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November 13, 2006


...only teenagers will have snakes.


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Having once been a teenaged boy, I can attest to the fact that we all had snakes. Then when we get married, our wifes take them away.

Must be a Monday.
Kindly swap 'f' for 'v' up in my FIRST post.

I thought our wives just made us keep them hidden, lol.

The teen was carrying a 12 gauge, unregistered snake.

Teenager: "Ssssstop! Thisssss sssssnake isssss loaded and I'm not afraid to usssssse it!"

Either I haven't had enough coffee yet, or the photo and its caption are mismatched.

Despatcher: Be on the lookout for a teenage male, he is armed with a snake and could be dangerous...

DB Bloggers Chorus: Snakes have arms?

It curses the bourbon! E nothing double scotch! It curses this serpent that crawled above in mine crotch! It curses illusion that mine torment had finished when this only serpent died it and the Hades went down turns for is of my "friend" was female - you it assumed that I am now the host to an entire nest of frikkin now that have.got in my crack is plural of the serpents I I does not have no life now, my future I am black I I will retire to it I bedlam I I will travel alone not eye as I go or you can turn in the rock a sight beyond frightening - spectacle abhorrent cape of the man of the elephant mine passengers the authorization does not pull for backwards drapejar, does not look at in its eyes looking at in butt of the jellyfish - petrifies.

Boy, that kid is certainly going places in life. Like Juvenille detention, court, and prison.

*Tries to make a crack in reference to this happening in Darwin. Fails.* (Now, if he'd been bitten...but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.)

I'll try, Glix.

The kid was taken to Darwin Magistrate Court. He's lucky the cops didn't shoot his a$$ else he'd be on the Darwin Award list.

Please, please, please assure me that the officer's badge number was not 0131!

"I have a snake and I'm not afraid to use it!"


"I have a snake and I'm NOT happy to see you!"

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