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November 21, 2006


....there is only one name that comes to mind.

UPDATE: Hard to argue with this.


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Arrrrrrrrgh! Why, Dave, why? Have we not bought enough of your books?


It's all fun & games, Dave, until somebody pokes out his or her own eyes with a sharp stick.

Gorrammit, I should have hovered. I think I should send a copy of this cd to Dave Care of the Miami Herald, I am sure that it would get to him.

Dave, you almost got me, but at the last second I clicked off just in time.

But I have a head cold and am not thinking clearly this morning.

What's your excuse?

Did we do something wrong?
We won't do it again, we promise!

*wonders if Okie from Muskogee made the cut.*

Ha ha!! Mousie before clickie!! Didn't get me, neener neener neener!

Waitaminnit! C.H. Are you saying that Dave writes books?

Firefox has a great new add-on called "CoolIris." Normally this is a good extension, but in this case just the act of mousing over called this dreaded image to be burned into my retinae.

The blog remembers the 60's, that would be because he didn't particpate enough. :) I on the other hand don't really remember. :)

I wonder if we have anyone here who's skilled enough to write a retina-saving Firefox extension that would warn the user about any potentially Manilow content on a link, BEFORE it's clicked?

But, of course, that would spoil the blog's fun...

HA! Didn't fall for it THIS time! Nice try, Dave!

I can't beleive he's doing "Born to be Wild", that just seems, I don't know, incongruous or something.

Kittypaws: Yes. I think it was Robin Williams who said, "anyone who remembers the sixties wasn't there."

it was robin williams

YOU ARE EVIL! but I stopped it before it was too late!!

i popped out of bed at 5 a.m., turned on the news as usual and before i even had my first cull cup of coffee, a special feature flashes on the screen. usually it is some cutesey little storie on a grandmother that knits coats for homeless dogs or something inane like that. but no, not this morning, it was a special, personal interview with the man himself, who went on and on about all of the great songs he got to record. do you know what coffee can do to your sinus cavities when snorked first think in the morning? now i have very clean and hypercaffeinated sinuses and can't get his version of "raindrops keep fall on my head" out of my mind. my therapy bills will go through the roof.

and the greatest horror of all is that we are poised on the precipice of a new year and (help us!) a new calendar.

To remove the Manilow Retinal Burn, go back and click on the Hairy Fairy. Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

no mousy clicky! you didn't get me!!!!!!! we're on to you, Dave!!!!!

btw, SNORK at WW and her coffee snorkage....

LOL Hammond...I was fortunate to shut the link so minimal damage here...I did see the name.

I wasn't even alive then, but his reputation lives on until today.

gosh, thanks for sayin' that, Edgar, now I feel ancient.

I've said this before...I was once a fan (I still blame it on drugs) and *GASP* saw him in concert.

I have seen the light.

Other songs from the sixties that won't be on Manilow's record:

10. Inna Godda Da Vida (Iron Butterlfly)
9. Why Don't We Do It in the Road? (Beatles)
8. They're Coming to Take me Away (I forget this guy)
7. Are you Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix)
6. Under My Thumb (the Stones)
4. Who are the Brain Police? (Frank Zappa)
3. Lick My Decals Off, Baby (Captain Beefheart)
2. Cold Sweat (James Brown)
1. Mairzy Doats (Doris Day)

I wonder how the blog's house would look festooned in TP? Just an idle speculation...

*wonders if 30 years from now, an ancient Manilow will be recording "Yeah, Toast!!"*

*seriously wonders why Wyo would wonder that*

mud, They're coming to take me away...by Napoleon XIV

CH, maybe in a lovely shade of puke green...ya know...for the holidays.

Time to crank out that TPearshooter™???

*shakes fist at Dave*

Dammit! Got me again, you foul scurvy rogue!

blurk, seems to me that in the future, rights to all the good songs will be locked up, and guys like Manilow will have to make albums like, "Internet funnies of the 0t's"

or maybe not.

*zips in*

Siouxie, wasn't that a line in a Beatles song too?

I knew who the link was and I clicked anyway, because that's just how much respect I have for Dave and his opinions! If something's good enough for Dave, it's good enough for me...:)

Dave, man, that hurt.

*thinks Dave might like a squirrel delivered to his house in the belly of a snake*

El - Please remove your lips from Dave's butt.

Least Dave didn't link to this.


"The Magical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away.."

Hey no one clicked on my link. What are you, Chickens?

Punkin...update on the P/T (Poo/Teacher) meeting???

Will baby poo be OK????

Edgar, can't open the link/file

Blurk makes you feel old, Wyo? 2 weekends ago while cleaning out the basement, I introduced my kids to the "turntable" and the "LP". Oddly enough the guys on the album covers had the same hairdos as my 14 and 12 year old have today. they haven't given the "phonograph" a rest yet. Its like they discovered the cotton gin or steam engine. Now that makes you feel old.

Hmm that's odd. I can't open it either. But no one in their right mind would want to anyway. Alas, many people are in their wrong minds.

Dear God.

Is that Manilow singing the Beatles?

Isn't Edgar still dead? If not, can we arrange that? Blurk? Some air support, buddy?

*stands with chest puffed out*

(okay, what else is new)

Little Poolet is, and I quote "Wonderful, bright, kind and talented" She is above average in every way. And quite

Wyo, to make you feel even older, I wasn't alive in the 70s either.

He is spinning in his very wet grave over your statement.

oops......cute I mean

NOW, blurk???

What a beautiful child, Punkin!!

Personally, I'm waiting for the Manilow Hip-Hop album.

Thanks, CH! I made her myself! (No, actually she's my foster daughters' daughter - so, though she's not my blood-granddaughter, I love her like she is. Best thing that ever happened to me.)

Thanks Siouxie! :)

Now I have the earwig, but it's a good one, so that's ok...

Punkin, she's adorable!!

The Poolet is beautiful, Punkin.
Now, can you stand and puff out your chest again?

Thanks, Siouxie!!!!!

Her mother has basically abandoned her and her Dad, (who is a fetus himself) works two jobs just to live. So she spends most of the week living with us.

I WUV her!!!

Ham - Too risky - as this blog knows, someone could lose an eye.

Poohlet is the perfect eye salve for an incautious link-clicker. Thank you for sharing your joy.

Sounds like you're doing a great job too!

Ham, it's true...Punkin's girls are "lethal weapons".

There's no truth to the rumor, though, that's she's on the "no fly" list because of them.

Might be a tight squeeze in a coach seat, though. I guess that's one way to score free first class upgrades on a regular basis.

dateline June 17, 2008: singer Barry Manilow turns 65, announces that because of the magnificently huge social security payments the democratic congress has set up, he no longer needs to make records.
millions of younger music-lovers, aware that their futures have been pillaged and looted by this move, cheer anyway...

thanks for the pic Punkin', it has helped me with the post-manilow syndrome.

Is it five yet? No?

Can I get a scotch with my breakfast, then?

Gentlemanly behavior beaten into me at a young age prevents me from further comments on a lady's assets.
*Puts on safety glasses*

What a cutie, Punkin!

(hugs) for punking and the poolet. much to be thankful for. scotch for breakfast being another.

When I think back to the 60s, the first name that my peabrain came up with was Hugh Hefner. What does that say about anything?

I think germ warfare is the only solution. You can't sing if you have pneumonia...

BOOOOO for the pic of manilow, YAAAYYY for the pic of poolet, very cute kid.

Next up Manilow does the Monster Ballads of the 80's.

Punkin she is ADORABLE 8^)

Dave you could have written that but, I don't think it woukd have been received the same way.

Thanks, all! I get to kiss her chubby widdle cheeks all day!!!

*sigh* I am SO lucky. (okay, not with the Manilow thing, but in all other ways)

Sheesh...my at-work robot won't let me look at the cute little child. What kind of sleazy exploitational non-profit am I workin' for, anyway?

Punkin...I'll check again when I get home. But I know you wouldn't lie.

Punkin - too cute! You have much to be thankful for. I posted a pic of one of mine on my blog, but most of my shots are too blurry. I'm usually trying to catch something that's falling or stop one from electrocuting the other, you know, the normal kid stuff.

Edgar, you are SOOOOO foul!

Laugh all you want, but the man sold over 200,000 copies of this CD in its first week.

I'm sure he doesn't mind your cute little amusements at his expense.

JayBee - I heard Tibet bought 150,000 copies to supplement their marsh gas program.

I bought the other 50,000.

Skeet club was outta clay pigeons.

Them CDs are purty when they're hit with bird shot.

Mudstuffin: Wow. Captain Beefheart. Now I've got Sufficiently Breathless for an earworm.

Ah well, it could be worse.

I don't know why all you guys are so down on Manilow. His cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita" is really swell...

Good tunes all..what makes him think he can improve on the originals?

Cuz stevie...he "writes the songs that make the whole world sing..."

*shoots self in thigh*


Punkin what a cutie! Give her a snuggle for us.

Somebody get Shatner on the phone. Have him do some Manilow songs. That'll teach Barry to mess with the classics.

You know, for a guy who has had both hips replaced and had a gajillion Botox injections, Barry doesn't look half bad.

That's because he's been spending weekends at Bernie's.

Yeah, Dave got me. The only known antidote is Warren Zevon, which I'll administer in liberal doses (hey, that's how Z would have done it) as soon as I get home.

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me...

I didn't expect Manilow to be wearing heavy makeup! And is that a really old photo, or did he have his face lifted?

OK, from what I've read above, probably almost no one else looked at the photo long enough to be sure.

Dave didn't get me this time!

I did, however click on the second link. That poor, sick, demented man is clearly crying our for help.

Interesting thoughts. Capturing the Sixties is difficult without capturing the music and the effect it had on us daily.

You cannot help but smile when you go to Youtube to the music video called the "Sixties Generation"


The "Sixties Generation" video reminds us that every week there was new music to put a smile on our faces

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