you're done, K?

"On the surface, Thiago Olson is like any typical teenager."

Except his name is Thiago.

Oh, and he has the power to end the world.

Kids these days...

annie - if by 'mow the lawn' you mean 'scorch it beyond all recognition and render it uninhabitable for 10,000 years' then yes

the kid needs a nuclear atomic wedgie.

I certainly hope he's paying his part of the electric bill.

Some of my high school buddies had chem labs in their bedrooms also. Funny they never got any scholarships. Free room and board though...10 to 20 years worth.

This is what happens when you name a kid 'Thiago' . . .

Don't ever let him near the microwave.

Let me get this straight:

His mom said no to building a hyperbolic chamber - which would keep him young (according to Michael Jackson) - but is completely okay with him building a nuclear power plant in the basement?

The kid can blow up the city but they can live with that, apparently.

check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if the experiments go bad...
"Thiago Olsen'= 'So giant hole'

Schadeboy, just to clarify, he wanted to build a "hyperbaric" chamber, (which could potentially kill someone). A "hyperbolic" chamber would be like the Senate or the House of Representatives, which no one in their right mind would want in the basement.

Take that japanesse school kids!!!!!!!!

he is so Jimmy Neutron

lance, my thoughts exactly. lots of kids 'round here, in the meth capital of the u.s., have labs in their rooms.

bb - luv it! I was thinking the same thing when I saw 'hyperbolic.'

Sheesh, kids these days. Now if I had had an old mammogram machine to play with, I would have saved up for a white lab coat and dragged the machine around in a wagon, door-to-door, trying to help out the neighbors!

If he ever owes somebody money....

"No I don't know when I'll have it for you.... and I'd REALLY appreciate it if you didn't call me anymore"

(partially attributable (is that a real word?) to Steven WrIght)

*winks at Annie*

bbescuela - Okay, that makes sense. The mom was opposed to potentially killing only one person, but doesn't mind if the entire city is incinerated.

Steves friend Jiggs Casey. Great skit.

Portable X-Ray machine? I'd be glowing with envy if I had one of those!

Up and Atom!

-PB (And not lead-shielded)

Schadeboy, now you're confusing nuclear fusion with nuclear fission. The danger of fusion is pretty much limited to localized and gradual accumulation of radioactivity, which would be quite small in a project of that size.

If Thiago's mom had practiced birth control...would it be considered nukelar prophilactation?

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